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As The Need For Professional Coaches Expands Source Point Training Announces Open Enrollment for Fall Program Coaching Fundamentals and Mastery

Barbara Fagan

Healdsburg, CA (PRWEB) August 06, 2012

Rising demand for executive coaching programs is helping to increase income potential for well trained, certified coaches according to Barbara Fagan, co-founder of Source Point Training (http://www.source

According to the 2012 ICF Global Coaching Study, revenues from professional coaching has nearly doubled over the past few years: globally to $ 1.9 billion, $ 707 million in North America alone. The same report shows that in North America the average annual income has risen to about $ 50,000 with median annual incomes at about $ 30,000. Industry trends also show that top-earners are now earning in excess of $ 65,000 a year.

“Rising demand is not only coming from corporations, but from individuals who want more productivity at the workplace and greater satisfaction from their work,” says Fagan. “And the rise in demand is fueled by report after report that shows how effective professional executive coaching really is.”

Fagan shares, “Many people ask me about Life Coaching and what the difference is from our designation at Source Point Training of Certified Professional Performance Coaches (CPPC). When studying with people like Dr. Covey, Larry Wilson, Lou Tice and the works of Peter Druker, I observed similarities in each of their philosophies in one key area – objective results.”

At Source Point Training, we teach our coaches the ground of being performance coaches which is ontological. This means that as we are coaching on particular outcomes, we are also seeing all the inter-dependencies and what will change as a result of achieving a desired outcome.

“In order to be effective today, we cannot live our life in a set of compartments,” says Fagan. “The way that our world is changing, we see the cross over between work, play, family, friends and business associates.”

In Fundamentals and Mastery of Performance Coaching, we equip each participant with knowledge, skills and abilities to become a professional performance coach. Fagan is proud that the ICF has approved their curriculum for 141 CCE units. That’s more than most other coach training organizations.

Program: Fundamentals of Performance Coaching, 84.5 CCE units

Training Dates: Sept. 14-16; Dec. 7-9, 2012; and Feb. 22-24, 2013

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Program: Mastery of Performance Coaching, 56.5 CCE units

Training Dates: April 12-14; June28-30, 2013

Location: Phoenix, AZ

There is a stronger case than ever for offering employee coaching in the workplace, according to new research conducted by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) based in the UK. The report, entitled “Taking the Temperature of Coaching,” highlights coaching as a cornerstone of high performance that focuses on the professional development of individual employees. “Coaching continues to be important in maintaining high performance and developing more agile employees, work practices and organizations [sic],” says Dr. John McGurk, adviser for learning and talent at CIPD.

“Companies with a coaching culture have a proven record of higher levels of employee engagement. Right now is a great time to develop these skills as competition for recruiting and retaining the best talent becomes more competitive as businesses recover and expand”. Fagan shares, “We certify our coaches as Performance Coaches because we feel this is where coaching is headed – coaching higher levels of personal and professional performance.”

People who find themselves in a career transition and who have extensive life experiences in different fields see being a professional coach as a means to generate income and contribute to others. Medical and therapeutic practitioners, fitness trainers and physical therapists are taking up coaching to increase client progress. “This is a great time to become a professional coach,” Fagan adds.

Fagan will be hosting a live webinar on August 21st to answer more questions about coaching trends for today and how you might be a candidate to become a Certified Professional Performance Coach. She will conduct a real time coaching session with people who attend this session. You can join her presentation by registering at Source Point Training Webinars.

See this video testimonial by recent graduates of Source Point Training’s Coaching Fundamentals and Mastery Certification programs.

For more information, visit, email admin(at)sourcepointtraining(dot)com or call 800-217-5660 x101.


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Write-up by Gen Wright

Are you having difficulties in your workplace? Do you really feel underappreciated or undervalued in your current position? Are you bored or otherwise unsatisfied with your role? Career coaches can support you overcome difficulties with your job and workplace by helping you identify and obtain your ultimate career goals. Your job takes up a important portion of your time, and when you are not totally satisfied with your career, it is difficult to be completely satisfied with your life. Indeed, time invested with a career coach can not only shape the course of your career but can alter the course of your life as nicely.

Most individuals are not born realizing what they want to do with their life. We spend years seeking an ultimate career aim and a lot of of us alter careers multiple times in our life. In order to find the ideal career path, a career coach utilizes a range of strategies borrowed from psychology, mentoring, counselling, and career planning to assist you discover how your personality and skill set influence your job satisfaction. In addition, career coaches do not necessarily define “career” as the job you hold. Rather, all your operating experiences from student and volunteer to employee and citizen are regarded as in order to ensure that you create a career that fulfills you on the deepest level.

The career coach will introduce a range of innovative and fascinating tools and tactics to help you acquire a a lot more clear concept of your objectives and how to reach them. Self awareness is an crucial aspect of achieving your career objectives – if you do not know what you want to do, or even what you are very best suited to do, how can you locate a rewarding and satisfying career? Career coaches will spend time with you to support you identify your passions even though highlighting your values, demands, capabilities, and individual attributes. Your career, right after all, is an extension of who you are.

Right after you career coach has helped you develop a clear picture of the kinds of careers that fit for you, he or she will aid you study and gather info about a assortment of careers to help you focus your decision. Not only is career coaching developed to help you comprehend your own possible, but it should be based in reality and ought to consider reliable labour industry investigation and tangible facts about possible careers. You may possibly dream of becoming an astronaut, and you could even have some capabilities and personal qualities that match you to this position, but if you’re a 45 year old holding an English Literature degree, it is not really feasible to pursue such a position.

Ultimately, career coaches supply an external point of view combined with a variety of tested strategies and tools to help you create a clearer picture of exactly where you want your career to go. This could mean creating major career modifications or merely altering workplace relationships. Regardless of your objective, career coaches know it is not only possible, but really most likely that you can discover a career that challenges and fulfills you.

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