www.kw.com NOVEMBER Hello and welcome to This Month in Genuine Estate. I’m JAY PAPASAN. Our top story what sorts of properties are first time homebuyers looking for? We’ll have the answer in a moment. But initial, the numbers. [NUMBERS] And now, our leading story. According to a latest report from KW investigation … • More than half of all first time home buyers stayed in the very same location exactly where they were renting • Far more than 3 quarters of all initial time residence buyers purchased a single loved ones detached home • Most initial time residence buyers bought a three bedroom and two bath house For ideas on buying right the very first time, we turn to News You Can Use … NEWS YOU CAN USE When it comes to the decision among purchasing or renting, some renters feel they simply cannot afford a mortgage. The reality is if you are renting, you are currently paying a mortgage — it just happens to be your landlord’s, not your own. Here are 3 secrets of homeownership that your landlord does not want you to know … Number 1: Equity. You can create wealth by way of equity. Feel of equity as a lengthy-term savings account. Every month you spend your mortgage, a portion of that mortgage goes into that account. Number 2: Appreciation. You can construct even more equity though appreciation. Think of appreciation as the interest your house earns over time. Number three: Manage. A residence that is yours means you will not want your landlord’s permission to paint, renovate and make it a property of your own. If you’re prepared to cease paying your landlord’s

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