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Food And Beverage Exports Grew By 29% From January To March 2012, Versus The First Quarter Of 2011

Guatemala (PRWEB) July 27, 2012

The food and beverage sector has been characterized as one of the leaders in export growth. In the past two decades, has grown from U.S. $ 50 million to over $ 800 million, showing a constant increase the food industry, followed by the beverage industry.

Over the past 5 years, the food and beverage sector has had an average growth of 18%. This is the result of many efforts, especially to be aware of the importance of innovation, quality and added value that Guatemala has given to its agricultural production to position itself in international markets, specialized technical training to strengthen businesses and allow them to have a skilled labor has generated new products, new markets and especially more jobs in the industry, explained the President of Food Commission, Francisco José Menéndez.

The food industry consists of 6 sub-sectors integrated as follows: 20% of beverages, 20% of preserved food, 15% of baking, 10% of candies, 8% of dairy and 27% of other processed foods. Together generate about 15 thousand direct jobs, of which more than 3 thousand are women.

80% of jobs generated by the food sector are located in the Capital City, however, the dynamism of the sector is linked to the agricultural sector due to the entrepreneurship of SMEs giving added value to food and open the doors to new markets, said Menéndez.

Entrepreneurs, optimistic about sustained growth and opening up market opportunities in Central America, Mexico, Europe and U.S., have launched the goal of reaching the billion dollars in foreign sales. To achieve this, the sector has been working since 2011 on specific export guidelines to facilitate and adequate information in order to promote new export projects.

According to the director of the commission, these guides are aimed at companies that start in exports, which seek market diversification projects, which intend to export to Mexico and/or the United States on a sustained basis. However, the project comprises three more guides: Central America, Panama and a destination country to be defined in 2013.

Among others, to define these markets, we did the analysis of which represented growth accounted for Guatemalan companies from the food and beverages sector. Definitely, Mexico and the United States are our main markets, after the Central American region and therefore, we seek to strengthen the SMEs to seize them and invite entrepreneurs to know more fully the opportunities of these countries, declared Menéndez.

From finding the terminology used in International Trade, economic data, consumers, Trade Balance, whether from Mexico or the United States, in addition to the top 25 products imported and exported by each sector of these countries. This is the information business operators of food and beverage will find on the export guides mentioned.

What we want eventually is that companies count on different market guides to enable them to consider diversification, new opportunities and actions that promote the export of products of the sector and thus, we can provide to SMEs a greater opportunity for growth, because that results in more foreign earnings, more employment opportunities, more dynamism on the incorporation of all exporting sectors, as it has been for the last 30 years in AGEXPORT, concluded Menéndez.


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Red Mortgage Capital Announces 2011 Highlights

Mark C. Beisler, Chairman &amp CEO, Red Mortgage Capital, LLC

Columbus, OH (PRWEB) February 27, 2012

Extensive capital provider RED CAPITAL GROUP, LLC is pleased to announce its 2011 Mortgage Banking highlights.

In the course of the year, the firm provided $ two.95 billion in capital to multifamily, student housing, seniors housing and health care project entities nationwide.

Among the list of year-finish achievements accomplished by Red Mortgage Capital, LLC, the national lending and loan servicing mortgage banking group now in its twelfth year of supplying services to borrowers, investors and other lenders, RED’s announcements consist of:

Fannie Mae: 2011 Leading Ten Fannie Mae DUS Lender
FHA: 2011 Best FHA Multifamily/MAP Lender (3rd by loan amount closed-$ 1.05 billion)
FHA: 2010-11 Top FHA Well being Care/LEAN Lender – (4th by loans-61 transactions)
MBA Commercial Servicing: 2011 Top 25 Primary &amp Master Servicer by volume ($ 14.9 billion)
MBA Commercial Servicing: 2011 Leading Ten Fannie Mae &amp Freddie Mac Servicer by volume ($ 11 billion)
MBA Commercial Servicing: 2011 Leading Five FHA &amp Ginnie Mae Servicer by volume ($ three.6 billion)

In addition to mortgage lending options by means of GSE executions, RED also successfully re-launched its Bridge-to-Perm capability in 2011, whereby Red lends capital to borrowers to bridge the timing of a HUD application for permanent financing or Fannie Mae-eligible properties which need additional seasoning. Principal lending structuring services are offered via connected entity Red Capital Partners, LLC, which can structure bridge and gap needs as initial or second mortgage or mezzanine financing. Qualifying multifamily and seniors/well being care properties include acquisition, repositioning and rehabilitation opportunities as properly as choose new construction projects.

Red Mortgage Capital, LLC’s Chairman and CEO Mark Beisler said, “I want to thank our clientele and personnel for a tremendous year with exceptional outcomes. FHA and Fannie Mae were outstanding partners and worked exceptionally challenging with us and our customers to deliver custom-tailored financing options. Red’s deep programmatic information of FHA and Fannie Mae provides our clients an effective signifies to access capital quite effectively. Red is a reliable and predictable lender and we stand ready in 2012 to again concentrate our energies and resources on delivering options to our buyers. Our belief is – take care of your customers’ wants and your company will take care of itself.”

Operating nationwide since its inception in 1990, RED CAPITAL GROUP, LLC is recognized for its industry expertise, revolutionary and complete structures, and consistently high lender rankings. Red Mortgage Capital, LLC is a single of the nation’s top rated three FHA lenders for overall Multifamily/LEAN experience, getting closed more than 100 transactions totaling almost $ 1.2 billion throughout HUD FY2011, and also is an active Fannie Mae DUS® lender for both multifamily and seniors and an approved Freddie Mac Seller/Servicer for Seniors on a national platform.

RED CAPITAL GROUP, LLC is committed to becoming the nation’s premier provider of capital across the spectrum of multifamily, affordable and seniors housing and well being care asset classes.


RED CAPITAL GROUP, by way of three operating organizations, gives integrated debt and equity capital to the multifamily, student and seniors housing, and wellness care industries. Red Mortgage Capital, LLC is: a top Fannie Mae DUS® lender for both Multifamily and Seniors Housing 1 of the nation’s most active FHA Multifamily/Seniors lenders (MAP- and LEAN-Approved) a national Freddie Mac Seniors Housing Seller/Servicer an active financier of Critical Access, community and rural hospitals and services practically $ 15 billion of earnings property mortgage loans. Red Capital Markets, LLC (MEMBER FINRA/SIPC) is: a leader in the trading and distribution of Fannie Mae and Ginnie Mae Project MBS an active underwriter of developer-driven multifamily housing bonds and also is remarketing agent for $ 1.4 billion in variable rate demand tax-exempt and taxable housing and health care bonds. Red Capital Partners, LLC delivers proprietary debt to the multifamily and wellness care industries and gives asset management services for RED’s proprietary debt and equity investments.

RED CAPITAL GROUP is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, employs around 200 people and maintains nine offices nationwide. Since 1990, the bankers of RED CAPITAL GROUP have offered over $ 55 billion in taxable and tax-exempt 1st mortgage debt, mezzanine level capital and equity to multifamily, seniors housing, well being care, and other genuine estate properties nationwide. RED CAPITAL GROUP is a subsidiary of ORIX USA Corporation.

About Our Parent ORIX USA Corporation

ORIX USA Corporation ( is the U.S. subsidiary of ORIX Corporation, a publicly-owned Tokyo-based international monetary services firm established in 1964. ORIX Corporation is listed on the Tokyo (8591) and New York (NYSE:IX) stock exchanges. ORIX USA Corporation is a diversified corporate lender, finance company, and advisory service provider with far more than $ 6 billion in assets and an extensive portfolio of credit items and advisory services. ORIX USA is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and has around 1,400 staff worldwide.

Red Mortgage Capital, LLC is a licensed FHA MAP and FHA LEAN lender.

DUS® is a registered trademark of Fannie Mae.

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Most current Software Release v1.12 Caps a Breakthrough Year in 2011 for indeni

Tel Aviv, Israel (PRWEB) December 28, 2011

indeni, the leader in security infrastructure monitoring, today announced the final 2011 version release of its advanced security monitoring system. indeni v1.12 adds significant enhancements to the user interface, far more monitoring signatures, and new functions, such as a effective security infrastructure well being check tool. These enhancements, along with one more key technologies partnership with HP, confirm indeni’s position at the forefront of the business.

“This has been a breakthrough year for us,” says Elad Ben-Meir, VP Items and Technique, indeni. “We have moved the method far beyond its beginning location as the 1st genuinely proactive security monitoring technique, which was already way ahead of the market at the commence of the year. It now gives such breadth of coverage, as well as capabilities like performance and configuration wellness-check tools, that moving into 2012 we anticipate indeni to be a really indispensable tool in a security administrator’s armory.”

Proof of indeni’s emergence as a major player in the network security monitoring space lies in its expanding net of technology partnerships with security solutions providers such as CA Technologies (CA Spectrum), IBM Tivoli (NetcoolOMNIbus) and HP (HP Operations Manager), who have worked with indeni to make the technique compatible with their network management solutions.

On the feature side, indeni’s most recent release consists of a far more intuitive user interface, user-requested functions such as an export capability for alert data, new signatures relating to certain infrastructure efficiency and vulnerability concerns, and new reporting tools. Both live and archived alert info can now be exported in multiple formats (.xml, .csv, and .pdf) for offline viewing and wellness-check or presentation purposes.

“We are quite attuned to what our users want and want, and we take pains to incorporate requested attributes as rapidly as achievable,” says Ben-Meir. “Giving our clients the potential to view alert data offline was a popular request and we are pleased to have been in a position to supply it in time for this release.”

In addition, indeni continues to cut the time necessary to integrate new devices. Its new on-connection device querying function ensures that when devices are successfully added to indeni’s list of monitored devices, the program quickly executes all of the relevant signatures and checks for the particular device type, within the regular safeguards against over-utilizing device resources (CPU usage, memory, etc.). This ensures indeni monitoring does not impact the device’s functioning, although nonetheless gaining an instant and ongoing picture of its stability and performance status.

“The new capabilities represent a substantial extension of indeni’s utility for speedy security infrastructure health checks,” says Ben-Meir, “a capability which we intend to substantially expand and create in the new year.”

Rounding out the new release is a substantial enhancement of the user interface, producing system functions instantly accessible by way of increased use of tabs rather than menus. indeni has also made device grouping simpler by giving users the choice to do this at the exact same time new devices are added, one more time-saving feature in keeping with the company’s focus on simplicity and ease of use.

Per Ben-Meir, “The continual focus on our user interface and function presentation underlies our commitment to ensuring buyers can easily access, and fully harness, indeni’s extensive understanding and capabilities. Underlining our product outlook – understanding, depth and simplicity.”

With regards indeni’s efficiency in 2011, Ben-Meir concludes, “2011 has been a breakthrough year for indeni, and with additional important functions and thrilling coverage extensions in the pipeline, we appear forward to indeni leaping even further ahead in 2012.”

To find out far more about indeni’s proactive monitoring software program for security infrastructure, pay a visit to

About indeni:

indeni’s solutions are the first to supply true proactive and preemptive monitoring for network security infrastructure, giving network administrators an intuitive tool set that cuts setup times from hours to minutes and alerts IT staff to errors prior to they impact network users. Founded by software and details security specialists with decades of IT knowledge in companies from startups to Fortune 500 enterprises, indeni’s solutions derive from years of observing IT experts about the world struggling with related troubles. We are committed to supplying user-friendly, highly intuitive solutions.


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Associated Derivatives Press Releases NOVEMBER Hello and welcome to This Month in Genuine Estate. I’m JAY PAPASAN. Our top story what sorts of properties are first time homebuyers looking for? We’ll have the answer in a moment. But initial, the numbers. [NUMBERS] And now, our leading story. According to a latest report from KW investigation … • More than half of all first time home buyers stayed in the very same location exactly where they were renting • Far more than 3 quarters of all initial time residence buyers purchased a single loved ones detached home • Most initial time residence buyers bought a three bedroom and two bath house For ideas on buying right the very first time, we turn to News You Can Use … NEWS YOU CAN USE When it comes to the decision among purchasing or renting, some renters feel they simply cannot afford a mortgage. The reality is if you are renting, you are currently paying a mortgage — it just happens to be your landlord’s, not your own. Here are 3 secrets of homeownership that your landlord does not want you to know … Number 1: Equity. You can create wealth by way of equity. Feel of equity as a lengthy-term savings account. Every month you spend your mortgage, a portion of that mortgage goes into that account. Number 2: Appreciation. You can construct even more equity though appreciation. Think of appreciation as the interest your house earns over time. Number three: Manage. A residence that is yours means you will not want your landlord’s permission to paint, renovate and make it a property of your own. If you’re prepared to cease paying your landlord’s

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ZebraZapps Arrives: Released at DevLearn 2011

(PRWEB) November 09, 2011

ZebraZapps uses a special and stunningly productive user interface, cutting to the heart and energy of object-oriented programming. Though other non-scripting authoring tools exist, Zebra’s visual logic allows authors to create interactions that manipulate any property of any object at runtime. It is far quicker than coding and almost as flexible.


Here are some distinctive attributes and capabilities of ZebraZapps:

Objects &amp Message Centers

Every single object in ZebraZapps has a compact message center housing every single associated property, strategy, and behavior. By just dragging wires among objects, logic is designed to bind object properties together, impose actions via condition or user input, or pass information. These simple authoring gestures can develop genuine time multi-player games and simulations and pretty considerably each form of eLearning.

Logic Tables

Advanced choice logic in ZebraZapps is created through the use of intelligent tables capable of judging complicated conditions, order, completion, and states. These advanced, but accessible logic objects empower authors to visually plan the consequences of multi-gesture interactions with out writing advanced algorithms or any scripts.

Run Whilst Editing / Edit Although Running

Authors can instantly see the consequences of their logic whilst wiring. Draw button and wire it. It operates instantly. This distinctive development characteristic omits the classic wait and surprise of tools that edit in a far more modal development environment. In the reverse, ZebraZapps authors are also empowered to edit a operating project and make corrections and additions immediately within context. There has never been a far more instant authoring atmosphere for authoring, debugging, upkeep, and updating.

Sketching &amp Prototyping

ZebraZapps is the very first authoring tool to allow users to sketch interactivity to build shockingly rapidly prototypes. Any interactive sketch designed in ZebraZapps can be instantly replaced with production art, sound, and video at anytime, permitting authors to create and evaluate complex simulations with no waiting for final artistic style and media assets.

Reusable Learning Objects

ZebraZapps is the 1st integrated cloud-based method where authors can create reusable and extendable objects referred to as gadgets. The Gadget Shopp, accessible directly from the ZebraZapps editor, is a revolutionary new marketplace for publishing, sharing, and selling reusable and extendable objects. ZebraZapps authors may find distribution of their reusable objects producing expert recognition and income.

Account Creation &amp Price

ZebraZapps is offered as an SaaS, and quickly delivers its 1st tier of service cost-free for 60 days, and right after that, just $ 8.99 per month. For the eLearning industry this represents a groundbreaking combination of functionality, flexibility, and delivery services integrated into a single low-expense cost point.

Sign up for a totally free 60-day trial.

ZebraZapps comes from Dr. Michael Allen, the main architect of Authorware and the chairman and CEO of Allen Interactions and Allen Learning Technologies. He is widely respected for his skills to define, style, and build tools that permit inventive individuals to harness the prospective of evolving interactive multimedia technologies. In recent years, he has concentrated on inventive application design and defining exclusive methods for creating meaningful and memorable understanding applications that completely engage the thoughts.

About Allen Interactions

Allen Interactions is an internationally-acclaimed firm focused on improving efficiency by way of powerful learning experiences. Considering that 1993, we have created and created custom eLearning and blended learning solutions addressing many distinct content areas for varying audiences (staff, channel partners, and customers) for a lot of top organizations. With many locations in the U.S., we have deep encounter and expertise in instructional design, technology, creativity, procedure, and project management that enables us to generate studying solutions that consistently result in positive company impact.


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Hallmark Development of Florida. Inc. Leases More than 39,000 Sq. Ft. of Commercial Actual Estate in the Third Quarter of 2011

Clearwater, Florida (PRWEB) November 04, 2011

Hallmark Development of Florida, Inc. leased over 39,000 square feet of Tampa Bay real estate in the third-quarter of 2011, such as much more than 32,000 square feet to new tenants and 6,000 square feet in expansions and renewals.

In addition to the 39,000 square feet of leases and renewals, Hallmark Development has almost 17,000 square feet of workplace space under contract for purchase by a nearby technologies organization. The move will relocate 55 of the firm’s workers to Hallmark Development’s Airport Company Center across from the St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport.

A couple of of the new Hallmark tenants at the Airport Enterprise Center include Taylor Produced, which has expanded to 16,000 square feet of commercial office space, GSP and Denmon &amp Denmon.

“We are encouraged by the new leases signed throughout the quarter,” mentioned Paul Engelhardt, Vice-President of Hallmark Development. “We think our achievement comes from having top quality properties that are continually being updated and maintained plus the various amenities we supply that attract smart businesses. Organizations have also expressed appreciation for our willingness to customize their office suites and our effective track record of supplying genuine estate services for over 47 years in the Tampa Bay location.”

For a lot more data, get in touch with Paul Engelhardt at 727-539-7002 or PaulA(at)HallmarkDevelopment(dot)net

About Hallmark Development of Florida, Inc.

Hallmark Development of Florida, Inc. is a diversified actual estate development and general contracting firm founded 47 years ago. It has developed more than ¾ of a million square feet of office and service-center space in Florida’s Pinellas County. It operates the Airport Business Center across the street from the St. Petersburg/Clearwater International Airport on 140th Avenue North in Clearwater. In addition, Hallmark’s owners own and manage several other commercial properties, including Roosevelt Lakes Workplace Park in Feather Sound and Enterprise Office Center in the Countryside area of Pinellas. Hallmark built Pinellas County’s initial LEED certified privately owned office buildings in Offices at Park Location. For much more details on Hallmark Development of Fl. Inc., call (727) 539-7002 or visit


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New List of Promising Careers 2011 that Match Your Personality, by Career Important

Promising Career Options

Portland, OR (PRWEB) September 27, 2011

The Career Key® has just published its Promising Careers 2011 list on The Career Key Blog, When used with Career Key’s common valid career test, the list helps individuals match their personality to promising careers and improve their chances of a productive career choice. Investigation shows picking a career compatible with one’s personality predicts job success and satisfaction.

The list is presented in a 6-portion series (all linked together at the end), with one post for each and every of the six Holland personality kinds: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional. Included with the list are “4 Wise Career Preparing Strategies” to put it all in perspective.

In creating the list, Career Important defined a “promising career” as one that:

Calls for more coaching and education beyond a high school diploma,
Promises a satisfactory or high-growth number of future job openings – a “bright outlook” according to the U.S. Department of Labor,
Exists in a growth business or business identified nationwide, and
Provides a “living wage” job (at least a median of $ 30,000/year).

Promising careers are organized and classified by Holland’s six personality sorts and Career Key’s distinctive function groups. Holland’s Theory of Career Selection is the most well-known, researched, and properly-respected “trait and factor” career theory utilized by expert career counselors. The Career Important test is a scientifically valid assessment of Holland’s six personality types.

6-Component Series, Publication Dates on The Career Important Weblog:

Promising Realistic Careers: September 19, 2011

Promising Investigative Careers: September 21, 2011

Promising Artistic Careers: September 26, 2011

Promising Social Careers: September 28, 2011

Promising Enterprising Careers: September 29, 2011

Promising Conventional Careers: October three, 2011

About The Career Key®

Because 1997, Career Important has been the #1 Web source for helping folks select careers and college majors. Advertising and registration-free of charge, it offers a valid career test, info, and guidance articles based on the best practices and science in the field.


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Actual Estate Investment Award – Nation’s Best 2011 Genuine Estate Investment Focused Franchise

Alexandria, VA (PRWEB) July 29, 2011

The award was presented for the duration of the annual Actual Estate Investment Opinion Makers &amp Market Leaders conference held in Alexandria, Virginia, affirming Genuine Property Management’s status as 1 of the top genuine estate investment management franchises in the nation. The conference attendees consisted of individuals and organizations that are enhancing the actual estate industry with new concepts and new solutions for investors and investing service providers.

According to Andrew Waite, founder and publisher of Personal Actual Estate Investor Magazine, and presenter of the awards, Kirk McGary, and Douglas Oler, President and Vice President, respectively of Genuine Property Management, have created a tremendous impact on real estate investment management, and their vision and accomplishments are fueling dramatic growth in this real estate investment category.

Speaking of the award, Mr. Waite says, “It is a testament to their influence and leadership inside the real estate industry, where individuals in the United States invest nearly $ 250 billion a year in real estate, and about a fifth of all residential real estate sales are investment related.” He further states, “The Leading Genuine Estate Investment Opinion Makers &amp Market Leaders are responsible for innovation and improvement of sales and services for genuine estate investors and the numerous organizations that serve them.”

The article, appearing as an exclusive report in Individual Actual Estate Investor Magazine cites Real Property Management as “the only national rental property management firm recognized by government agencies, lenders and other asset managers that have a big national REO inventory that may be occupied. RPM, with national standards implemented locally, has been their management option to make certain tenants are securely housed and compliance requirements met in the course of adjustments in property ownership.”

“We are pleased to be recognized as taking a leading role in steering actual estate investment to a greater set of standards by way of innovation and value-added services,” say Mr. McGary and Mr. Oler.

About Genuine Property Management:

Actual Property Management is a privately held Utah-based actual estate investment service firm with over 24 years of encounter delivering full-service actual estate investment tools and support service throughout the United States and Canada.

Actual Property Management is the Nation’s Local Property Manager™.


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