Greece has admitted it is still not able to deal with its deficit – the crucial demand of its international creditors. That is even taking into account mass layoffs announced yesterday, and a new round of austerity cuts which still want Parliament’s approval. RT on Twitter RT on Facebook

Elizabeth Warren on the debt crisis and fair taxation. To support her Massachusetts Senate Campaign, check out
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56 Responses to “Default Destiny: Greek debt deadline out of reach”

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  • bypass3421:

    @frantic1971 not much difference really, not even the debt doesn’t go away. but It’s gonna EXTREMELY difficult for Greece to burrow money(most of modern developed country does that) from other countries. Greek treasury bonds can be on the market, but no one would buy them. Even if someone bought them, Greek government still pay high interest for it, which will become huge burden on Greek.

    In a short, Greece will gets poorer than today.

  • bypass3421:

    Organised crime? Pfff…are they serious?
    The bottom line is that Greece burrowed and spent more money than they can repay when it was possible back in early 00′s. Greek people WERE benefited by those burrowed money, so they should better stop complaining and blaming other but pay f**king more taxes and cut majority of Greek government spending.

  • frantic1971:

    So–what exactly happens if Greece defaults? What will happen to the Greek govt. and people? Does this mean that the country will not be able to buy food and fuel? What will happen to the Greek currency? What will happen to any foreign assets that the Greek govt. has?

  • tozzila:

    The situation resembles that of a family with an undisciplined reckless child with access to the family’s credit line ruining the credit for the breadwinners and making their mortgage unaffordable in the process.

    Now the child does not want to pay and in any case cannot pay back the debt.

    No wonder the family is stressed out.

  • FunctionalRepublic:

    Financial terrorists hijack an already corrupt government that promises policies they cant afford since people didn’t pay enough taxes for the longest time, and inevitably Greece is forced into debt multiple times their GDP. Greece should have never joined the EU

  • kysmik:

    Damned if they do and damned if they don’t. Greece defaults ( yep ) and German and French banks take a deadly haircut. What does that have to do with the U.S.? Maybe we haven’t loaned much to Greece but we have loaned 2.7 trillion in Euro debt. Half of that to French and German banks who have loaned Greece a bundle. Greece defaults and our banks take the hit of a lifetime. Look at our major banks stock, sinking like stones. There’s a reason for that kids. Stay tuned for the real fun to begin.

  • TissiHitleri:

    To european taxpayers :

    All your money are belong to us!

    Sincerely : Zorbas Penisupanus

    They just bought 400 MBTs. Veeeeeeery nice. Good to know my money didnt go to waste.

  • debtbully3:

    We will not pay your debt!
    Go Iceland!!

  • ScottishCaledonian:

    Greeks are the laziest people on the earth how fucking dare they protest against raising their retirement age when these fucking greeks take mmoney out of my pockets because they went on a wreckless spending spree using other peoples money.


  • ScottishCaledonian:

    Greeks are the laziest people on the earth how fucking dare they protest against raising their retirement age when these fucking greeks take mmoney out of my pockets because they went on a wreckless spending spree using other peoples money.


  • savethecolumbians:

    The big banks are attempting to screw governments out of economic sovereignty…

  • veniceit1:

    The poor Greeks are being jewed so badly that it is pathetic.

  • 17seventySIX:

    The Federal Reserve just stated they are prepared to provide as much liquidity as nessessary as long as it is backed with collateral… So Ben Bernanke is telling us that they are willing to print off some green paper dollars if we sign over the oil laden land in Alaska.. The relocations will start soon… Fema camps were built for this.. Nobody is saying a word about that. WHY NOT!!! Arizona already signed over their state capitol building and now lease it back.. Your home town is next..

  • bnewton81:

    I’m beginning to see that it is not just the American citizens that are being forced into debt, but the entire world; governments included. He was right. This is a new form of warfare, and it’s being wagged by the 1%. What is more important to you a stable life for your family, or the false promise of riches that will never materialize. For the LOVE of money is the root of all evil.

  • pantera63:

    Default! Fuck the usurious banksters!

  • opiated666:

    bankers and politicians..are responsible..they need to pay
    this people are the real treat..the real blood suckers…who will go over death bodys…
    they dont care about the people..they only care about power and there bank account…

  • Grutch:

    Greece should not only default, the people should REVOLT and drag their politicians and bankers responsible for this mess and deliver street justice.

  • fl00ders:

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  • br0dskalk:

    Maybe we should learn from the religions, judeaism, christianity, islam etc, that place the earning of interest on loaned money, a WEAPON of WAR.

    So we are all under war by the economical system. We have had so many people commit suicide because of the debt cycle and abuse of the economical warfare.

    Dont trust the banks, but make sure we target the central banks and not the “normal” banks. If not, we will never change the system, just patching the same shit up.

  • siuevan:

    Russian and Chinese will thanks to Greece. Once EU collapse, no one can stop them from expanding. haha…

  • Seasass:

    “It is not very unreasonable that the rich should contribute to the public expense, not only in proportion to their revenue, but something more than in that proportion.” Adam Smith

  • nolan1191:

    If she is this good on the stump then she will be good. This is a best of video and we will see how she is in debate but she is carrying the progressive message well. It is impressive.

  • Yankhadenough:


  • byroninwahroonga:

    @rssytube ***unless you’ve been blinded by Fox News propaganda on behalf of the plutocrats to discount your own economic interest***

    LOL. I’ve seen libs pack plenty of progressive buzz words into one sentence many times previously.

    But that’s ridiculous.

  • byroninwahroonga:

    @dakookookid ***smart, articulate, ferocious. Love it***

    What about the fingerpointing and windmilling, Kooky? Do you think she’d be safe to give a speech in an antiques shop?

  • byroninwahroonga:

    @rssytube ****doesn’t make you a capitalist but more like a slave who’s willing to die for his master***

    LOL. You want slavery, follow Warren’s politics of envy. That’s bought enslavement everywhere it’s been tried, from the USSR to Venezuela.

  • cifier:

    @byroninwahroonga said, “I’m amused that you lockstep libs visit this URL to rail against the rich and laud Warren, when she’s in the top 0.5% of US income earners.”

    Oh, now I see the problem. YOU ARE NOT PAYING ATTENTION. I am not railing against wealth. I am talking about taxation. Taxes are not a punishment it is a patriotic duty for those that are the position where they should pay them.

  • cheezbawl2003:

    She’s smart. Therefore, she cannot win. AMURICA HELLZ YA. All joking aside, it’s good to see true progressives out there kicking ass. Warren FTW!

  • Seasass:

    @mojorhythm LOL! I noted the same thing many comments ago (and–surprise, surprise–it was in a response to byroninwahroonga). But you forgot one element:
    Person X wants to tax the rich and is comfortably middle class? Well X is a pretentious, quiche-eating, latte-sipping, NPR-listening elitist!

  • johnnykaka66:

    I really like her. Could she POSSIBLY be effective in Washington? I wonder

  • dakookookid:

    smart, articulate, ferocious. Love it.

  • JSBPisgah:

    My hero!

  • dogisgreat1:

    She sounds like a grown-up!

  • alebertfama:

    Amazing that a calm, rational person such as Eliz. Warren can garner such rapid, fear-driven hatred. If just 10% of Congress showed a little common sense, the American economy would be so much better off. As would we. UNPLUG YOUR TV & NEVER WATCH CORPORATE NEWS AGAIN.

  • rssytube:

    God! She makes so much sense! Unless you’ve been blinded by Fox News propaganda on behalf of the plutocrats to discount your own economic interest, that is [which doesn't make you a capitalist but more like a slave who's willing to die for his master].

  • alwayssmile4u66:

    Her mother should have swallowed!

  • byroninwahroonga:

    @slingrio There is no woman in this country who got hot on her own. You have a really nice ass and a great boob job? Good for you.

    But I want to be clear. You got to the gym on roads the rest of us paid for. You hired a plastic surgeon the rest of us paid to educate. You’re safe from hotter, foreign women because of INS agents and border security the rest of us paid for. You didn’t have to worry that Colombian or Polish women would come and steal your boyfriend…..
    (the liberty papers)

  • MrTopgearguy1:

    @MegaSensimilla But I didn’t prove your point. I proved my point! Private education, in the elementary years ( k-12), sticks much closer to academia than public education. The proof is in the literacy, graduation and success rates of the products of both systems, comparatively.

  • slingrio:

    ya stupid racist. Enough of your racist rants. Go back to your beloved KKK

  • byroninwahroonga:

    @mojorhythm ***so now she is a moocher that envies the rich***

    He! Typical lib control freak, rewriting both the questions and answers. You creeps have such a limited comfort zone.

  • byroninwahroonga:

    @slingrio ***you stupid racist***

    LOL. It’s a shame you liberal scum have robbed that word of it’s power. Then again, you damage everything else you touch.

  • slingrio:

    to byroninwahroonga. You are so pathetic. You stupid racist

  • mojorhythm:

    @byroninwahroonga So now she is a moocher that envies the rich, even though SHE IS RICH?!?!?!?!

    Do you listen to yourself?

  • mojorhythm:

    @byroninwahroonga What does this have to do with anything?

  • byroninwahroonga:

    @mojorhythm Correction! Dem lib teacher’s unions in Detroit fudged the figures – which I know will come as a terrible shock. ‘Education Week’ June 12 2007 says that the Detroit dropout rate is around 75%. The good news is, all those dropouts have self-esteem levels in the top 5 percentile. Isn’t that great?

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