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Houses for Sale in West Palm Beach Now Include Owner Financing at Rescue Real Estate Company

West Palm Beach, FL (PRWEB) February 13, 2014

Purchasing a home in the state of Florida is now expected to be a faster and much easier process, thanks to the housing solutions created by one real estate company. The Rescue Real Estate company is now including owner financing for its houses for sale in West Palm Beach online at

These financing programs are now created as an internal method to help more home buyers to qualify for a purchase without using third-party finance companies. Because credit restrictions can prevent a standard mortgage approval, the owner financing program for all West Palm Beach homes is a new strategy to approve more buyers.

“Buyers of any home from our statewide portfolio can qualify for the owner financing options through our website by completing our virtual applications for housing,” said one Rescue Real Estate company source.

The financing option is one example of brand new programs that have been launched to improve the success ratios of home buyers in 2014. A rent-to-own program is now in place for use by renters to get into a home without traditional financial blockades. A rent-to-own contract can be submitted through the Rescue Real Estate website.

“The solutions that we’re now marketing in the state of Florida for buyers of single family houses are expected to increase our presence as a top real estate agency this year,” said the source.

The changes made to programs that are offered by the Rescue Real Estate company this year are now present on the company website. Any consumer can access more information online instead of calling housing support specialists offline. A complete blog is also one additional research platform now available.

About Rescue Real Estate

The Rescue Real Estate company has extended its housing programs this year to benefit individuals in the state of Florida. This company has added more than one housing assistance program to provide more ways that average people can obtain housing regardless of credit scores. The Rescue Real Estate company includes owner financing, rental homes and other solutions that could be right for a person ready to buy a home in the U.S. The company website includes direct information for all company supplied housing solutions this year.

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Hawkeye Management the Small Business Loan Company Announces a New Whitepaper The Truth About Credit Card Financing

The Truth About Credit Cards

Blackwood, NJ (PRWEB) October 17, 2013

A small business owner who hangs around the Business Finance Lounge at all knows that Hawkeye Management talks a lot about business credit card financing and other forms of small business financing solutions. One of the reasons it is an important topic is because access to financing is one of the Top 3 Reasons Why Small Businesses Fail. So whether a small business needs/wants a small business loan or some other kind of working capital you may want to grab our new – and FREE – white paper about credit card financing.

The new whitepaper talks about:

The 6 core benefits that credit card financing offers a small business:

1. Get access to capital

2. Separate personal and business credit

3. Protect, preserve and improve a credit profile as money is borrowed

4. Obtain cash-flow friendly financing

5. Minimize interest expenses

6. Maximize tax benefits

The 3 of the most common myths about credit card financing:

Myth 1- Small businesses shouldn’t use credit card financing.

Myth 2- Other means of financing, such as Small Business Administration (SBA) loans, are more desirable.

Myth 3- If a small business owner must use credit card financing, the owner should use personal credit cards so that the business owner can enjoy the protections of the CARD Act.

The 4 steps to using credit card financing the right way:

*Use the right kind of business credit cards.

Keep credit utilization within acceptable levels.

Maintain plenty of available credit.

Treat your credit as an asset.

Business credit cards can be a great way to get low cost financing and protect, preserve, and improve credit profile if obtained and used wisely. Find out The Truth About Credit Cards here.

Hawkeye Management connects entrepreneurs and small business owners with up to $ 50,000-$ 150,000 or more in freely spendable business credit lines. Hawkeye Management understands the mechanics and realities of small business credit better than anyone. Hawkeye Management knows what works, what doesn’t work, and how small businesses can get the credit it needs as quickly as possible.

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How To Get a Financing for Startup Business – More Information on This Product Will Be Available On the Universal Business Structured Solution’s Web Site on February 7th

New York, NY (PRWEB) February 04, 2013

How to get Financing for a Startup Business. Of course it is very exiting to have a great idea. In most cases a lot of effort has been put into the project before it lands on a desk of one of UB Solution’s Financial Professionals.

Many people who try raising money for a startup Business, and therefore contact Universal Business Structured Solution or its strategic partners, are under the impression that having a great idea is enough in order to get funded. Unfortunately in reality it is very questionable and usually possible only with the closest friends and family.

An entrepreneur has to keep in mind that any professional investor, such as Angel Investor or Venture Capital Fund, is a business entity or person, usually with an experience in particular industry, and therefore will consider a prospective transaction from a not emotionally involved potential business partner’s position.

Any professional investor will require much more than just a great idea. An investor would want to be completely convinced that this business, if financed shall bring expected rate of return and stay in business long enough to provide a sufficient exit strategy.

UB Solution usually proposes the easiest stress test to an Entrepreneur: just try to put yourself in the shoes of potential investor. Would you as a potential investor be willing to fund this particular Startup Business with let’s say 10 Million dollars, at this stage and based on the information provided?

An Entrepreneur should realize that Financing a Startup Business is a very hard and sophisticated process, that will require a substantial effort from both sides: the Entrepreneur and the Investor, but a well prepared Startup has much higher probability of being financed.

Provided information should help a startup become more prepared and prequalified for a prospective funding:

1. Determine how much money is needed and have exact break down for the future use of funds.

2. Have some money invested or ready to be invested into the project. Having equity in the project shows to a potential investor that Entrepreneur believes in the project and willing to risk its own capital.

Also be prepared to pay for any third party services: legal, appraisal, escrow, etc. if necessary.

3. Make sure that management team has sufficient experience in this particular industry and impressive resumes. For example: If the management team has experience in the entertainment industry do not expect to get financing for a renewable energy project.

4. Have professionally written business plan with cash flow projections, complete marketing plan, IRR, debt coverage, etc.

There is only one chance for the first good impression. If project is rejected by a particular investor, usually the come back is impossible.

5. Be organized and cooperative with a potential investor.

Organize an online data room and put all required info there. If additional information requested make sure it is provided in a timely manner.

6. Disclose all the information necessary.

If during the due diligence process lender or investor will discover any information, that has not been disclosed, in most cases financing for the project will be declined.

7. Have the Enterprise’s Value calculated by a professional. It will give the company ability to intelligently discuss what amount of equity has be given up in exchange for an amount of capital.

In conclusion, many people think that getting financing and especially for a Startup is an easy task, that can be achieved without a professional help. It can be done only if principals have a very high level of professional knowledge in business evaluation, business plan writing, financial projections, marketing, etc.

UB Solution has the ability to get the right project financed, as well as in many cases, to bring a non financeable project to a financeable stage.

UB Solution is equipped with specialized knowledge of the marketplace. By examining every aspect of our client’s business UB Solution is able to engineer affordable financing quickly and efficiently.

Feel free to contact Universal Business Structured Solution for more information regarding our services or for an initial consultation and evaluation:

Yury Iofe, MBA

Universal Business Structured Solution

yiofe (at) ubssolution (dot) com

More educational resources by Yury Iofe:


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Post by Chris Mark Fletcher

There are some kinds of equipment that do not fall into any of the categories like agricultural equipment, automobile equipment and so on. Such equipments are categorized in the frequent heading General. Common equipments support you improve your business or expand your business. Nonetheless some of them may possibly be pricey and so you require to go for common equipment financing to fulfill your wants.

There are a variety of types of loans accessible for general equipment financing. Coin operated Amusement equipment provides more enjoyable to folks and so the entertainment firms want to install it. The equipment not only provides enjoyable to individuals but also gives income to the organizations. Some trustworthy financing organizations provide monetary assistance at low interest rates to acquire the equipment.

Vending machine financing comes below common equipment financing category. Vending machines provides a supply of revenue for some company. A bottle vending machine, can vending machine or juice vending machine support produce revenues for the respective business men and women. Some business individuals might want number of such vending machines for their company prosperity. These individuals can get financial help from any of the genuine financing firms.

Common equipment financing assists organization individuals engaging in dry cleaning or laundry works. Any dry cleaning or laundry enterprise depends extremely on its heavy equipment. The modern cleaning equipments support in faster and much better cleaning of garments. This in turn helps prosper the company. Any inefficient laundry equipment impacts the flow of the enterprise. Hence these equipments are not an expense but an investment. Nonetheless they might be costly and so some of the dependable financing firms offer economic help to acquire such equipments.

Fitness and workout equipment also comes under the common equipment category for the purpose of financing. These equipments are crucial for a fitness center, fitness center etc. Today men and women are willing to invest more for workouts and fitness routines. Hence a fitness center or fitness center must include modern equipments in order to inspire their customers. Nevertheless some of the equipments like exercise bike, treadmill, rowing machine are pricey. Hence common equipment financing assists them flourish their business by way of supplying loans at low interest rates to acquire fitness and physical exercise equipment.

Developing upkeep equipments like carpet cleaning machine, floor scrubbing machine, polishing equipments etc are essential for some firms to clean and retain their buildings. Some organizations may possibly require garbage disposal equipment like cardboard crushers or can crushers. These equipments support upgrading the look of the creating and so they are also crucial for little or huge organizations. They may possibly not be inexpensive and so general equipment financing is frequently necessary to acquire these equipments.

Fixture financing helps in acquiring any fixture like lighting program, shelving, cabinets etc for the business developing. Any business can apply for the loan to acquire fixtures from any of the valid financing firms.

The common equipment financing helps acquiring any if the common equipment that is required for smooth running of any enterprise. This category covers any valuable products the business wants to purchase. The actual financing firms provide assistance with no any harassments.

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Article by Macro Company

Everyone has to choose for themselves what level of sacrifice and danger they are willing to undertake in order to get pleasure from the satisfactions of working independently. Knowing some techniques for managing the danger of starting a company will permit you to make a properly-informed decision.

Obtaining funding can be a lengthy procedure. Typically some economic aid is required, particularly for small businesses in order to balance the outgoings while the organization gets under way. For most individuals, something involving income entails some level of fear. It is crucial to acknowledge to your self and to other people that you are taking a risk, and you’ve decided it is a danger you want to take. So think about the fear of beginning a enterprise natural, and discover ways to manage it.

The apparent resolution for this may be taking out a modest company loan and there are a number of businesses and banks offering this service. If you decide on this option be wary of loan sharks and improper provides and spend attention to detail. This is not even so the only funding chance for little organizations, besides which some new and un-established businesses will struggle to locate a firm prepared to lend with no feeling confident about the return of their cash.

Small business loans can be a especially appealing alternative as financing for modest company a new organization simply because the federal government sponsors programs that make funding commence up businesses a priority. Business loans from a bank or financial institution can be brief, medium or long term loans. It’s important to undertake a thorough cost-benefit evaluation of your enterprise loan alternatives to identify the most suitable loan for your wants. For example a short term loan such as bank overdraft facility may well be the most appropriate and cost powerful option if you require finance to cover periodic money-flow shortfalls in terms of your day-to-day operations.

A Medium term loan may well be more appropriate if you need business finance for a 3-ten year period to finance equipment, enterprise expansion or development of new item lines. If you require finance to obtain land, property or other organizations in order to expand your operations to enhance profit over a period of years, a lengthy term loan will possibly be the most suitable organization loan option.

Banks, in particular, take a much a lot more vital appear at little enterprise loan applications than numerous did in the past. They are requesting more background from potential borrowers in the way of tax returns both enterprise and private, economic statements and business plans. Regardless of which kind of financing for small business you decide to pursue, your preparation ahead of you approach a prospective lender or investor will be vital to your achievement.

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