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Rick Otton Reveals The Secret On How To Buy Houses For Sale Without Acquiring Large Debts

(PRWEB) September 10, 2014

The Council of Mortgage Lenders revealed that there has been a 17 per cent increase for new mortgages issued to first-home buyers this year compared to last year’s figures. However, records also prove that many of them are borrowing more in order to supplement their income, First Rung Now published on 3 September 2014.

In light of this alarming news, Rick Otton, a respected property coach, discusses how first-home buyers could purchase houses for sale without acquiring more debt.

“CML said that 12,300 new mortgages were awarded to first-home buyers in London only, but the total value of mortgages released to first-home buyers in the second half of 2014 reached £3 billion. However, the increase in new mortgage approvals is also accompanied by a rise in the total amount borrowed by buyers. First-home buyers now borrow 3.9 per cent higher than their gross income. The average amount of mortgage taken out is £212,000 slightly higher than last quarter’s average of £200,000,” he shared.

“Taking on large debts is risky. The higher the debt, the more vulnerable an investor becomes to changing market conditions. It’s advisable for buyers in the UK to start finding other ways into the market without accumulating too much debt and putting the financial future of their family at risk,” according to Mr. Otton.

Mr. Otton then shared in a recent interview for that an alternative way into the UK real estate market is through buying houses with the help of seller finance strategies.

“Seller financing is helping people around the UK buy their dream homes or investment property without paying large deposits or applying for new home loans. This way, families won’t be caught in a debt trap of expensive mortgages once market conditions change. For example, rather than apply for a home loan, the buyer can negotiate to assume the existing loan and pay the rest of the equity in portions. This allows the buyer to move in quickly, without all the hassles associated with taking out a new loan. Moreover, it allows the seller to move away from unwanted debt immediately while creating a passive income stream,” he discussed.

Visit today to get more information about creative seller finance strategies and how these strategies can be applied in changing market conditions.

About Rick Otton

Rick Otton is a property investment professional who, over the last 23 years, has introduced innovative real estate strategies to the UK, Australian and the United States. His creative ‘low-risk, high-reward’ approach to buying and selling houses is exemplified in his own business, We Buy Houses.

This year marks the 10-year anniversary of Mr Otton introducing his strategies to the UK, and the 5-year anniversary of his innovative ‘Buy A House For A Pound’ process – one that attempted to be emulated by others. His constant process of strategy refinement, and adapting to the ever-changing real estate market, continues to place him at the forefront of property investment education.

In 2012 Rick Otton published his Australian book ‘How To Buy A House For A Dollar’ which was named in the list of Top 10 Most Popular Finance Titles for 2013. A UK version is on the drawing board for publication in 2014.

Mr Otton freely shares insights into his non-bank-loan strategies that have allowed everyday UK men and women to beat the rental cycle and have their own homes. He coaches others on how to build profitable businesses by facilitating transactions that focus on the needs of potential buyers and motivated sellers.


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Houses for Sale in West Palm Beach Now Include Owner Financing at Rescue Real Estate Company

West Palm Beach, FL (PRWEB) February 13, 2014

Purchasing a home in the state of Florida is now expected to be a faster and much easier process, thanks to the housing solutions created by one real estate company. The Rescue Real Estate company is now including owner financing for its houses for sale in West Palm Beach online at

These financing programs are now created as an internal method to help more home buyers to qualify for a purchase without using third-party finance companies. Because credit restrictions can prevent a standard mortgage approval, the owner financing program for all West Palm Beach homes is a new strategy to approve more buyers.

“Buyers of any home from our statewide portfolio can qualify for the owner financing options through our website by completing our virtual applications for housing,” said one Rescue Real Estate company source.

The financing option is one example of brand new programs that have been launched to improve the success ratios of home buyers in 2014. A rent-to-own program is now in place for use by renters to get into a home without traditional financial blockades. A rent-to-own contract can be submitted through the Rescue Real Estate website.

“The solutions that we’re now marketing in the state of Florida for buyers of single family houses are expected to increase our presence as a top real estate agency this year,” said the source.

The changes made to programs that are offered by the Rescue Real Estate company this year are now present on the company website. Any consumer can access more information online instead of calling housing support specialists offline. A complete blog is also one additional research platform now available.

About Rescue Real Estate

The Rescue Real Estate company has extended its housing programs this year to benefit individuals in the state of Florida. This company has added more than one housing assistance program to provide more ways that average people can obtain housing regardless of credit scores. The Rescue Real Estate company includes owner financing, rental homes and other solutions that could be right for a person ready to buy a home in the U.S. The company website includes direct information for all company supplied housing solutions this year.

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2002 Honda Accord Transmission in Used Condition Available for Sale Inside JDM Inventory at

Rennett Stowe / / CC BY

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) December 22, 2013

Honda vehicles are one of the primary brands exported for the United States market. Transmissions for these vehicles can now be purchased using the Preowned Transmissions company website. Used condition 2002 Honda Accord transmission inventory is now featured online at

This change to the JDM inventory now offered to U.S. buyers is expected to attract more buyers of replacement vehicle transmissions who are unable to use local supply companies to find Honda OEM units. The preowned transmission assemblies now featured at the company are derived from distributor partnerships.

The automatic transmissions inventory now upgraded for import inventory at the Preowned Transmissions company is now marketed to United States buyers with a better program for warranties. The Honda units now supplied as well as additional JDM-based assemblies include a two-year protection plan at no cost.

“The assemblies now found for sale on the company website are purchased through new distribution companies able to provide validation of quality before final distribution to buyers,” said a source from the company.

Because mileage on a transmission assembly can affect the overall quality, all verifications are made to determine the mileage count for each gearbox available for sale. This extra step is one new improvement to the internal controls to verify auto parts inventory prior to customer sale at the Preowned Transmissions company.

“The evaluation procedures that are performed for each Honda or other automaker transmission supplied are separate from the attached warranty programs offered for no extra cost,” the source included.

The used Honda gearbox inventory now marketed for the Accord vehicles and other brands in stock can be located faster using the modified system for public research online. All requests for pricing and inventory stock status are handled through this new locator system online. This is in addition to the offline support offered at 1-866-320-1182.


The company supplies previously owned automobile transmissions that are reduced in price online. This company features Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, Toyota, Isuzu, Honda and other top brands in its marketed inventory online. The company markets all inventory with a limited warranty package to extend support after sales are processed. This company has configured a quotation system in use by online transmission researchers to validate company pricing before decisions by consumers to purchase are made. New suppliers are expected to be included in the coming year to increase the size of the company inventory for sale.

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Signature Amish Extends Holiday Sale: Receive $ 10 off Every $ 100 Spent Until September 30th

New York, New York (PRWEB) September 12, 2013

Business Review today informs families that America’s favorite provider of Amish furniture, Signature Amish, extends its Holiday discount sale until September 30th, 2013 to accommodate the enormous response from customers. The extension will accommodate families hosting future holiday celebrations with $ 10 off every $ 100 spent on customizable Signature Amish furniture. Orders must be placed by September 24th deadline for Christmas delivery. Financing options are available through Bill Me Later and PayPal for qualifying customers.

Customers will receive the Holiday Sale discount on all full priced Amish tables and furniture and will receive an additional two per cent off the total cost of their order if they pay in full with a check. “We are thrilled with the enormous response from customers since we initially launched our Holiday Sale. We want to extend the savings to accommodate Christmas celebrations as well,” says Nell Narowsk of Signature Amish. “Families in need of new, affordable furniture for hosting Christmas get-togethers can take advantage of a substantial discount on sleek and trendy additions to their homes when entertaining friends and loved ones.”

Signature Amish offers a Referral Program for loyal shoppers to receive a $ 50 gift certificate for every $ 1000 or more spent by a referred customer. The gift certificate can be used for the Holiday Sale or with any other combination of current promotion or size order. Customers simply mention the name of the person who referred him or her and provide contact information. More information on the Holiday Sale can be found by visiting


Signature Amish, a division of Amish Tables, is a Plymouth, MI based company that provides handcrafted Amish furniture for every room of your home. The company has been providing Amish furniture since 1995 to the local, national, and international markets. For more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview, please contact Torie at 734-927-1110, ext 114.

Business Review

Business Review, is a daily resource of Gulf Coast business news where readers will find latest breaking business news, updated throughout the day, and some of the week’s top stories from The Business Review and other popular features. Subscribers can also sign up to receive email products including daily business news updates, latest news of 17 industries, dozens of popular topics from around the nation and the latest networking and marketing alerts.

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Vocus, PRWeb, and Publicity Wire are trademarks or registered trademarks of Vocus, Inc. or Vocus PRW Holdings, LLC. Sale Sets High Watermark for 2013 Domain Acquisitions

New York, New York (PRWEB) July 11, 2013

Online domains are among the most quickly-appreciating of all commodities, and they are emerging as pivotal forms of currency in today’s increasingly-digital world. As a case in point, the domain name recently sold for a total of almost $ 500,000—a mere fraction of its true worth—making it the single highest dollar domain sale of the year. Now, the team behind the newly-launched has issued a new statement to the press, commenting on the thought process behind its decision to purchase the much-coveted domain. is an industry-leading reputation management and online brand enhancement company, devoted to providing individuals and companies alike with a complete say in how they are portrayed on the Internet. The company purchased the domain from Chuck Pettis, VP of Marketing at MakerBot. Pettis—who is also the founder and president of BrandSolutions, Inc.—sold the domain as part of his transition into more full-time work for MakerBot, a 3D printing company that was launched by his son in 2009, and which Pettis recently sold for hundreds of millions of dollars.

As for the buyers, the newly-christened team was formerly known as Reputation Changer—but according to company president Michael Zammuto, the transition from Reputation Changer to made sense on several levels. “This was an ideal opportunity for Mr. Pettis, but also for the Reputation Changer team,” Zammuto observes, in the company’s new statement to the press. “The deal worked out for Chuck because he was ready to shift his entire focus to MakerBot, and it worked out for us because we were prepared to move into a more high-traffic domain.” The gambit has paid off in a big way: Thus far, the new domain has brought the team 300 percent more global monthly searches than its nearest competitor in the online reputation management space. “We now have a huge strategic advantage in this rapidly-growing industry,” Zammuto remarks.

“Essentially, has catapulted itself to become the most visible firm in the online brand enhancement and reputation management industry,” Zammuto continues. The repositioning of Reputation Changer as comes at an ideal time, as more and more high-profile individuals and companies—including Fortune 100 brands, political figures, and celebrities—are coming to recognize the importance of online reputation management.

“Our company posted 600 percent growth in 2012, and now is on track to achieve 1000 percent growth by the end of 2013,” Zammuto says. “Much of this growth stems from the fact that online reputation management itself is becoming so important, and so hotly in-demand, with more and more big corporations and national governments seeking to control the way they are presented on the Web. Our company has proven its ability to create brand equity and to help our clients shape the way they are portrayed on the Internet.”

Zammuto also notes that the higher visibility that the company has, through the domain, will “continue to solidify online reputation management as a central marketing and PR concern among all organizations and public figures.”

The domain name was owned by Chuck Pettis since 1995, and he used the domain as the homepage for his own branding services firm, BrandSolutions, Inc. He listed the domain last February, for $ 500,000; the domain was ultimately acquired for a discount, but the final sale—more than $ 400,000—still qualifies it as the biggest domain purchase of the year to date. Though was initially being sold for millions of dollars, Pettis’ recent sale of MakerBot, for $ 400 million, made him willing to part ways with the domain for a small fraction of its real worth.

ABOUT: is widely recognized as the foremost online reputation management and brand enhancement firm in the world, working with individuals and organizations alike and assisting them in establishing their online authority and credibility. Heralded as the #1 online reputation management agency by and honored as a Red Herring Top 100 Company in 2013, continues to innovate new reputation management techniques and technologies from its offices in Philadelphia. The company is equally devoted to pioneering reputation defense strategies, PR management techniques, and the development of cutting-edge technologies. The ultimate mission of is to establish each client’s personal or corporate brand as a brand of choice.

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REMI Advises San Diego Sellers to Seek “Flash Sale”

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) April 04, 2013

The Real Estate Marketing Insider released a statement urging home sellers in the San Diego area to explore the possibilities of selling their homes through a “flash sale,” a recent trend in the area of home sales with extremely quick turnaround. REMI advised that properties of all types, whether San Diego rentals on the beach or homes further inland and downtown, could be hot commodities in the stretched market, and prepared sellers could reap benefits by encouraging quick sales.

REMI’s statement was prompted by a report in the Fox 5 San Diego detailing the emerging trend of “flash sales.” The term “flash sale” is a colloquial, loose definition of a sale that moves extremely quickly; on some occasions as quickly as 24 hours after initial market listing. The hyper-acceleration in home sales in the San Diego area is due to a number of factors, but the primary reasons can be attributed to an influx of foreign buyers with cash at the ready, and a market whose inventory has been stretched drum-tight in the last few quarters. Buyers of all stripes are aware that demand greatly exceeds supply. This means they’re more willing than ever to make an offer on a given property quickly, with some international buyers even willing to do so sight unseen. While this can cause some headaches for home buyers and investors in the area, it’s great news for home sellers who are seeing their property values skyrocket.

San Diego is one of the best real estate markets in the nation for sellers right now, but REMI reminds home sellers that these pristine market conditions won’t last forever. A “flash sale” could help sellers capitalize on the market, as emotions tend to influence buyers’ decisions and drive prices higher. There are a few ways to set the scene for a quick sale, but two important keys are marketing the property to the right client base – foreign investors seem to be the surest option – and scheduling well-run, well-timed open houses to entice local buyers. By involving both local and foreign potential buyers and allowing the market to set the rest of the conditions, sellers in San Diego could come out way ahead.

The Real Estate Marketing Insider advised San Diego home sellers on possible strategies for encouraging a “flash sale,” or a sale with an extremely quick turnaround from listing to offer. REMI advised that sellers strive for quick sales, which can help drive up offer prices.

About the Real Estate Marketing Insider:

The Real Estate Marketing Insider is an online newsletter providing real estate news, analysis, and forecasts. REMI can be found at

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Kris Lindahl, The Edina Realty Agent, Held a Short Sale Strategies Meeting in Corcoran, MN on Tuesday Morning

“A Homeowner’s Guide To Short Sales” eBook

Blaine, MN (PRWEB) January 09, 2013

Kris Lindahl led a short sale strategies meeting in Corcoran, MN on Tuesday morning that saw full attendance. Kris is Edina Realty’s number one short sale agent. Lindahl went over several strategies involved in the short selling process that can make the experience run smoother and shorter. Afterwards Lindahl took questions from the audience regarding specific banks and lenders.

Kris Lindahl identified the first and most important step as finding the right agent. “Finding the right agent can make or break the process,”Kris Lindahl said at the meeting. After that it’s up to your agent and the lender of your choice’s representative to agree on a selling price and write up a short sale approval letter. Lindahl also covered several online resources that he’s created for the general public’s use.

Kris Lindahl and his team are full-time Edina Realty realtors that hold the following designations: Certified Distressed Property Experts (CDPE), Short Sale & Foreclosure Resources (SFR), and Council of Residential Specialists (CRS). Lindahl recently received the Chairman’s Award, the highest honor an agent can receive, from Edina Realty for excellence in sales and sales volume.

Call Kris and his team for more information at (763) 607-1415. Visit the Minnesota Short Sale Calculator website to check eligibility. Download a complimentary copy of the eBook titled “A Homeowner’s Guide To Short Sales” and check out the video series on YouTube.

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AHMSI Short Sale Agent Kris Lindahl Released New Report Providing Information on the Short Sale Process

“Homeowners Guide To Short Sales” book by Kris Lindahl

Blaine, MN (PRWEB) October 06, 2012

The experienced AHMSI Short Sale Agent Kris Lindahl, works with all the banks and financial institutions, helping people get their short sale approved. Kris Lindahl provides the short sale information that people are searching for, in the newly released “Short Sale Process” report.

“The short sale process is very complex, and varies from bank to bank, and investor to investor,” explains Kris Lindahl the experienced AHMSI Short Sale Agent. Kris Lindahl says, “My short sale experience with all of the different financial institutions has allowed me to help over 240 homeowners with the short sale process so far.”

American Home Mortgage Servicing Inc., AHMSI are committed to providing people with the information and assistance they need, and help people provide for and preserve the dream of homeownership. AHMSI understand that no two customers are alike, and will work with people to develop solutions for their particular and unique needs. “Using an experience short sale agent is imperative, because there are different requirements for each bank or financial institution,” Kris Lindahl, the experienced short sale agent explains, and adds, “I have extensive experience working with AHMSI short sales, and have a very good rate of AHMSI short sale closing.”

Kris Lindahl is unable to help everyone that approaches him for short sale help, because there are so many people that require an experienced short sale agent. So, Kris Lindahl has gathered some very experienced, hard working full-time Realtors that hold designations including, Certified Distressed Property Experts, Short Sale and Foreclosure Resources, and Council of Residential Specialists as, The Kris Lindahl Short Sale Team at Edina Realty. The Kris Lindahl Short Sale Team specializes in general residential real estate, working with first-time home buyers and distressed property sales.

Kris Lindahl also wrote an eBook to provide people with information about the short sale process. The “Homeowners Guide To Short Sales” can be downloaded at the website. Kris Lindahl explains, “I also created websites that have short sale calculators, so people in Minnesota and Wisconsin can figure their short sale eligibility on their own,” Kris Lindahl says, and adds, “Which can be found at and Wisconsin residents can check their eligibility at the website.”

“I help people from all over the United States, and am in the process of releasing a new national short sale calculator website, that anyone in the U.S. can use to calculate their short sale eligibility,” Kris Lindahl explains. “It will be released very soon, but until it is online, anyone from anywhere in the U.S. can use either the Minnesota short sale calculator website, or the Wisconsin short sale calculator website to determine their short sale eligibility,” Kris Lindahl says.

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Consumer Reviews Hub Features Fall into Savings Sale on Auto Parts at

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) September 15, 2012

Mechanics, garages, DIYers and anyone else who wants to save big when they shop online for auto parts can now head to consumer reviews hub, and take advantage of the huge Fall Into Savings Sale on now at their affiliate partner,

Until September 28, 2012, people who shop online for select PEAK Electronics will save up to $ 40 on GPS navigation systems, GPS windshield mounts, AMP power stations, garage parking sensors, mobile power strips, and watt cup inverters. Full details are available at, including the mail-in rebate form.

“With gas prices heading upwards, we could all stand to save some money on auto parts and accessories,” commented Lina Andrade, Affiliate Relationship Spokesperson from “And now, until September 28, people who shop online at’s Fall Into Savings Sale will save up to $ 40 on fantastic PEAK Electronics items. But they’d better hurry – once the sale is over, there’s no telling when these kinds of deals will be offered again!”

Mechanics, garages, DIYers and even folks searching for gift ideas for the car lovers in their life, can explore’s limited time sale via’s Auto Parts & Services Portal. They can also read helpful consumer reviews left by other shoppers, and enjoy free shipping on orders over $ 50. Further, consumers can also visit for information regarding tire purchases.

For more information or media inquiries, contact Lina Andrade at info(at)myreviewsnow(dot)net. Press release issued by


An Internet superstore of auto parts, services, products and publications available online, is an Internet travel agent and business directory that sets itself apart from similar sites by offering both professional reviews and consumer reviews on the Internet’s hottest offerings in a fun, simple format that is easy for visitors to shop online and enjoy. Plus, is 100% free, open 24/7, and the best way avoid crowded malls and parking lots.

About SEO Champion

SEO Champion was started in 1999 and is owner operated by Michael Rotkin, SEO Specialist for over 17 years. Michael Rotkin’s goal for his clients is to “own” keyword placements for the top 3 slots organically, so that his clients can earn a higher return on investment from their advertising dollars. Rotkin realizes the value of SEO over Pay-Per-Click campaigns, where click-throughs are generally more expensive and harder to convert into sales. SEOChampion’s intense work ethic can be seen in daily and weekly reports that show progress through organic keyword gain. This effort is the reason his SEO firm has been able to build a loyal client base for many years. Learn more at SEO Champion.

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For Sale by Owner (FSBO) Feature Introduced by; Home Sellers Can Now Post Their Own Listings to Reach Millions of Home Buyers

Now, home sellers can reach a wide audience through

Santa Barbara, CA (PRWEB) June 06, 2012

RealtyStore announced today that it is launching a “For Sale by Owner” service (commonly known as FSBO) for a low rate of $ 19.95 per month. This is great news for homeowners who consider selling their own home to save the typical 3 to 6% on agent fees.

For this low, flat monthly rate, a homeowner can list their homes to be marketed to over 3 million visitors to RealtyStore and its affiliated websites each month.

RealtyStore has been known for its collection of great real estate deals of all types, including MLS, foreclosures, rent to own properties and now FSBOs. Through its advanced search technology and “Smart Score,” RealtyStore makes it easy for homebuyers to find great deals among more than 2 million listings on the site.

With more than 40% of the homes sold being non-traditional deals, such as foreclosures, RealtyStore’s collection of diverse property types attract late stage, ready home buyers.

“We found a beautiful home. We put an offer in on a Friday, and got accepted on Monday,” says Susan M. of Lakeland, FL who used to find a home for her son.

“I found RealtyStore to be incredibly helpful,” comments Nancy H., a user from Memphis, TN. “I found it very, very easy to navigate. The information was incredibly accurate and the maps are easy to follow.”

Now home sellers can reach these ready buyers directly by listing their home themselves. Tim Chin, CEO of RealtyStore, is excited about this new product offer: “At RealtyStore, we have always been about giving great choices for homebuyers. Now with launch of FSBO, we give similar great options to home sellers. We already have thousands of high-quality real estate agents on RealtyStore. Now home sellers have a choice to either work with them or sell as For Sale by Owner.”

RealtyStore FSBO is available now. To find more information or post your FSBO listing, visit

About RealtyStore

RealtyStore (, a division of Nations Info Corporation, is the leading provider of foreclosure listings and discount property data nationwide. RealtyStore’s mission is to empower its customers with the tools, education and analysis required to identify and potentially maximize profits with undervalued real estate. As the foreclosure listings industry leader, is the most visited foreclosure website and is the only specialized foreclosures website to rank in the Hitwise Top 20 Internet Usage Report for the Real Estate Category.

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