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GO Markets Launch ‘What type of trader are you?’ Quiz

GO Markets

Melbourne, Australia (PRWEB UK) 18 December 2013

Award winning online Forex trading company GO Markets have launched an interactive quiz.

The quiz uses a number of questions such as ‘What is the largest amount of money you have lost in one trade?’ and ‘What is your attitude towards risk?’ to determine what an individual’s trading style is – shark, bear, whale or bull. Individuals can then compare their trading style with others.

Although intended as fun, there is a serious underlying message. Understanding one’s Forex trading style is important to help construct an effective strategy – taking into account an individual’s strengths and weaknesses allows them to focus on the types of trades, currency pairs and timeframes best suited to their personality.

For example, if a trader is found to be a shark – a high-risk investor looking for big scores in a short period of time – they might want to invest in highly volatile currency pairs like GBP/JPY using high leverage to make big wins out of small movements over the course of the day, rather than hold open positions over a period of days or weeks.

The Australian based company are using the quiz to generate interest ahead of the launch of their full UK site in January. GO Markets are looking to strengthen their position in one of the world’s leading financial centres by offering a tailored UK service from a distinct UK site.

GO Markets are a market leading online Forex trading company based in Melbourne, Australia. They are a major provider of online foreign exchange trading services to both individuals and institutional clients world-wide, for which they have won numerous awards.

To take the quiz, visit For more information on Go Markets visit

About GO Markets

GO Markets is a leading provider of Forex trading services, offering margin FX and commodities trading to individuals and institutions globally. Fast-execution of trades, flexible leverage options and multi-bank liquidity feeds set GO Markets apart from other providers in the industry. GO Markets users enjoy unrestricted use of expert advisors, free trading tools, charting packages and mobile trading across 4 devices.

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ICM Trading/iTrade Capital Markets Now Offers an Opportunity to Become an Omnibus API Partner

ICM Trading

New York, NY (PRWEB) March 22, 2013

ICM Trading, offering a choice of leading edge trading platforms, offers an opportunity to become an Omnibus API partner. The ICM ActTrader Omnibus partnership puts traders in complete control of the clients. As an ICM Omnibus partner, investors can present the spreads, commissions and all other trading terms of the clients.

An Omnibus partnership with ICM gives traders all the advantages of cultivating client relationships with online trading with none of the market making risks. A spokesperson states, “The ICM ActTrader Omnibus partnership puts you in complete control of your clients. The only interface your clients see is with your brand – even when they deposit and withdraw funds. Become an ICM Omnibus API partner and refer clients to ICM’s Managed Accounts Program and earn revenues from automated trading.”

There are many advantages of becoming Omnibus partner. Investors can get outstanding monthly revenue payments based on trading volume. Investors can also get access to a broad array of products like CFDs, indices, commodities allowing the company to satisfy clients’ online trading needs and giving more revenue earning opportunity. It also gives Omnibus partners the flexibility to competitively manage what they quote in spreads and commissions.

ICM Trading offers clients a choice of leading edge trading platforms-ActTrader and MetaTrader4. These platforms support a broad array of trading products for both desktop and mobile trading. The company has also received high ratings for its financial strength. It keeps clients’ funds in segregated accounts with prestigious banks such as Loyal Bank Ltd. and others. The operations and client funds are further insured by Allied International Group- a leader in property, casualty and specialty business insurance.

About the Company:

iTrade Capital Markets LLC (ICM) provides industry leading trading and market making services in currencies, indices and commodities to individual and institutional clients around the world. It is committed to provide superior product offerings, professional customer service and outstanding trade execution. ICM Trading provides some unique and exceptional advantages for online traders like 1 pip fixed spreads, hedging capacity, ActTrader and Meta Trader software, fast and easy account opening facilities to name a few. ICM receives the highest ratings for its financial strength as they keep segregated accounts with prestigious banks.

To learn more visit

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A market place that transacts enterprise with commodities of all nature referred as commodity markets. Commodity marketplace was initially meant only for agricultural goods and that too in the nearby market. Industrializations, globalizations, technological advancements, increasing demand from shoppers and intense competitors from other players has paved way for commodity markets to cross boundaries and break barriers with regards to the commodity traded.

Commodity markets deal in the trade of commodities like gold, silver, copper, lead, cotton, crude oil, orange juice, pepper, soya etc. Several items each perishable non perishable, completed goods, raw materials and semi finished goods will be traded in this market at the international level.

Commodity market works on particular principles. Firstly the trading has to be completed only for standard goods. Secondly the transaction takes spot by means of a future contract. According to this contract the commodities will be sold or bought on a future date. Nevertheless the price tag at which they are sold will be the price tag agreed for the duration of the contract. Similarly commodity marketing and advertising also makes use of yet another kind of contract named spot contract. In this contract the goods are to be transferred as soon as the contract is produced. However it has also been argued that the objective of a spot contract is to physical exercise a future contact in due course of time. Some of the commodities investing marketplace are commodity food marketplace, commodity petroleum marketplace and commodity fund investing. Investing in CommoditiesCommodity investing was initially received well only by a couple of sectors. Commodities investing were very first restricted to the trade and exchange of commodities meant for normal and day to day use. However the awareness in the subsequent stages has brought all sectors into the manifold of commodity investing and has enabled speedy movements, transfer and transaction of goods and services. The following are the benefits of investing in commodities market place:

Decreased RisksAs an investor your chances of risks are really much less if you select to invest in commodity. Therefore the gains from commodity investing will be helpful for you to balance other losses due to other monetary instruments in your portfolio. The odds of dangers are lower since commodity investing mainly offers with diverse items. Moreover when the contracts are entered for a future date at the present time you can exercise reasonable care and see to it that the probabilities of dangers are reduced or nil.

Helps to Fix Cost Easily The efficiency of commodity marketplace can be monitored by analyzing the efficiency of bond and share industry since in most instances a commodity marketplace will perform well when the others don’t perform and vice versa. It is therefore possible to effortlessly predict the costs and make the contracts by contemplating the ups and downs in other markets. A prerequisite for this is that the assets in the commodity market really should not be correlated with the stock and bond industry.

About the Author

I am working as writer for 1 of the share industry organization which offers stock tips mumbai based on technical investigation accomplished for intraday trading, intraday nifty suggestions.

“BICs four Derivatives”, Newtonian or Einsteinian Revolution for Derivatives Analysis and Markets?

New York, NY (PRWEB) December 7, 2004

A new concept in derivatives pricing, hedging and trading referred to as BICs (Basis Instruments Contracts) appears to be the most important theoretical and practical contribution to derivatives analysis given that the Black Scholes analysis or even considering that economic mathematics pioneer Louis Bachelier.

A assessment on the website reads: “I wanted to say this is Economics Nobel prize and/or Mathematics Fields Medal material, but that would be presenting this at a discount” RM, New York.

In a release of two book sets titled BICs four Derivatives Vol. I: Theory &amp BICs four Derivatives Vol. II: Applications, an author named Obi-Wan Yoda with a bio in the continuation of the Star Wars sequel makes the case.

The BICs analysis provides a compellingly valuable and exhaustive redefinition of derivatives and trivializes or sidelines existing approaches for derivatives pricing and hedging, which includes PDE/PIDE strategies, binomial/trinomial trees or Monte-Carlo.

The BICs analysis also provides a new method for derivatives hedging. In markets were BICs are traded, static hedges of any derivatives contract may possibly be obtained. When BICs in a BIC basis are not obtainable, the BICs analysis still provides compelling cross-hedging methods in a measurably a lot more efficient manner than current “Greeks” based hedging methods.

Establishing BICs markets would represent for established derivatives exchanges or trading venues, a significant growth chance, as they would represent the ultimate solution for end-users danger management needs.

The advent of BICs would substantially decrease the cost of derivatives hedges, consequently substantially improving the competitiveness of companies that use them. For accounting purposes, it would also bring a lot more transparency to the manner in which corporate assets and liabilities, in specific derivatives, are marked to marketplace. Far more particularly, compliance with FAS 133,138 and its implementation directives will turn out to be a lot more transparent.

In an environment where derivatives miscounting scandals often shake the extremely existence of some of the world’s largest businesses, this is indeed a compelling development.

More info on BICs, such as excerpts of the BICs books, summaries, table of contents and ordering details can be obtained at:

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