New Lifenetics® Health Club Chain Targets Baby-BoomersFitness, Anti-aging and Wellness for the over 50s

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) February 21, 2014

Lifenetics Inc. announces today the launch of a new chain of health and wellness centers, specifically designed for the baby-boomer population and featuring a comprehensive program of health, fitness and anti-aging services.

Lifenetics™ Centers respond to the urgent need to provide customized wellness programs for our aging population. According to U.S. Census Bureau data, by the year 2050, 87 million people in America will be more than 50 years old. However, of the approximately 30,000 health clubs in America, Lifenetics estimates that less than 1,000 clubs cater to this growing and demanding demographic.

“We are living longer, but we are adding to healthcare costs as we live with chronic illnesses. Diabetes, arthritis, cardiovascular disease and obesity now affect more than two-thirds of the U.S. population, or more than 2 billion people worldwide,” commented Alex Martin M.D., co-founder of Lifenetics Inc. “The severity of these illnesses can be reduced by exercise, nutrition and targeted anti-aging treatments, thereby helping to lower the costs to our over-burdened healthcare system.”

Lifenetics™ Centers will offer the best and latest in wellness programs including: state-of-the-art fitness equipment; flat-screen TV broadcasts of celebrity-conducted workouts; live expert webinars for education and demonstrations; a library of information for self-learning about better lifestyles; a juice bar for socializing and healthy nutrition. The centers will also feature a suite of rooms providing anti-aging procedures conducted by qualified medical staff, such as FDA-approved CLINICell® stem cell treatments which use an individual’s own stem cells. Fitness programs have been specifically designed by industry experts in senior fitness to address the needs of older adults who require special attention to cardiovascular, joint and other medical considerations as well as the psychological and sociological changes of aging.

The Lifenetics™ Centers will offer the SheaNetics® 90-day Day Breakthrough™ program which provides consumers with a powerful, holistic mind-body experience in fitness, nutrition and mental/emotional strength. “It is the complete answer to feeling, looking and living great” says Shea Vaughn, the national fitness and wellness expert and co-founder of Lifenetics Inc. “Many of us have the ability to improve our health through the wellness mechanisms in our own bodies. We simply need to learn how to ignite and unlock these mechanisms – that’s the basis of SheaNetics®.”

As a first phase, Lifenetics™ programs will begin in March, 2014 in Los Angeles, California in collaboration with the MetroMD Institute of Regenerative Medicine, a Hollywood anti-aging clinic. The MetroMD facility will integrate its anti-aging treatments with the SheaNetics® 90-Day Breakthrough program and other Lifenetics® services.

Later this year, the MetroMD collaboration will be expanded to the opening of the first complete Lifenetics™ Center in Los Angeles which will offer a full suite of services through monthly memberships and per-procedure treatment options, some of which are covered by health insurance reimbursements as part of the new approach to preventive healthcare. The Company is now actively seeking similar collaborations with medical clinics and fitness clubs/studios to open additional Lifenetics™ centers in major metro areas across the United States and internationally.

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About Lifenetics Inc.

Lifenetics Inc. operates the first chain of wellness centers to combine health, fitness and anti-aging procedures that specifically target the needs of baby-boomers. By focusing on ways to combat chronic illnesses that typically surface in this older demographic, Lifenetics™ Centers aim to improve the health of our aging population, thereby enhancing lifestyles and reducing healthcare costs.

About Shea Vaughn

Shea Vaughn is a national wellness and fitness expert, author, master instructor and trainer, and a recognized spokeswoman for creating individual and business well-being. Shea is the founder of SheaNetics®, a doctor-endorsed and innovative, east-meets-west lifestyle practice, with movements and values powered by Shea’s 5 Living Principles of Well-Being: Commitment; Perseverance; Self-Control; Integrity; and Love. Shea’s programs are frequently featured in national news and fitness-related media.

About MetroMD Institute of Regenerative Medicine

The professional medical team of MetroMD offers the latest in anti-aging technology to patients. The clinic’s anti-aging procedures include: Human Replacement Therapy; PRP Therapy – CLINICell® PRP; Stem Cell Therapy; Regenerative Cosmetic Procedures; and Gene Therapy. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and on-staff cosmetic surgeons, sports trainers and nutritionists round out the team in the fight against premature aging and disability.

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