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FierceMarkets Expands Telecom Media Presence Into EMEA & Asia

Washington, DC (PRWEB) February 20, 2014

FierceMarkets ( announced the recent merger of digital telecoms publications Telecoms EMEA and FierceWireless:Europe as well as the integration of market-leading media brand Telecom Asia. All three publications are now part of a unified global family of media brands serving carrier executives across North America, Europe/Middle East/Africa, and Asia.

“This combination of titles and coverage uniquely positions Fierce as a global powerhouse in the telecoms industry,” said Jason Nelson, Senior Vice President and Group Publisher at FierceMarkets.

FierceMarkets continues to maintain primary offices in Washington, D.C., but offers clients a new regional business presence in Hong Kong, Singapore and the U.K., with a global editorial team on the ground in the U.K., France, Australia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines, Denver, and Washington, D.C.

The newly repositioned FierceWireless:Europe / Telecoms EMEA publication will retain both veteran editors—Anne Morris and Michael Carroll—providing an enhanced global perspective for readers in the markets of Europe, Middle East and Africa. The publication will also increase in frequency from twice weekly to three times weekly and will now offer even deeper coverage of industry news and events.

In addition, Telecom Asia, established in 1990 and now the leading publication for the region’s telecom executives, will maintain its in-market analysis of Asian telecommunications developments for over 30,000 daily newsletter and print subscribers.

“We are thrilled to be part of this global telecom platform – the only true platform with local editorial, audience development and client service capabilities in each major Geographic market,” said Gigi Chan, Publisher, Telecom Asia and TelecomsEMEA. “This renewed commitment to editorial quality and expanded reach combined with the increased frequency confirms our position as the first place to turn for global telecoms news.”

All of these media properties will now be available to advertisers for targeted regional and integrated global media and content marketing campaigns reaching a combined 275,000 industry executives through email, web, in-person events and awards programs.

“The depth of our reach in this market also means an enhanced experience for the advertiser,” said Nelson. “We now offer a unified global marketing platform to reach carriers across the Americas, EMEA, and Asia.”

The full team will be at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona later this month, providing on-the-ground coverage in an enhanced daily format during the show.

For inquiries about advertising in or the expanded offerings of FierceMarkets’ global telecoms group, please contact:

North America – Jason Nelson at jason(at)fiercemarkets(dot)com or 202-824-5040

Asia – Gigi Chan at gchan(at)questexasia(dot)com or +852-2589-1338

Europe – Zena Coupe at zcoupe(at)questexasia(dot)com or +441923 852537

About FierceMarkets

FierceMarkets, a division of Questex Media Group, LLC, is a leader in B2B e-media, providing information and marketing services in the telecommunications, life sciences, healthcare, IT, energy, government, finance, and retail industries through its portfolio of email newsletters, websites, webinars and live events. Every business day, FierceMarkets’ wide array of digital publications reaches more than 1.5 million executives in more than 100 countries.

Current publications include: Energy: FierceEnergy; FierceSmartgrid; Telecom: FierceWireless; FierceCable; FierceDeveloper; FierceOnlineVideo; FierceTelecom; FierceWirelessTech; FierceWireless:Europe / TelecomsEMEA, Telecom Asia; Healthcare: FierceEMR; FierceHealthcare; FierceHealthFinance; FierceHealthIT; FierceHealthPayer; FierceMedicalImaging; FierceMobileHealthcare; FiercePracticeManagement; Hospital Impact; Life Sciences: FierceBiotech; FierceBiotechIT; FierceBiotech Research; FierceCRO; FierceDiagnostics, FierceDrugDelivery; FierceMedicalDevices; FiercePharma; FiercePharmaMarketing; FiercePharmaManufacturing; FierceVaccines; Enterprise IT: FierceBigData; FierceCIO; FierceCIO:TechWatch; FierceContentManagement; FierceMobileIT; FierceEnterpriseCommunications; Finance: FierceCFO; FierceFinanceIT; Government: FierceGovernment; FierceGovernmentIT; FierceHomelandSecurity; and FierceMobileGovernment; Marketing & Retail: FierceCMO; FierceMobileRetail; FierceRetail; and FierceRetailIT.

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Digital People Wins Inavero’s 2014 Best of Staffing Talent Award

Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) February 21, 2014

Digital People, an Atterro company, announced today it has been named as one of Inavero’s 2014 Best of Staffing® Talent Award winners. Presented in partnership with CareerBuilder, the fifth annual Best of Staffing Award provides the only statistically valid and objective service quality benchmarks for the industry and reveals which staffing agencies are delivering the highest satisfaction to the permanent and temporary employees for whom they find jobs. Yet again, this year’s award outcome highlights a growing divide among the industry’s leaders and laggards, and identifies Digital People as one of the best staffing agencies for job candidates to call when they are in need of employment.

Less than two percent of all staffing agencies in North America receive the Best of Staffing Award for service excellence. Utilizing the Net Promoter® methodology, the 2014 Best of Staffing Talent winners achieved satisfaction scores nearly double the industry average. This contrast in scores is a clear indication that the firms who have earned the 2014 Best of Staffing Talent Award truly stand out for their service quality. Digital People received satisfaction ratings of 9 or 10 out of 10 from 73 percent of their permanent and temporary employees, significantly higher than the industry’s average of 53% percent.

“Less than 2% of staffing firms in the U.S. and Canada have been named to the Best of Staffing List for Talent Satisfaction, it’s so great to see that our dedication and commitment to talent is recognized.” says Susan Rylance, Sr. Vice President of Digital People. Atterro CEO, Clay Morel said, “This is an example of what happens when you assemble a team of dedicated people, that are focused on quality, and servicing our clients and our talent.”

“The staffing industry is helping organizations bridge the skills gap and add jobs today more than at any other point in U.S. history,” said Inavero Founder and CEO, Eric Gregg. “Between the well documented skills gaps and economic uncertainty, partnering with a top staffing agency is more important now than ever. The 2014 Best of Staffing Award was earned by fewer than 2% of the more than 12,000 staffing firms in the U.S. and Canada. In an era of scarce qualified talent, hard to fill positions, and ever-increasing expectations, these firms have proven they have what it takes to deliver exceptional service to both clients and job candidates. We’re proud of the accomplishments of our 2014 award recipients.”

®Net Promoter, NPS, and Net Promoter Score are trademarks of Satmetrix Systems, Inc., Bain & Company, and Fred Reichheld. Net Promoter Score is calculated by taking the percentage of respondents who, on a scale of 0 to 10, rate their likelihood to recommend the staffing agency with a score of 9 or 10 (promoters) and subtracting the percentage who rate the staffing agency a 6 or lower (detractors).

About Inavero

Inavero administers more staffing agency client and talent satisfaction surveys than any other firm in the world. Inavero’s team reports on satisfaction surveys from more than 500,000 staffing agency clients and talent each year and the company serves as the American Staffing Association’s exclusive service quality partner.

Inavero’s Best of Staffing® is the nation’s only award that recognizes staffing agencies that receive remarkable reviews from their clients and the people they help find jobs (employed talent). is the central place that businesses and talent go to find the best staffing agencies to call when they are in need.


Susan Rylance, VP Marketing

p. (612)373-2600


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New Lifenetics® Health Club Chain Targets Baby-BoomersFitness, Anti-aging and Wellness for the over 50s

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) February 21, 2014

Lifenetics Inc. announces today the launch of a new chain of health and wellness centers, specifically designed for the baby-boomer population and featuring a comprehensive program of health, fitness and anti-aging services.

Lifenetics™ Centers respond to the urgent need to provide customized wellness programs for our aging population. According to U.S. Census Bureau data, by the year 2050, 87 million people in America will be more than 50 years old. However, of the approximately 30,000 health clubs in America, Lifenetics estimates that less than 1,000 clubs cater to this growing and demanding demographic.

“We are living longer, but we are adding to healthcare costs as we live with chronic illnesses. Diabetes, arthritis, cardiovascular disease and obesity now affect more than two-thirds of the U.S. population, or more than 2 billion people worldwide,” commented Alex Martin M.D., co-founder of Lifenetics Inc. “The severity of these illnesses can be reduced by exercise, nutrition and targeted anti-aging treatments, thereby helping to lower the costs to our over-burdened healthcare system.”

Lifenetics™ Centers will offer the best and latest in wellness programs including: state-of-the-art fitness equipment; flat-screen TV broadcasts of celebrity-conducted workouts; live expert webinars for education and demonstrations; a library of information for self-learning about better lifestyles; a juice bar for socializing and healthy nutrition. The centers will also feature a suite of rooms providing anti-aging procedures conducted by qualified medical staff, such as FDA-approved CLINICell® stem cell treatments which use an individual’s own stem cells. Fitness programs have been specifically designed by industry experts in senior fitness to address the needs of older adults who require special attention to cardiovascular, joint and other medical considerations as well as the psychological and sociological changes of aging.

The Lifenetics™ Centers will offer the SheaNetics® 90-day Day Breakthrough™ program which provides consumers with a powerful, holistic mind-body experience in fitness, nutrition and mental/emotional strength. “It is the complete answer to feeling, looking and living great” says Shea Vaughn, the national fitness and wellness expert and co-founder of Lifenetics Inc. “Many of us have the ability to improve our health through the wellness mechanisms in our own bodies. We simply need to learn how to ignite and unlock these mechanisms – that’s the basis of SheaNetics®.”

As a first phase, Lifenetics™ programs will begin in March, 2014 in Los Angeles, California in collaboration with the MetroMD Institute of Regenerative Medicine, a Hollywood anti-aging clinic. The MetroMD facility will integrate its anti-aging treatments with the SheaNetics® 90-Day Breakthrough program and other Lifenetics® services.

Later this year, the MetroMD collaboration will be expanded to the opening of the first complete Lifenetics™ Center in Los Angeles which will offer a full suite of services through monthly memberships and per-procedure treatment options, some of which are covered by health insurance reimbursements as part of the new approach to preventive healthcare. The Company is now actively seeking similar collaborations with medical clinics and fitness clubs/studios to open additional Lifenetics™ centers in major metro areas across the United States and internationally.

For more details, contact:

Shea Vaughn


About Lifenetics Inc.

Lifenetics Inc. operates the first chain of wellness centers to combine health, fitness and anti-aging procedures that specifically target the needs of baby-boomers. By focusing on ways to combat chronic illnesses that typically surface in this older demographic, Lifenetics™ Centers aim to improve the health of our aging population, thereby enhancing lifestyles and reducing healthcare costs.

About Shea Vaughn

Shea Vaughn is a national wellness and fitness expert, author, master instructor and trainer, and a recognized spokeswoman for creating individual and business well-being. Shea is the founder of SheaNetics®, a doctor-endorsed and innovative, east-meets-west lifestyle practice, with movements and values powered by Shea’s 5 Living Principles of Well-Being: Commitment; Perseverance; Self-Control; Integrity; and Love. Shea’s programs are frequently featured in national news and fitness-related media.

About MetroMD Institute of Regenerative Medicine

The professional medical team of MetroMD offers the latest in anti-aging technology to patients. The clinic’s anti-aging procedures include: Human Replacement Therapy; PRP Therapy – CLINICell® PRP; Stem Cell Therapy; Regenerative Cosmetic Procedures; and Gene Therapy. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and on-staff cosmetic surgeons, sports trainers and nutritionists round out the team in the fight against premature aging and disability.

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Business Monitor identify a lack of anticipated growth in Russia’s infrastructure sector

(PRWEB UK) 12 February 2014

Business Monitor has just released its latest findings on Russia’s infrastructure sector in its newly-published Russia Infrastructure Report.

Business Monitor has considerably revised down their construction industry forecast for Russia in 2014 in light of recently published lacklustre official data. With a contraction of 1.25% in the first nine months of 2013, they now forecast only moderate growth in the industry of 1.5% for 2014. Although they had anticipated significant growth in the industry as a result of the large investments made for the Winter Olympic Games, this seems to have failed to materialise. In addition, private investment has continued to weaken as a result of endemic corruption, inefficient bureaucracy and lack of investor guarantees. This poor business environment is exacerbated by stubbornly high inflation and slow economic growth.

Key developments in the sector covered by the Report:

■ Business Monitor’s Country Risk team forecasts a slowdown in the Russian GDP, which should arrive at 2.0% in 2013, down from 3.4% in 2012, with a slight acceleration to 2.5% expected in 2014.

■ Infrastructure associated with the export of commodities (pipelines, ports and transport infrastructure – to support oil and gas output east and west of the Urals) has a high growth potential – as development is predicated on growth in the natural resources sector. These projects have been prioritised by the government.

■ In November 2013, Avtodor shortlisted four teams to bid for the M-11 highway. The four teams are Corsan-Corviam Construccion and consortia Stolichniy Tract OJSC, Roads Construction Corporation and Two Capitals Highway. The concession agreement involves financing, constructing and operating the 543km-684km section of the toll road.

■ In January 2014 Lithuania-based company Avia Solutions Group and Russia’s state-owned company Rostec signed a cooperation agreement to develop and management a new Moscow airport with a capacity of 12mn passengers per year. The new Russian airport, dubbed Ramenskoye International Airport, is designed to cater for low-cost airlines – a niche industry that has experienced slow growth in Russia as a result of insufficient infrastructure.

■ Business Monitor have recently seen significant developments in the residential/non residential sector, including the announcement of a US$ 15.4bn government budget aimed at developing and modernising St Petersburg’s residential buildings. This project – announced in August 2013, will see the development of 900ha of land in 22 different sites around St Petersburg.

■ Business Monitor maintain their view that political risk is the main element that can ultimately curtail growth as public policy remains opaque, convoluted and subject to frequent change. The planned privatisation scheme remains on the agenda; yet, on the back of heavy state involvement and strong vested interests, they believe foreign enthusiasm to be muted.

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Houses for Sale in West Palm Beach Now Include Owner Financing at Rescue Real Estate Company

West Palm Beach, FL (PRWEB) February 13, 2014

Purchasing a home in the state of Florida is now expected to be a faster and much easier process, thanks to the housing solutions created by one real estate company. The Rescue Real Estate company is now including owner financing for its houses for sale in West Palm Beach online at

These financing programs are now created as an internal method to help more home buyers to qualify for a purchase without using third-party finance companies. Because credit restrictions can prevent a standard mortgage approval, the owner financing program for all West Palm Beach homes is a new strategy to approve more buyers.

“Buyers of any home from our statewide portfolio can qualify for the owner financing options through our website by completing our virtual applications for housing,” said one Rescue Real Estate company source.

The financing option is one example of brand new programs that have been launched to improve the success ratios of home buyers in 2014. A rent-to-own program is now in place for use by renters to get into a home without traditional financial blockades. A rent-to-own contract can be submitted through the Rescue Real Estate website.

“The solutions that we’re now marketing in the state of Florida for buyers of single family houses are expected to increase our presence as a top real estate agency this year,” said the source.

The changes made to programs that are offered by the Rescue Real Estate company this year are now present on the company website. Any consumer can access more information online instead of calling housing support specialists offline. A complete blog is also one additional research platform now available.

About Rescue Real Estate

The Rescue Real Estate company has extended its housing programs this year to benefit individuals in the state of Florida. This company has added more than one housing assistance program to provide more ways that average people can obtain housing regardless of credit scores. The Rescue Real Estate company includes owner financing, rental homes and other solutions that could be right for a person ready to buy a home in the U.S. The company website includes direct information for all company supplied housing solutions this year.

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Dealer Capital Can Now Facilitate Revolving Lines of Credit with the Best Rates Available for Auto Dealers Nationwide

Boynton Beach, FL (PRWEB) February 13, 2014

Dealer Capital LLC, the one-stop-shop for the most superior cash flow products and services nationwide, announced the introduction of innovative programs designed to facilitate revolving lines of credit for buy here pay here auto dealers and auto finance companies secured by their auto receivables.

The company offers interest rates from Prime to the mid-teens and advances ranging from 50% to 75% of the auto loans current principal balances. The lines can be as low as $ 1 million with borrowings beginning with a minimum preferred of $ 500,000. The larger the line size, the more time in business and industry standard systems required. There are minimum requirements of good widely known software management system and static pool analysis for lines of $ 5 million and larger.

Bill Campbell, CEO at Dealer Capital LLC, explains “Perhaps you are in need of a new line of credit or you wish to refinance your current line of credit to lower your cost and improve your advance rate. We are offering great programs to facilitate the credit lines.”

The specific unique programs offer interest rates that vary depending on line size and credit quality of borrower: lines to $ 5 million – Prime + 9 points, lines of $ 5 million to $ 20 million – Prime + 1-3 points, and lines of $ 20 million + – LIBOR + 1-3 points. The financial requirements include 2 years tax returns, 2 years and YTD P&L’s and Balance Statements and current personal financial statements plus 2 years of personal tax returns.

Moreover, Floor plan lines of credit are also available – lines as low as $ 50,000 to $ 1 mil + and interest rates down to 6%.

And Mr. Campbell adds “Our philosophy focuses on under-promising and over-delivering. This is key contributor to our continued customer growth & satisfaction, and a major reason why our clients recommend us to their colleagues.”

Choosing Dealer Capital LLC can enable clients to eliminate the need for outside financing and the use of additional assets as collateral, increase their cash flow and profitability, and select competitive funding options from multiple lenders and funding sources. All bids are at no cost and no obligation.

Further information on the specific programs are available at


Dealer Capital LLC, based in Florida, with a reputation for top quality service and more than 35 years of combined experience, offers a wide variety of programs and cash flow options to best meet the needs of their clients.

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