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TradeNext and Derby County Football Club announce new two-year partnership

Sam Rush CEO Derby County FC & Mohsin Jameel CEO TradeNext

(PRWEB UK) 30 July 2014

Derby County is delighted to announce a new two-year partnership with global trading experts, TradeNext.

TradeNext is a fast-growing Forex broker, established in the United Kingdom in 2010. It provides retail investors with competitive spreads and access to thousands of markets worldwide including FX, commodities and indices.

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Over the course of the partnership, TradeNext will work in collaboration with the senior team at Derby County and members of the first-team playing squad to develop and produce a series of short videos, introducing supporters and potential clients to the world of financial trading.

In addition, TradeNext will feature on the Club’s official website,, and have strategies afoot to host an annual seminar, promoting financial and numerical literacy for those who have a potential interest in trading.

Furthermore, the partnership will also present the Club with an opportunity to reach out to the firm’s substantial Indian client base and subsequently provide Derby County with in-depth knowledge and experience in this global market.

Chief Executive Sam Rush commented: “TradeNext is an extremely forward-thinking company and we are delighted to welcome them as our latest ‘Preferred Partner’.

“Throughout the negotiations of the agreement we were extremely impressed with what they had to say and we believe this is a tremendous opportunity for Derby County and TradeNext to work together closely and provide supporters with an insight of financial trading.”

Mohsin Jameel, CEO TradeNext added: “We are very pleased to become at ‘Preferred Partner’ of Derby County. For us this partnership is built on big ambitions, we both have a real determination to grow and be successful in our respective markets.

“We will fully support Derby on field push for promotion, with creative and innovative ideas to widen the appeal of the football club and the world of trading. Off the field, there are real synergies between both parties and I am excited about developing them so that we develop both our fan bases.”

Winner of the ‘Best Financial Services Provider 2014’, TradeNext has built on the experience it has garnered from working in India and the emerging markets and has subsequently expanded its expertise to enhance its client offering.

Their emphasis on continuing innovation is shown through the effort and resources they allocate to research, market analysis, and the study of trends and best practices. This ensures that they not only deliver to customers the best products and solutions, but also provide them with enhancements to their Forex trading through education services.

For more information on TradeNext, visit their website:

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Oxford City Football Club, Inc. (OTCQB:OXFC) Trials To Be Held At Ford Park In Beaumont, Texas.

Beaumont, Texas (PRWEB) August 05, 2014

Oxford City Football Club, Inc. (OTCQB:OXFC) will be holding open tryouts on September 20th and 21st in Beaumont, Texas. The trials will take place at Ford Park, where the 10 home games will be played during the 2014-2015 MASL season.

Oxford City FC of Texas is looking for local talent in Beaumont, all of Southeast Texas, around the US, and internationally. Professional indoor and outdoor soccer players from various countries such as Brazil, Portugal, and England have already registered to participate in the trials.

Unlike conventional professional team trials, Oxford City Football Club offers potential players the opportunity to not only try out for Oxford City FC of Texas in the MASL, but also for the Oxford City FC, The Oxford City Nomads, and OXFC Futsal all based in Oxford, UK.

Players can register at

Registration includes a $ 150.00 fee and will run from 8am to 8pm on consecutive days.

CEO of Oxford City FC Thomas Anthony Guerriero said, “We are looking forward to these trials to identify those players that are diamonds in the rough and be a big impact on Oxford City FC both in Beaumont and in Oxford for many years to come.”

About Oxford City FC (OXFC)

Oxford City is a diversified holding company, which controls five portfolios.

The First Portfolio (OXFC Sports Portfolio)

The OXFC Sports Portfolio have a controlling interest is the largest publicly traded diversified portfolio of professional sports teams in the world. Oxford City’s portfolio contains a 132-year-old professional football club Oxford City FC, which plays in the Conference North Division of the English Football Association. They also own Oxford City Nomads, which plays in the Hellenic League Premier Division of the English Football Association. Oxford City owns Oxford City Futsal, which plays at the highest level of Futsal in England and has one of the best teams in the UK. The company has also acquired Oxford City Basketball, which plays their games in the EBL, English Basketball League. Most recently, Oxford City acquired two professional indoor soccer teams within the U.S., expanding the company’s reach to Sioux Falls, South Dakota and South Florida. Oxford City now owns the MASL team The Texas Strikers in Beaumont Texas. Becoming part of the MASL will leverage the Oxford City sports portfolio to maximize its sponsorship and advertising opportunities to a global level. Oxford City now owns a total of 7 professional sports teams around the world.

The Second Portfolio (OXFC Academic Portfolio)

The OXFC Academic Portfolio owns a diversified portfolio of academic institutions. OXFC owns Oxford City Sports College in Oxford and CIT University in the United States, which expects to have its first brick and mortar campus in the United States in South Florida in the near future to strategically put the University in a tremendous position for the future. CIT University’s curriculum is designed by Ivy League scholars and developers providing a state of the art educational platform and is unique to any ever seen.

The Third Portfolio (OXFC Media & Entertainment Portfolio)

The OXFC Media & Entertainment Portfolio owns a diversified portfolio of media & entertainment companies. OXFC owns Oxford City Broadcasting Network (, which is broadcasted on 740AM in Florida that reaches from Miami, Florida to Jupiter, Florida. OXFC has acquired, which will become the global television platform for the company and their interests. Oxford City’s 24 hour television programming which will broadcasted around the world will feature the live radio show “The Oxford City Financial Report”, cover all of Oxford City’s professional sports teams, and provide continuous programming.

The Fourth Portfolio (OXFC Real Estate & Property Management Portfolio)

The OXFC Real Estate & Property Management Portfolio controls a diversified portfolio of real estate including Oxford City Stadium, Oxford City Indoor Arena, and the Oxford City 3G Training Facility. OXFC benefits from these facilities both in usage and in rental income.

The Fifth Portfolio (OXFC Mergers & Acquisitions Portfolio)

The Mergers and Acquisitions Portfolio consists of the most experienced value specialists who implement proprietary methodology to identify and acquire equity positions in private and public companies with unlimited growth potential to bring tremendous synergies and value to Oxford City.

About Thomas Anthony Guerriero

Oxford City (OXFC) is led by their CEO Thomas Anthony Guerriero. Mr. Guerriero holds a Masters Degree from Harvard University, holds two Graduate Certificates from Boston University & University of Notre Dame, and has two BA degrees from Fairleigh Dickinson University & Thomas Edison State. He has held several professional licenses over the course of his career Series 7, Series 63, Series 66, Series 24 licenses. Always looking for a challenge Mr. Guerriero is a former professional soccer player, climbed two of the seven summits, been featured in a major motion picture with Oliver Stone, and been featured on television around the world. He is a published author, diplomatic advisor on economic and fiscal policy, is known for being one of the most influential and powerful entrepreneurs in the world today.

Mr. Guerriero was the youngest Senior Vice President at First Union in their 90 year history. As one of the leaders at First Union he established his reputation for being one of the most driven individuals ever to hit Wall Street, known for his relentless work ethic, accompanied with the ability to execute tremendous achievements both individual and with his executive team. His efforts contributed significantly towards First Union’s assets eclipsing $ 400 Billion, leading towards their acquisition by Wachovia in the biggest banking acquisition in banking history at the time.

After First Union Mr. Guerriero was highly recruited by some of the largest firms in the world due to his expertise. Ultimately he made history by accepting the position of CEO of TAA, making him one of the youngest ever to lead a member firm. Implementing his expertise in Economics and Finance he was able to lead TAA to being acquired by High Point Capital, taking part in the second successful acquisition in his career.

Guerriero a renowned published author with “How to Understand and Master the Stock Market”, “How to Understand And Master Securities Laws & Regulations”, “Plan For Crisis”, and “Military Involvement and Trade Treaties: Exploring the Differences in Military Involvement of the United States in Foreign Countries, Post-Trade Treaty” took this expertise to the helm of Global Wealth, accepting the position of CEO. Again for the third time in his career he was successful in growing this company to have a global presence having offices domestically throughout the US and around the world. This led to Global Wealth eventually being acquired, proving his unique methodologies in growing organizations are tremendous.

A former professional athlete himself, Guerriero has always had the passion to become an owner of a professional sports team. This passion led him to becoming the owner with his partner Mike Savitt of the Springfield Armor of the NBA D League (Brooklyn Nets Affiliate). In his first season as owner they had the biggest turn around in the history of the NBA D League and eventually winning the Eastern Conference Championship for the first time in their history. This success made his vision even more clear on the aspirations to achieve something unique in professional sports and in business. This vision was to create a portfolio of the two core foundational interests he had, Sports & Education. This is the seed that has grown into the diversified holding company known as Oxford City.

Safe Harbor

This press release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and section 21B of the Securities and Exchange Act of 1934, as amended. Readers are cautioned not place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements, which are only predictions and only speak as of the date hereof. Forward-looking statements usually contain the words “estimate,” “anticipate,” “believe,” “plan,” “expect,” or similar expressions and are subject to numerous known and unknown risks and uncertainties. These risks and uncertainties could cause the Company’s actual results to differ materially those indicated in the forward-looking statements. Investors are encouraged to carefully review regulatory filings prior to investment consideration. Past performance is no guarantee of future success or that there cannot be losses or business interruption. The Company is in a rapid growth sector that may or may not continue to grow in the future and therefore poses risks that may be different than other investments. Management regularly provides news and additional information believed to be true and accurate at the time of dissemination but has no requirement to modify, comment or change in the future should circumstance change or information prove to be inaccurate for any reason. Additionally, the Company makes every effort to comply with all applicable laws. The definitive agreement associated with this acquisition has not been signed and is subject to a shareholder vote.

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New Lifenetics® Health Club Chain Targets Baby-BoomersFitness, Anti-aging and Wellness for the over 50s

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) February 21, 2014

Lifenetics Inc. announces today the launch of a new chain of health and wellness centers, specifically designed for the baby-boomer population and featuring a comprehensive program of health, fitness and anti-aging services.

Lifenetics™ Centers respond to the urgent need to provide customized wellness programs for our aging population. According to U.S. Census Bureau data, by the year 2050, 87 million people in America will be more than 50 years old. However, of the approximately 30,000 health clubs in America, Lifenetics estimates that less than 1,000 clubs cater to this growing and demanding demographic.

“We are living longer, but we are adding to healthcare costs as we live with chronic illnesses. Diabetes, arthritis, cardiovascular disease and obesity now affect more than two-thirds of the U.S. population, or more than 2 billion people worldwide,” commented Alex Martin M.D., co-founder of Lifenetics Inc. “The severity of these illnesses can be reduced by exercise, nutrition and targeted anti-aging treatments, thereby helping to lower the costs to our over-burdened healthcare system.”

Lifenetics™ Centers will offer the best and latest in wellness programs including: state-of-the-art fitness equipment; flat-screen TV broadcasts of celebrity-conducted workouts; live expert webinars for education and demonstrations; a library of information for self-learning about better lifestyles; a juice bar for socializing and healthy nutrition. The centers will also feature a suite of rooms providing anti-aging procedures conducted by qualified medical staff, such as FDA-approved CLINICell® stem cell treatments which use an individual’s own stem cells. Fitness programs have been specifically designed by industry experts in senior fitness to address the needs of older adults who require special attention to cardiovascular, joint and other medical considerations as well as the psychological and sociological changes of aging.

The Lifenetics™ Centers will offer the SheaNetics® 90-day Day Breakthrough™ program which provides consumers with a powerful, holistic mind-body experience in fitness, nutrition and mental/emotional strength. “It is the complete answer to feeling, looking and living great” says Shea Vaughn, the national fitness and wellness expert and co-founder of Lifenetics Inc. “Many of us have the ability to improve our health through the wellness mechanisms in our own bodies. We simply need to learn how to ignite and unlock these mechanisms – that’s the basis of SheaNetics®.”

As a first phase, Lifenetics™ programs will begin in March, 2014 in Los Angeles, California in collaboration with the MetroMD Institute of Regenerative Medicine, a Hollywood anti-aging clinic. The MetroMD facility will integrate its anti-aging treatments with the SheaNetics® 90-Day Breakthrough program and other Lifenetics® services.

Later this year, the MetroMD collaboration will be expanded to the opening of the first complete Lifenetics™ Center in Los Angeles which will offer a full suite of services through monthly memberships and per-procedure treatment options, some of which are covered by health insurance reimbursements as part of the new approach to preventive healthcare. The Company is now actively seeking similar collaborations with medical clinics and fitness clubs/studios to open additional Lifenetics™ centers in major metro areas across the United States and internationally.

For more details, contact:

Shea Vaughn


About Lifenetics Inc.

Lifenetics Inc. operates the first chain of wellness centers to combine health, fitness and anti-aging procedures that specifically target the needs of baby-boomers. By focusing on ways to combat chronic illnesses that typically surface in this older demographic, Lifenetics™ Centers aim to improve the health of our aging population, thereby enhancing lifestyles and reducing healthcare costs.

About Shea Vaughn

Shea Vaughn is a national wellness and fitness expert, author, master instructor and trainer, and a recognized spokeswoman for creating individual and business well-being. Shea is the founder of SheaNetics®, a doctor-endorsed and innovative, east-meets-west lifestyle practice, with movements and values powered by Shea’s 5 Living Principles of Well-Being: Commitment; Perseverance; Self-Control; Integrity; and Love. Shea’s programs are frequently featured in national news and fitness-related media.

About MetroMD Institute of Regenerative Medicine

The professional medical team of MetroMD offers the latest in anti-aging technology to patients. The clinic’s anti-aging procedures include: Human Replacement Therapy; PRP Therapy – CLINICell® PRP; Stem Cell Therapy; Regenerative Cosmetic Procedures; and Gene Therapy. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and on-staff cosmetic surgeons, sports trainers and nutritionists round out the team in the fight against premature aging and disability.

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The Glove Club Recommends Better Infection Control Practices for the Battle Against New Bug

Face Masks from The Glove Club

London, United Kingdom (PRWEB) May 31, 2013

This particular strain of coronavirus has reportedly been responsible for 18 deaths worldwide so far, but the attribute that is causing most concern for the scientific community is the fact that is seems able to pass from person-to-person. The team at The Glove Club are keen to encourage better infection control in light of this development.

The infection can be fatal and is known to bring about severe pneumonia. It has also been connected with cases of kidney failure. Although the source of the infection is not yet known, a report describes how scientists suspect its origin may lie with bats.

The virus has been detected in a number of countries so far, including Qatar, Jordan, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, France and the UK.

According to a spokesperson for the World Health Organisation (WHO) the real cause for concern lies in the fact that “different clusters seen in multiple countries increasingly support the hypothesis that when there is close contact this novel coronavirus can transmit from person-to-person.”

What does this mean for healthcare institutions, public spaces, workplaces and ordinary individuals? The team at The Glove Club, one of the UK’s leading providers of infection control supplies, is to take hygiene standards even more seriously.

Where stringent hygiene policies are already in place – for instance, in care homes and hospitals – it is a question of managing stocks of infection control products and cleaning products efficiently, as well as making sure staff training in standards is up to date.

In other environments, like offices, homes and public spaces, a more proactive approach to infection control is advised to limit the ways in which dangerous infections can be spread in busy environments.

About Glove Club Ltd

The Glove Club has been a manufacturer, wholesaler and distributor of medical grade disposable products since 1994. Its experience and expertise of supplying products to a wide range of customers makes it a cut above the rest. In its 18 extensive years of business they have been a leader in latex, nitrile and vinyl gloves, all made to a medical grade (AQL 1.5) and many everyday disposables like masks, paper towels and aprons. They supply to dental practices, nursing homes, funeral directors, veterinaries, hospitals, GP’s and even the general public.

Users of disposable consumables can contact The Glove Club on 0500 456 832 or by accessing the new website at

Manoj Parmar, Marketing Manager

Glove Club Ltd

+44 208 991 4303


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Club One Begins Deployment of MoSo Suite for Member Relationship & Facility Management

Rockville, MD (PRWEB) March 20, 2012

Motionsoft, a leader in providing member relationship management software and financial services to the health and fitness industry, today announced that San Francisco-based Club One, has launched its first 3 locations on MoSo, the cloud-based facility management suite. The remaining Club One facilities will be going live later this year. The locations will be integrating MoSo MRM for member relationship and facility management, myClub online member portal, and the Data Warehouse advanced reporting tool throughout the rollout.

“MoSo was built to help the best brands in fitness, like Club One, get, keep and know their members better,” said Al Noshirvani, CEO of Motionsoft. “It is easy to deploy, simple to learn, and powerful enough to help manage to the exacting standards that Club One demanded.”

“Because MoSo is the industry’s first true cloud-based club management and billing solution, Club One no longer needs to manage technology,” said Alan Vouk, COO of Motionsoft. “All updates are automatic, and every aspect of the technology can be handled by the Motionsoft team.”

About Motionsoft

Motionsoft is a membership relationship management software and billing provider, recently ranked among the top 1000 of America’s fastest growing private companies in Inc. Magazine’s Annual 500/5000 Report, and in the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 as well as IHRSA’s 2011 Associate Member of the Year. Motionsoft counts Equinox, Crunch, Gold’s Gym, Akron General and Starbucks among their 2500 clients in the active lifestyle industry. On July 5, the company launched MoSo, a small, medium & enterprise level cloud-based business & member management software solution.

About Club One

Founded in 1991, Club One is a leading source for award-winning fitness and wellness solutions throughout the United States. In addition to operating 17 Club One Fitness branded clubs in Northern California and Frog’s Fitness branded clubs in Southern California, Club One also manages more than 60 corporate fitness centers, community centers, multi-tenant business parks and municipalities serving more than 140,000 members nationwide.

Club One’s innovative programs and exceptional service environments have earned it numerous long-standing awards, including: “Best Health Club”, “Best Place to Work Out” and “Best Places to Work” nods, as well as several Nova 7 Certificates of Excellence.

Club One partners include: Autodesk, Chevron, AOL, eBay, Electronic Arts, Motorola, VM Ware, the Jewish Community Centers of San Francisco, among many others. For more information, please visit


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