ZebraZapps Arrives: Released at DevLearn 2011

(PRWEB) November 09, 2011

ZebraZapps uses a special and stunningly productive user interface, cutting to the heart and energy of object-oriented programming. Though other non-scripting authoring tools exist, Zebra’s visual logic allows authors to create interactions that manipulate any property of any object at runtime. It is far quicker than coding and almost as flexible.


Here are some distinctive attributes and capabilities of ZebraZapps:

Objects &amp Message Centers

Every single object in ZebraZapps has a compact message center housing every single associated property, strategy, and behavior. By just dragging wires among objects, logic is designed to bind object properties together, impose actions via condition or user input, or pass information. These simple authoring gestures can develop genuine time multi-player games and simulations and pretty considerably each form of eLearning.

Logic Tables

Advanced choice logic in ZebraZapps is created through the use of intelligent tables capable of judging complicated conditions, order, completion, and states. These advanced, but accessible logic objects empower authors to visually plan the consequences of multi-gesture interactions with out writing advanced algorithms or any scripts.

Run Whilst Editing / Edit Although Running

Authors can instantly see the consequences of their logic whilst wiring. Draw button and wire it. It operates instantly. This distinctive development characteristic omits the classic wait and surprise of tools that edit in a far more modal development environment. In the reverse, ZebraZapps authors are also empowered to edit a operating project and make corrections and additions immediately within context. There has never been a far more instant authoring atmosphere for authoring, debugging, upkeep, and updating.

Sketching &amp Prototyping

ZebraZapps is the very first authoring tool to allow users to sketch interactivity to build shockingly rapidly prototypes. Any interactive sketch designed in ZebraZapps can be instantly replaced with production art, sound, and video at anytime, permitting authors to create and evaluate complex simulations with no waiting for final artistic style and media assets.

Reusable Learning Objects

ZebraZapps is the 1st integrated cloud-based method where authors can create reusable and extendable objects referred to as gadgets. The Gadget Shopp, accessible directly from the ZebraZapps editor, is a revolutionary new marketplace for publishing, sharing, and selling reusable and extendable objects. ZebraZapps authors may find distribution of their reusable objects producing expert recognition and income.

Account Creation &amp Price

ZebraZapps is offered as an SaaS, and quickly delivers its 1st tier of service cost-free for 60 days, and right after that, just $ 8.99 per month. For the eLearning industry this represents a groundbreaking combination of functionality, flexibility, and delivery services integrated into a single low-expense cost point.

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ZebraZapps comes from Dr. Michael Allen, the main architect of Authorware and the chairman and CEO of Allen Interactions and Allen Learning Technologies. He is widely respected for his skills to define, style, and build tools that permit inventive individuals to harness the prospective of evolving interactive multimedia technologies. In recent years, he has concentrated on inventive application design and defining exclusive methods for creating meaningful and memorable understanding applications that completely engage the thoughts.

About Allen Interactions

Allen Interactions is an internationally-acclaimed firm focused on improving efficiency by way of powerful learning experiences. Considering that 1993, we have created and created custom eLearning and blended learning solutions addressing many distinct content areas for varying audiences (staff, channel partners, and customers) for a lot of top organizations. With many locations in the U.S., we have deep encounter and expertise in instructional design, technology, creativity, procedure, and project management that enables us to generate studying solutions that consistently result in positive company impact.


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