Produced by Nancy Christy Heinen for Pathways to Independence. Becky recalls her guidance counselor advising her to look into secretarial jobs, “So I could sit behind a desk all day,” assuming that was all she was capable of. David recounts how he bristled when men and women told him to be “reasonable” in his expectation s for the future. Melvin remembers sitting in a chicago hospital with other kids who had been victims of gang violence, realizing that if he wanted to be taken seriously, he’d have to earn it– but how? Low expectations throw up barriers for a woman with muscular dystrophy, a man with cerebral palsy, a black man with paraplegia. Studies show that students with disabilities are filtered from exposure to opportunities for greater education and vocational training. And yet, these and two other individuals featured in “Careers” demonstrate how higher education is the important for an individual with a disability to break via the barricades that traditionally block disabled professionals from entering the career globe. The video illustrates that a wheelchair– or any other disability– does not prevent a individual from pursuing higher education and a future far more rewarding than merely performing a job. We hope it will inspire, and educate, those with essential influence on young people with disabilities, and that it will spark the imaginations and aspirations of students to the genuine globe possibilities that can– and ought to– open the door to discovering a path to a career. Tell us
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from Monty Python’s Flying Circus Season 1 – Episode 05 – Man’s Crisis Of Identity Recorded 03-ten-69, Aired 16-11-69 I’m slowly uploading the whole Flying Circus series… Got any requests?
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