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Forex Gemini Code – Review Examining Vladimir Ribakov’s Elite Trading System Released

Forex Gemini Code Review

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) February 24, 2015

Forex Gemini Code – a new system for trading on the foreign exchange market has just been released to the public, generating a frenzied buzz of excitement throughout the online trading community. The commotion surrounding the program’s launch has caught the attention of’s Tiffany Hendricks, prompting her to publish an in-depth review.

“Successful Forex trading is all about finding the best strategies, and then learning to apply them effectively, and consistently,” reports Hendricks. “Unfortunately, most traders are kept in the dark because they don’t have good mentors, so they’re forced to get their information by scouring the internet for clues. This is why we were so excited when we were informed about the release of Vladimir Ribakov’s new Forex Gemini Code trading system. Ribakov is a respected Forex trading expert with a background as a highly successful hedge fund trader, and we were eager to see if this new system of his was something we should recommend to our website’s visitors.”

Hendricks’ review explains that the program is now available, in limited supply, via the official Gemini Code website. Unlike most Forex trading training courses which come in the form of digital downloads, Forex Gemini is a physical product that includes a set of DVDs which cover every aspect of the trading system. In addition to the DVD set, customers also receive access to a special custom indicator, an exclusive members’ area, and a free one year Platinum membership to Vladimir’s weekly and daily market forecasts.

“Overall, we were very impressed with the quality of the training that is being provided in Forex Gemini Code,” says Hendricks. “This is information that is simply not available anywhere else, and the remarkable thing is just how simple the system actually is to use. The indicators that Ribakov’s system uses make finding the right trades almost effortless, and his daily forecasts ensure that members will have the right information at their fingertips.”

Eight hundred and fifty copies of the Forex Gemini Code have been made available for purchase via Ribakov’s official website. Click here for access to the training.

Tiffany Hendricks provides reviews of the best trading systems, software and digital training programs on her website Hendricks’ Forex Gemini Code review is available on her website at the following url:

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New Book: Sexy Boss Released on Amazon

Sexy Boss by Heather Havenwood

AUSTIN, Texas (PRWEB) November 09, 2012

Look out men. Women are about to shatter everything from the glass ceiling to the role of sex in the competitive world of business and entrepreneurship if Heather Havenwood has her way.

Her new book: Sexy Boss: How Female Entrepreneurs Are Beating the Big Boys While Changing the Rule Book for Money, Success and Even Sex, and How You Can Too, is a guide book for what could be the start of a revolution in the sexes.

“My book teaches women principles they need in order to go after what they want, regardless of what other people say or think,” Says Havenwood who is CEO of Havenwood Worldwide, LLC. Sexy Boss will be available as a free Kindle download November 13 and 14, 2012. To download the Kindle book go to

The step-by-step program guides women to the many opportunities now available on the Internet, online marketing and starting any business. “The playing field has dramatically changed in favor of women succeeding on their own and it is my goal to provide the tools women need to succeed,” says Havenwood.

Havenwood also explodes the myths and misconceptions women have about competing in what was previously only a man’s world. “Self sabotage is common among women seeking to better their lives. Attitude changes alone can make a big difference,” Says Havenwood.

Havenwood, a respected authority on Internet marketing and entrepreneurial startups, has instructed, coached, and promoted many male and female entrepreneurs down the path to successful careers.

The book was written in conjunction with Sexy Boss Inc., Havenwood’s inspired new entrepreneurial training movement designed to educate, enlighten, and empower women to grow or start their own business. Havenwood says that Sexy Boss Inc. champion’s women entrepreneurs to acquire the paradigm-shifting skills necessary to step into the spotlight, level the psychological playing field, and beat the big boys in business.

“This is a guidebook to introduce women to the time-tested rules that the “Boys Club” use to be successful in business,” Havenwood says. “It’s time women suit up to compete with men in the marketplace by learning the right skills to win in the new virtual business world.”

“ is a multi-dimensional educational and coaching platform that helps women to shed old conventions while planting a swift, enlightened kick in the rear of those who dream of starting and growing a business, but can’t get past their own self-defeating limitations,” Says Havenwood.

Havenwood minces no words when it comes to her tough-love approach, “Women need to ‘man up’ and stop whining about obstacles that prevent them from succeeding.”

Havenwood has spent her career coaching businessmen, and operates her own business teaching men how to deconstruct the way women think and operate. Through Sexy Boss Inc., she’s flipping the model by revealing to women the secrets and psychological triggers that guide the boys club’s climb to financial and entrepreneurial success.

“Sexy Boss Inc. is all about empowering women by redefining how the rules for business and money apply to them,” Havenwood says. “You rarely hear men complaining about obstacles when it comes to succeeding in business, you don’t find men asking for permission – they just do what’s necessary to win.”

For more information on Sexy Boss: How Female Entrepreneurs Are Beating the Big Boys While Changing the Rule Book for Money, Success and Even Sex and How you can Too,” go to, or visit, or you can visit the Sexy Boss Facebook page and take the Sexy Boss pledge to “join the movement of fearless and fabulous women committed to acquiring the knowledge and power to succeed in business and make some outrageous money,” Says Havenwood

About Heather Havenwood:

Serial entrepreneur Heather Havenwood, CEO of Havenwood Worldwide, LLC and Chief Sexy Boss is a highly regarded authority on Internet marketing, marketing principles and lifestyle. Since marketing her first online business bringing together clients and personal coaches back in 1999, she has played an active role in the world of online marketing. Ms. Havenwood also has earned her Masters Degree in Internet Marketing.

Havenwood has been dubbed the “Icon Creator” and the “Wizard Behind the Curtain,” by industry insiders having instructed, coached and promoted many successful entrepreneurs. She has produced and managed more than 350 seminars and events, and hosted tele-seminars with many top online business visionaries including Tom Antion, Joe Sugarman, Tony Blake, David Lakhani, Robert Shemin and many others.

Before turning her energies to Sexy Boss Inc, Havenwood coached men on how women think. “Now it’s time to teach women how to play with the big boys in business,” Says Havenwood.

Havenwood is the author of “Sexy Boss: How Female Entrepreneurs Are Beating the Big Boys While Changing the Rule Book for Money, Success and Even Sex, and How you can Too,” 2012, Amazon Kindle and “The Game of Dating and How to Play it: A Rule Book for Divorced Men Stepping Back into the Game.”

About Sexy Boss Inc.:

Sexy Boss Inc. is the brainchild of entrepreneur and business coach Heather Havenwood, who saw a need for women to get off the sidelines and learn how to play the boys’ game for themselves. Sexy Boss is based on the principle that women will do well to adopt the rules already established in the male-dominated business world and acquire the necessary internet marketing skills that will help them outsmart and outwit at the boy’s own game. “The newly armed and enlightened Sexy Boss will be red hot, fearless, and ready to achieve the fulfilled lifestyle that they want,” Says Havenwood.



For Immediate Release

Contact: Ashley Dallas

Email:     media(at)sexybossinc(dot)com

Phone:     512.677.4763

Media: To request a free download of “Sexy Boss: How Female Entrepreneurs Are Beating the Big Boys While Changing the Rule Book for Money, Success and Even Sex, and How you can Too,” please send an email to Please include the name of publication and press credential verification.

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AHMSI Short Sale Agent Kris Lindahl Released New Report Providing Information on the Short Sale Process

“Homeowners Guide To Short Sales” book by Kris Lindahl

Blaine, MN (PRWEB) October 06, 2012

The experienced AHMSI Short Sale Agent Kris Lindahl, works with all the banks and financial institutions, helping people get their short sale approved. Kris Lindahl provides the short sale information that people are searching for, in the newly released “Short Sale Process” report.

“The short sale process is very complex, and varies from bank to bank, and investor to investor,” explains Kris Lindahl the experienced AHMSI Short Sale Agent. Kris Lindahl says, “My short sale experience with all of the different financial institutions has allowed me to help over 240 homeowners with the short sale process so far.”

American Home Mortgage Servicing Inc., AHMSI are committed to providing people with the information and assistance they need, and help people provide for and preserve the dream of homeownership. AHMSI understand that no two customers are alike, and will work with people to develop solutions for their particular and unique needs. “Using an experience short sale agent is imperative, because there are different requirements for each bank or financial institution,” Kris Lindahl, the experienced short sale agent explains, and adds, “I have extensive experience working with AHMSI short sales, and have a very good rate of AHMSI short sale closing.”

Kris Lindahl is unable to help everyone that approaches him for short sale help, because there are so many people that require an experienced short sale agent. So, Kris Lindahl has gathered some very experienced, hard working full-time Realtors that hold designations including, Certified Distressed Property Experts, Short Sale and Foreclosure Resources, and Council of Residential Specialists as, The Kris Lindahl Short Sale Team at Edina Realty. The Kris Lindahl Short Sale Team specializes in general residential real estate, working with first-time home buyers and distressed property sales.

Kris Lindahl also wrote an eBook to provide people with information about the short sale process. The “Homeowners Guide To Short Sales” can be downloaded at the website. Kris Lindahl explains, “I also created websites that have short sale calculators, so people in Minnesota and Wisconsin can figure their short sale eligibility on their own,” Kris Lindahl says, and adds, “Which can be found at and Wisconsin residents can check their eligibility at the website.”

“I help people from all over the United States, and am in the process of releasing a new national short sale calculator website, that anyone in the U.S. can use to calculate their short sale eligibility,” Kris Lindahl explains. “It will be released very soon, but until it is online, anyone from anywhere in the U.S. can use either the Minnesota short sale calculator website, or the Wisconsin short sale calculator website to determine their short sale eligibility,” Kris Lindahl says.

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“Get Affiloblueprint” Review Is Released By 3 Review Ltd.

Houston, TX. (PRWEB) May 25, 2012

An Affiloblueprint review entitled “Get Affiloblueprint” has just been released by 3 review Ltd. The management team at 3 review Ltd. have put this title on their review because they are so impressed with the content of this new course from Mark Ling.

People can check out the official website for the new course by going

Before getting into the content of the course in their review the team at 3 review Ltd. point out at the beginning of their review that internet marketers that have made serious money online outside of the internet marketing niche are a rare commodity.

Mark Ling however, has a strong track record of getting up in front of people in conferences and creating money making sites on stage in a variety of niches. This skill is something he reveals in his course and is something that stressed in the Affiloblueprint review from 3 review Ltd. as something unique and important for anyone starting out online.

Another area that the team at 3 review Ltd. stress in their review is the amount of quality content that is included inside Affiloblueprint. The content inside the course shows people at any level of internet marketing experience how to pick profitable niches online and sell products in those niches. There are 12 core steps inside the course that are backed up by 85 videos that cover every possible question someone might have according to 3 review Ltd.

Something that struck the team at 3 review Ltd. as very powerful is the amount of quality web design themes that are inside the course that an affiliate marketer can put online to start earning money straight away.

All these factors combined made the team at 3 review Ltd. decide to give a “Buy Affiloblueprint” recommendation at the end of their review which is something that they very rarely do.

The full “Get Affiloblueprint” review can be accessed by visiting


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ZebraZapps Arrives: Released at DevLearn 2011

(PRWEB) November 09, 2011

ZebraZapps uses a special and stunningly productive user interface, cutting to the heart and energy of object-oriented programming. Though other non-scripting authoring tools exist, Zebra’s visual logic allows authors to create interactions that manipulate any property of any object at runtime. It is far quicker than coding and almost as flexible.


Here are some distinctive attributes and capabilities of ZebraZapps:

Objects &amp Message Centers

Every single object in ZebraZapps has a compact message center housing every single associated property, strategy, and behavior. By just dragging wires among objects, logic is designed to bind object properties together, impose actions via condition or user input, or pass information. These simple authoring gestures can develop genuine time multi-player games and simulations and pretty considerably each form of eLearning.

Logic Tables

Advanced choice logic in ZebraZapps is created through the use of intelligent tables capable of judging complicated conditions, order, completion, and states. These advanced, but accessible logic objects empower authors to visually plan the consequences of multi-gesture interactions with out writing advanced algorithms or any scripts.

Run Whilst Editing / Edit Although Running

Authors can instantly see the consequences of their logic whilst wiring. Draw button and wire it. It operates instantly. This distinctive development characteristic omits the classic wait and surprise of tools that edit in a far more modal development environment. In the reverse, ZebraZapps authors are also empowered to edit a operating project and make corrections and additions immediately within context. There has never been a far more instant authoring atmosphere for authoring, debugging, upkeep, and updating.

Sketching &amp Prototyping

ZebraZapps is the very first authoring tool to allow users to sketch interactivity to build shockingly rapidly prototypes. Any interactive sketch designed in ZebraZapps can be instantly replaced with production art, sound, and video at anytime, permitting authors to create and evaluate complex simulations with no waiting for final artistic style and media assets.

Reusable Learning Objects

ZebraZapps is the 1st integrated cloud-based method where authors can create reusable and extendable objects referred to as gadgets. The Gadget Shopp, accessible directly from the ZebraZapps editor, is a revolutionary new marketplace for publishing, sharing, and selling reusable and extendable objects. ZebraZapps authors may find distribution of their reusable objects producing expert recognition and income.

Account Creation &amp Price

ZebraZapps is offered as an SaaS, and quickly delivers its 1st tier of service cost-free for 60 days, and right after that, just $ 8.99 per month. For the eLearning industry this represents a groundbreaking combination of functionality, flexibility, and delivery services integrated into a single low-expense cost point.

Sign up for a totally free 60-day trial.

ZebraZapps comes from Dr. Michael Allen, the main architect of Authorware and the chairman and CEO of Allen Interactions and Allen Learning Technologies. He is widely respected for his skills to define, style, and build tools that permit inventive individuals to harness the prospective of evolving interactive multimedia technologies. In recent years, he has concentrated on inventive application design and defining exclusive methods for creating meaningful and memorable understanding applications that completely engage the thoughts.

About Allen Interactions

Allen Interactions is an internationally-acclaimed firm focused on improving efficiency by way of powerful learning experiences. Considering that 1993, we have created and created custom eLearning and blended learning solutions addressing many distinct content areas for varying audiences (staff, channel partners, and customers) for a lot of top organizations. With many locations in the U.S., we have deep encounter and expertise in instructional design, technology, creativity, procedure, and project management that enables us to generate studying solutions that consistently result in positive company impact.


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