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Rebecca Clukey Starts Encore Career by Opening Fresh Coat Painters of Waco

Rebecca Clukey

Waco, TX (PRWEB) October 30, 2013

When Rebecca Clukey lost three family members in less than a year, she decided it was time to move back to her hometown of Waco and start the next phase of her life.

“I had a background in accounting from when I lived in Dallas, but I was 50 years old and was facing a tough job market. In order to support myself and my son back here in Waco, I was looking at taking two jobs or living with my dad, and that’s not what I wanted to do at this point in my life. I looked at my options and decided it was time to start my own business.”

That’s when Clukey launched Fresh Coat Painters franchise in Waco.

Fresh Coat Painters offers residential and commercial painting services including interior and exterior painting, wood staining and finishing, and other services for nearly every protective coating application. They use quality, environmentally safe materials and offer a 24/7 customer service center, online scheduling and detailed quotes.

“The people here in Waco are unique and loyal – we like to support local people and local businesses, so I knew, if I was going to open a business, I had to have something special. When I came across Fresh Coat, it just felt right. Sometimes you just have to go with your gut, so that’s what I did,” Clukey said.

“I want my clients to know that Fresh Coat of Waco will bring to them exactly what I would want for my family. I expect a quality, service and professionalism, so that’s what we’ll deliver. When we’re finished, your home should look like something on HGTV,” she added. “Also, people should feel comfortable with me and with my painters. Sometimes when contractors are in your home, you feel like you’re the one who doesn’t belong. It shouldn’t be like that. With Fresh Coat, we’re guests in your home working to make it a more beautiful place.”

Clukey did a soft launch of Fresh Coat Painters of Waco alongside her sponsorship of the Waco Civic Theater’s production of Beehive: The 60’s Musical. She’s looking forward to be involved in future community events and programs.

“As a business owner, it’s important to be part of your community, not just in it. I’m excited about what that will mean for Fresh Coat of Waco,” Clukey said.

Fresh Coat was founded in 2004 as part of Strategic Franchising Systems, which has more than 20 years of franchise experience. In the last year, Fresh Coat has been included in the Bond’s Top 100 and named to Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500 list. Fresh Coat also is part of the International Franchise Association, the Small Business Association’s Franchise Registry, VetFran and Minority Fran.

To learn more about what Fresh Coat Painters of Waco can do for your home or business, call (254)498-6036, email rclukey(at)freshcoatpainters(dot)com or visit

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Based on my experience in IT, I’d like to give a guideline on which career paths you may choose. I made this presentation as the part of my IT series cause I…

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Article by Nivedita Parashar

Astrology of India has its charisma long before the world has even heard about the word “astrology”. The thought of Indian astrology has developed from antique times and still has its significance in the Indian ethnicity. People use astrology as a means of forecast their life to find an affluent and secure life. Astrology is an extensive thought that needs a vast knowledge of the facts and figures that aid to forecast the events which are going to influence the lives of people. Astrology is furthermore a science that unfurls lots of elements that are unswervingly connected to the human life. In India people relay astrology to their traditions and trust that their culture has offered them the technique to know their fortune. Indians deem that the stars and the planets choose the destiny of their life. Indian astrology plays an essential task for Indians in deciding assorted vital events of human life for example career, marriages, business, property etc. In India; astrology forecasts have a concise history of above 5000 years. The sagacious and scholars of antique times have expanded the thought of astrology by profoundly cramming the movements of stars, planets and their consequences on human life and as well diverse other events on earth. It is deemed that with the assist of astrology a person can discern the events that are going to occur in his life and with the help of astrology he can elect measures that can decide the destiny of his life. Astrology forecasts have made it probable for people to get their troubles resolved by knowing what to do and what not to.One of the things that actually magnetize people to twirl their heads in the direction of astrology is to know regarding career. In the present epoch people are using Career Astrology as a means to know what occupation they should select for a victorious career. With the developing antagonism and fewer job opportunities it is actually extremely obliging to discern which occupation will offer enhanced chances to thrive and manage the livelihood. We can say that an individual would be a doctor, engineer, government servant, industrialist or a businessman. But the destiny of a person’s occupation depends on the stars and planets that persuade his living to a superior point. Few people begin their career in services but afterward do well in their big business. Therefore astrology is the retort to make people sentient what career to prefer in order that they can have well ascertained career. Career Astrology gives essential guideline to people regarding their career with the help of their birth time, birth date, birth year and the position of stars and planets at that time. The position of stars and planets at the birth of a person significantly adds to the occasions like marriage, career, health, finance etc. that is going to ensue in a person’s life. Career Astrology assists person to plan their life in a well-organized way so that they can thrive in their career. In India, astrology forecasts have very much added to the life of individual and are still contributing to craft the most out of their verve. It is all the time enhanced to have few obliging reserve that can direct an individual in deciding the destiny of his life and astrology is one such valuable source. Most of them find it actually difficult to come into in the dome of careers and business, which may have given those individuals pains and advantages. This is where; Career Astrology helps you get munificent receiving and support.Some say what is the excitement in life if you are going to discern everything in advance? I disagree! Astrology illustrates a general image on the probable incidents that have more likelihood of occurring in the near future or few years down the path. Accurately what and how it happens is a quiz. The excitement of life is still the same. If astrology advises of dark times along the curve, then you will have to be alert and take the needed provisions. Remember, being uninformed is the first most horrible thing you can do to yourself. So, Career Astrology is the best to make the career hunt more flavored and sparkling. You can balance out forth your career hesitations and a professional career astrologist will get back to you in a day’s time and fling light on all your career worries. Engrossing yourself in astrology does not mean that you are feeble in any manner. Dwelling in it surplus and inquiring your inner vigor’s and potential does! Just remember to be yourself in all walks of life. If you are going to drop power over yourself, then nothing can help you even if your houses support you. Career Astrology will as well offer you imminent and information on when the stars and planets will help you to burnish in your occupation. It will help you comprehend the essential inner intended abilities and to find what your career year in front has in store for you by analyzing your terrestrial positions and the 2nd, 6th and 10th houses. So get your comprehensive month to month career predict on what to anticipate for the next 12 months by having Career Astrology done, the forecast will scrutinize your career status including salary increases, impending advancements in your place, new job opportunities and your work surroundings, which will help you evade adverse career situations. The career forecast as well comprises ideas for mantras, yantras and great remedies. So, even you have desire for a worthwhile career which brings those most fulfillments then Career Astrology is the best for you as it helps you in knowing your capabilities, your challenges, your talents, and your dreams.

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Astrovalley is an author writes the article about vedic astrology like career astrology. It provide useful information through articles on career horoscope and career horoscope

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Article by Komalpateledu

“Time and tide wait for no man”, goes a much clichéd saying. There are certain matters that need to be done or decided only at a particular period or at the right time. One among these matters is ‘career options ‘.

It is a fact that students need to decide about their career options at the right time and if not done so, they may regret throughout their lives. No doubt, some students choose their career options at the right time. However, do they choose the ‘right’ career option at the ‘right’ time? Teachers and career counselors should ask this important question to students.

A right career choice is nothing but a career that suits a student’s personality, aptitude and interest. It is a fact that many students get confused on matters related to their career. A tenth or twelfth standard is the right time for choosing a career option. It is also very important to note that, it is during this stage that students become very vulnerable to many ‘influences’. The same also goes for matters related to their career choices. Film characters, friends and other elements usually influence students. Some parents also force their children’s to follow a career of their choice. Therefore, parents and students need to understand the fact that career should be made, based on the three mentioned factors so that they can enjoy their job and reap the best benefits from their career choices.

In order to make matters easier, students can take a career assessment test. This particular test will assess a student’s interests, aptitude and personality. Students who take this test must answer several objective type questions and based on the answers, a career counselor will suggest the right career for the students.

Students and parents may still be skeptical about veracity of the career assessment test and the result. However, it is very important to note that a few renowned career-counseling companies are equipped with expert career counselors and these counselors use reliable psychological methods coupled with statistical tools in order to give a precise result.

The career assessment test may suggest a student more than one career choices. Students need to know that the test will reflect a student’s interest, which may be more than one. For example, a student who is interested in preparing various dishes may also be inclined towards music and dance. However, students should know that if you opt for any one of the career options that the test result suggests, they will never regret in the future.

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Komal Patel is Indian based writer who writes study abroad blog to give proper career guidance for students willing to study abroad.

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Article by mnknaukri

Article by Pinto

Career planning is not an activity that should done at once. It is a life time process, which includes choosing an occupation, getting a job, and growing in that profession. According to research, an average worker will change careers multiple times over his/her life time, and it is never too soon or late to start your career. Career planning is an invested time, as it sets you the path that leads where you would like to go. This testing provides with you clarity regarding your career objective as well and best done, embarks on your job search. Career planning activity should be liberating and fulfilling that should be providing a goal to achieve in your current career plans for beginning a transition to a new career.

Here are some of the guidelines of career plan:

Before getting into your career plan, first explore the occupations in the industry, you are interested in and what is the labor market for that industry. Find out what really motivates you, what competencies you want to build up for it, carefully working your way to your reward, which could clearly be the consequence of your work.

Short term career plan: Mainly, short term plan focuses on time frame ranging from current year to next year. The key characteristic of short term career planing is developing realistic goals and objectives that you wish to accomplish in the near future.

Make your career plan as an annual event: if you are planning for a major career change and schedule a retreat for yourself, try to focus on career plan, i.e., what you really want out of your career plan, and do mapping of your goals, since the last time, you did any sort of career planing. Career path depends on your likes and dislikes. Hence, reviewing and selecting on the path always take time in order to reflect your career plans.

If your job and career still fail, if your job activity falls most in the dislike column, now is the time for you to begin examination of new jobs and new career.

Based on your appetite and aspiration, you can also get job offers, you wish. Suppose if you wish to be a Business Analyst, check out the source available to the kind of work for being a business analyst, If you really enjoy the work that comes with it, you must opt for it, Look further for job that fits you. For job satisfaction,growth, rewards and recognition, career plan plays an important role. Good quality life comes from one thing, which is you loving your job.

After deciding on a particular direction, build competencies. Careers need specific education and training. Whichever career you choose to be in, you will fare well if you strive to be the best in it. Learn to jump the ropes by acquiring the information through a course, by adding specific and special skill set that helps you to handle the job with greater proficiency. If your career goal is clear and towards your ambition, then start walking towards it. by acquiring skills and competency that help you along.

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Pinto has written this article on behalf of Gigajob Singapore,which is a Singapore Job Searching Site, where you can find latest job openings in IT,Marketing, Banking,Hotel management,Airlines and more domains.

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