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Are you having difficulties in your workplace? Do you really feel underappreciated or undervalued in your current position? Are you bored or otherwise unsatisfied with your role? Career coaches can support you overcome difficulties with your job and workplace by helping you identify and obtain your ultimate career goals. Your job takes up a important portion of your time, and when you are not totally satisfied with your career, it is difficult to be completely satisfied with your life. Indeed, time invested with a career coach can not only shape the course of your career but can alter the course of your life as nicely.

Most individuals are not born realizing what they want to do with their life. We spend years seeking an ultimate career aim and a lot of of us alter careers multiple times in our life. In order to find the ideal career path, a career coach utilizes a range of strategies borrowed from psychology, mentoring, counselling, and career planning to assist you discover how your personality and skill set influence your job satisfaction. In addition, career coaches do not necessarily define “career” as the job you hold. Rather, all your operating experiences from student and volunteer to employee and citizen are regarded as in order to ensure that you create a career that fulfills you on the deepest level.

The career coach will introduce a range of innovative and fascinating tools and tactics to help you acquire a a lot more clear concept of your objectives and how to reach them. Self awareness is an crucial aspect of achieving your career objectives – if you do not know what you want to do, or even what you are very best suited to do, how can you locate a rewarding and satisfying career? Career coaches will spend time with you to support you identify your passions even though highlighting your values, demands, capabilities, and individual attributes. Your career, right after all, is an extension of who you are.

Right after you career coach has helped you develop a clear picture of the kinds of careers that fit for you, he or she will aid you study and gather info about a assortment of careers to help you focus your decision. Not only is career coaching developed to help you comprehend your own possible, but it should be based in reality and ought to consider reliable labour industry investigation and tangible facts about possible careers. You may possibly dream of becoming an astronaut, and you could even have some capabilities and personal qualities that match you to this position, but if you’re a 45 year old holding an English Literature degree, it is not really feasible to pursue such a position.

Ultimately, career coaches supply an external point of view combined with a variety of tested strategies and tools to help you create a clearer picture of exactly where you want your career to go. This could mean creating major career modifications or merely altering workplace relationships. Regardless of your objective, career coaches know it is not only possible, but really most likely that you can discover a career that challenges and fulfills you.

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You can come across several”&gtcareer coaches in largest directory of life coaches –

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Greece has admitted it is still not able to deal with its deficit – the crucial demand of its international creditors. That is even taking into account mass layoffs announced yesterday, and a new round of austerity cuts which still want Parliament’s approval. RT on Twitter RT on Facebook

Elizabeth Warren on the debt crisis and fair taxation. To support her Massachusetts Senate Campaign, check out
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“BICs four Derivatives”, Newtonian or Einsteinian Revolution for Derivatives Analysis and Markets?

New York, NY (PRWEB) December 7, 2004

A new concept in derivatives pricing, hedging and trading referred to as BICs (Basis Instruments Contracts) appears to be the most important theoretical and practical contribution to derivatives analysis given that the Black Scholes analysis or even considering that economic mathematics pioneer Louis Bachelier.

A assessment on the website reads: “I wanted to say this is Economics Nobel prize and/or Mathematics Fields Medal material, but that would be presenting this at a discount” RM, New York.

In a release of two book sets titled BICs four Derivatives Vol. I: Theory &amp BICs four Derivatives Vol. II: Applications, an author named Obi-Wan Yoda with a bio in the continuation of the Star Wars sequel makes the case.

The BICs analysis provides a compellingly valuable and exhaustive redefinition of derivatives and trivializes or sidelines existing approaches for derivatives pricing and hedging, which includes PDE/PIDE strategies, binomial/trinomial trees or Monte-Carlo.

The BICs analysis also provides a new method for derivatives hedging. In markets were BICs are traded, static hedges of any derivatives contract may possibly be obtained. When BICs in a BIC basis are not obtainable, the BICs analysis still provides compelling cross-hedging methods in a measurably a lot more efficient manner than current “Greeks” based hedging methods.

Establishing BICs markets would represent for established derivatives exchanges or trading venues, a significant growth chance, as they would represent the ultimate solution for end-users danger management needs.

The advent of BICs would substantially decrease the cost of derivatives hedges, consequently substantially improving the competitiveness of companies that use them. For accounting purposes, it would also bring a lot more transparency to the manner in which corporate assets and liabilities, in specific derivatives, are marked to marketplace. Far more particularly, compliance with FAS 133,138 and its implementation directives will turn out to be a lot more transparent.

In an environment where derivatives miscounting scandals often shake the extremely existence of some of the world’s largest businesses, this is indeed a compelling development.

More info on BICs, such as excerpts of the BICs books, summaries, table of contents and ordering details can be obtained at:

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CFIB sits down with Rick Swenson, Leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan to discuss his thoughts on modest company in Saskatchewan.

Produced by Nancy Christy Heinen for Pathways to Independence. Becky recalls her guidance counselor advising her to look into secretarial jobs, “So I could sit behind a desk all day,” assuming that was all she was capable of. David recounts how he bristled when men and women told him to be “reasonable” in his expectation s for the future. Melvin remembers sitting in a chicago hospital with other kids who had been victims of gang violence, realizing that if he wanted to be taken seriously, he’d have to earn it– but how? Low expectations throw up barriers for a woman with muscular dystrophy, a man with cerebral palsy, a black man with paraplegia. Studies show that students with disabilities are filtered from exposure to opportunities for greater education and vocational training. And yet, these and two other individuals featured in “Careers” demonstrate how higher education is the important for an individual with a disability to break via the barricades that traditionally block disabled professionals from entering the career globe. The video illustrates that a wheelchair– or any other disability– does not prevent a individual from pursuing higher education and a future far more rewarding than merely performing a job. We hope it will inspire, and educate, those with essential influence on young people with disabilities, and that it will spark the imaginations and aspirations of students to the genuine globe possibilities that can– and ought to– open the door to discovering a path to a career. Tell us
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from Monty Python’s Flying Circus Season 1 – Episode 05 – Man’s Crisis Of Identity Recorded 03-ten-69, Aired 16-11-69 I’m slowly uploading the whole Flying Circus series… Got any requests?
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Food Connex Makes School Lunches A lot more Affordable for Students and Far more Lucrative for Distributors and Processors

Furlong, PA (PRWEB) September 03, 2011

The USDA commodity plan assists schools in delivering wholesome and reasonably priced food to students. Integrated Management Solutions, Inc. and K12 Services, Inc. are working together to make food manufacturers and distributors much more effective by eliminating non-worth added expenses from K-12 school foodservice. Recently Integrated’s Food Connex product was recognized with K12 Certification an excerpt of the commendation is shown below.

K12 Services Inc. wishes to notify Integrated Management Solutions that as of this date your commodity data tracking and reporting systems, Food Connex, meets the specifications established to:

set up and preserve manufacturer and commodity certain allocations in dollars or pounds of USDA commodities.
set up and maintain approved product codes and discount values (PTV) by manufacturer (7 CFR 250).
debit the correct client/commodity account when an eligible recipient agency purchases an approved product.
apply accurate commodity discounts to eligible recipient agencies and display the discounts on client invoices as approved by the State Agency.
stop commodity discounts from getting applied when insufficient allocation balances are obtainable.
transmit all eligible USDA commodity sales data via flat file on a regular and timely basis.

The IS/IT team at K12 Services, Inc. complements your developers on meeting the specifications listed above.

“This is a significant benefit to the students, schools, distributors and manufacturers.” stated Integrated’s President Paul Hernandez-Cuebas. “By removing overhead from the supply chain we allow the companies to operate far more profitably while the students and schools get access to affordable high high quality food.”


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This week Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, speak about ‘capitalist gangbangs,’ JP Morgan’s ‘way forward,’ and why 14 trillion no longer scares us. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser interviews Satyajit Das about the conservation of debt and slavery, extreme funds and #occupywallstreet. KR on FB:

The US department of agriculture says that millions of individuals in the nation do not know where their subsequent meal is coming from. Al Jazeera’s Alan Fisher, reports from Washington, says that the department identifies two categories of food insecurity: “The 1st 1 says the diet is not quite varied and the high quality of food is not really excellent. The second, a lot more severe category, is listed as several indicators of disrupted food intake.” With one in four children affected by the situation and more than half of them under the age of six, the problem is now also to be highlighted in a nationwide broadcast on the educational Tv show Sesame Street.
Video Rating: four / five New Virtual Career Resource Center and App Technologies Launch

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) September 23, 2011

In response to client requests, Dr. Mary Askew, Founder of, launches new virtual resource center and new app items.

Holland Codes Resource Center

The Holland Codes Resource Center is a membership web site focusing on the acquisition of career awareness, career exploration, and career planning knowledge.

At, members get access to -

    80+ Articles Downloads
    Affiliate program
    Communication System
    Documentation Creator
    Member Internet Pages
    Product Discounts
    Task Manager
    Resume Reviews
    Career Coaching Consultation Service
    Audio/ Video Postcards – To be added soon!
    Audio/ Visual Presentations – To be added soon!
    Photo Gallery – To be added soon!
    Video/ MP3 Gallery – To be added soon!

Career Resource Library

The Holland Codes Resource Center hosts over 80 articles covering a selection of topics –

    Behavior Styles
    Career Adviser Ideas
    Career Awareness
    Career Clusters Resources
    Career Exploration
    Career Interest Areas
    Career Preparing
    Career Portfolio
    Career Test Checklist
    Career Internet Web sites
    College Majors
    Elementary School Career Education
    Find the Proper Test
    Free Career Resources
    Holland Code Career Tests and Actions
    Inspirational/ Motivational Gift Resources
    Internet Career Resources
    Kid Career iPod/ iPad Apps
    Kid Career Tests and Visual Aids
    Learning Styles
    Middle School Career Education
    ONET Occupation Information
    Parents as Career Coaches
    Science Career Web Websites
    Teachers and Counselors as Career Coaches
    Teachers and Counselors Career Resources
    Transferable Abilities Resources

Career Awareness iPod/ iPad Breakthrough Technology revises the two most recent kid career education app items. bridges the gap in between media technologies and career education.

The apps use graphics and sound effects to build career awareness in kids.

According to school curriculum specialists, Dr. Askew affirms that children in their early years are not too young to begin constructing an awareness of the careers. Kids prefer interactive career resources that –

    Are bright, colorful, enjoyable, and interesting
    Are vivid, clear, and informative
    Are simple to read and simpler to follow
    Attract various students’ attention
    Create and generate discussions

Kid career awareness app videos are available on iTunes. is also providing demos and promo codes.

About and offer a wide assortment of iPad/ iPod apps, career guidance systems, career tests, books, CD ROMS, downloads, books, visual aids, and E-Books.

Follow us:

Contact: Dr. Mary Askew

Understanding for Life Resource Center

Telephone. 877-667-6565

Email: hollandcodes(at)gmail(dot)com

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Wise Horizons Career On the web Education adds General Career Prep Program to Credentialed Certificate Possibilities within High School Divisions

Pensacola, Fl (PRWEB) August 24, 2011

The General Career Prep Program is now available for on the internet adult learners who want to acquire expertise and knowledge they can apply to a wide variety of job settings. In addition, the General Career Prep Program will serve students who are undecided about their career major, but still need to have the fundamental capabilities required to advance in any field or course of study at a career college or community college.

Students who complete the General Career Prep Program although earning their 18-credit high school diploma through SHCOE’s leading edge on the web system will obtain beneficial training that applies to the 21st-century workplace.

Areas of focus incorporate:

     General computer expertise
Employing popular workplace software program programs such as Excel, Word, and PowerPoint
Email and the World wide web
Time management
Managing your self and others
How to be profitable in the workplace
Workplace challenges and opportunities

“This program gives adults who are not prepared to commit to one of SHCOE’s ‘career majors’ an opportunity to earn a high school diploma and acquire career expertise and personal computer skills that will support them in the workforce or in post-secondary courses, exactly where they will be needed to use applications like Word, Excel and PowerPoint,” said Wendy Kauffman, Chief Operating Officer for SHCOE. “In addition, the General Career Prep Program aligns synonymously with our district mission, which is to ‘prepare students for entrance into careers and the workplace.’”

Other credentialed certificates accessible to students enrolled in SHCOE’s on the internet instructional program include Childcare, Transportation Services, Office Management, Homeland Security, Protection Services, and General Career Preparation.

No matter whether preparing to enter a career field, to enroll in college courses, or to transition into vocational or post-secondary programs, SHCOE’s General Career Prep Program will provide students with crucial workplace abilities.



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New List of Promising Careers 2011 that Match Your Personality, by Career Important

Promising Career Options

Portland, OR (PRWEB) September 27, 2011

The Career Key® has just published its Promising Careers 2011 list on The Career Key Blog, When used with Career Key’s common valid career test, the list helps individuals match their personality to promising careers and improve their chances of a productive career choice. Investigation shows picking a career compatible with one’s personality predicts job success and satisfaction.

The list is presented in a 6-portion series (all linked together at the end), with one post for each and every of the six Holland personality kinds: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional. Included with the list are “4 Wise Career Preparing Strategies” to put it all in perspective.

In creating the list, Career Important defined a “promising career” as one that:

Calls for more coaching and education beyond a high school diploma,
Promises a satisfactory or high-growth number of future job openings – a “bright outlook” according to the U.S. Department of Labor,
Exists in a growth business or business identified nationwide, and
Provides a “living wage” job (at least a median of $ 30,000/year).

Promising careers are organized and classified by Holland’s six personality sorts and Career Key’s distinctive function groups. Holland’s Theory of Career Selection is the most well-known, researched, and properly-respected “trait and factor” career theory utilized by expert career counselors. The Career Important test is a scientifically valid assessment of Holland’s six personality types.

6-Component Series, Publication Dates on The Career Important Weblog:

Promising Realistic Careers: September 19, 2011

Promising Investigative Careers: September 21, 2011

Promising Artistic Careers: September 26, 2011

Promising Social Careers: September 28, 2011

Promising Enterprising Careers: September 29, 2011

Promising Conventional Careers: October three, 2011

About The Career Key®

Because 1997, Career Important has been the #1 Web source for helping folks select careers and college majors. Advertising and registration-free of charge, it offers a valid career test, info, and guidance articles based on the best practices and science in the field.


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