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National Debt Relief Exposes Credit Card Facts That Most Consumers Do Not Know

Miami, FL (PRWEB) June 21, 2013

National Debt Relief, the leading provider of debt settlement services puts the limelight back on credit cards. On June 4, they published the article entitled “5 Little Known Facts About Credit Cards You Need To know.”

The article tackled the very controversial nature of credit cards and how some facts can affect the overall debt amount of consumers. In some instances, it makes the debt even worse than it already had become.

The debt relief company does not completely bash the cards. In fact, they admit that “credit cards can be wondrous tools” but it had to be used correctly. To do that, consumers must understand the whole nature of the plastic cards. This is what prompted National Debt Relief to publish the 5 facts that they believe consumers should know.

Here are the 5 facts that were discussed in the article.

The first fact is credit card companies have every right to raise their interest rates whenever they want to. These cards are notorious for having high interest and to have that increase further will also grow your debt balance. The article states that the first year of the cards is usually the only time the rates are safe from having a high increase. The article also mentioned that even if the consumer is a great card holder (e.g. pays on time), they will still increase rates if they feel like it.

To counter that first fact, the article revealed that consumers have every right to refuse that interest increase. This is fact number two. Card holders can actually write to their creditor to negotiate that they keep the old interest rate. There are three things that can happen. The card company can either lower the credit line, increase the monthly payment of the consumer or close the account. In case the creditor closes the account and the consumer agree that it is the best course, they should be given around five years to completely pay off the debt. Whatever is decided, the debt relief company warns consumers to put everything in writing.

The third fact involves the protection that these cards can give. The article is quick to say that this is not for all cards though. It includes purchasing something that does not arrive or receiving something that was not what the card holder ordered. Theft through credit cards are easier to track than stolen cash so that in itself is a protection for consumers.

The fourth fact that the article discussed involves fixed rates. Fact is, it may not be fixed at all. Or at least, the article notes that it will not stay fixed and that it can convert into a variable in the future. Of course, before this can happen, the law requires card companies to provide consumers with a 45 days notice.

The last fact that the article revealed is all about the balance. Sometimes, card companies do not impose a spending limit. In some cases, there is a limited amount that can be forwarded to the next month. The article admits that this can be confusing so they urge readers to read the fine prints on the credit card’s terms and conditions.

National Debt Relief hopes that through this article, consumers will be more cautious about how they use credit cards. The debt relief company have already worked with thousands of clients who are mostly burdened with credit card debt.

To read the whole article, visit National Debt Relief or call 888-703-4948 to talk to an International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators (IAPDA) certified debt expert.

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Safe-Direct Car Shipping Enumerates the Top Five Most Common Mistakes When Shipping A Car

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) December 23, 2012

Most first time auto shippers have the wrong idea about the auto transport industry. Sometimes, that can affect a customer’s ability to successfully ship a car in a timely fashion. Here are the top 5 mistakes first time auto shippers make when trying to ship a car, according to Safe-Direct Car Shipping.

One common misconception is comparing getting a spot on a car carrier’s truck to reserving a seat on an airplane. In the auto transport industry there simply are no advance schedules like there are for the travel industry. That’s because, unlike airlines, that schedule regular flights out of regular hubs, there are no hubs or regular runs in the auto transport industry. Instead, there are thousands of independent trucks across the country each serving general routes (southeast to southwest and back, or the Midwest only, as examples). Each independent car hauler has unique customers with unique addresses and destinations. So, car carrier’s routes vary from week to week, which affects timing and scheduling.

Related to that is the expectation that a customer should be able to reserve a truck weeks or months in advance for pick-up on a specific date at a specific time. But there is no standard, coordinated pre-set schedule for all trucks. For the reasons outlined above, pre-planning is simply not an option no matter how much notice a customer gives. Cross-country auto transports are confirmed the week of pick-up. Since truckers cannot control things like the weather, traffic, issues with other customers, they cannot predict with accuracy the time each run will take them. As drivers have to allow for the fluidity of their schedule, so too should the customers expect flexibility with the service.

Another mistake eager auto transport customers make is putting down a deposit before a truck is confirmed for their transport. Most customers assume that doing so guarantees service within a specific time frame and/or for a specific (very low) price. This is simply not how the industry works. Until a specific trucker agrees to the pay and confirms availability on a specific date, there is no carrier transport contract. In fact, having rigid timing restrictions and/or a low-ball budget is more likely to scare off potential carriers whether or not there is a deposit.

That brings up another critical issue: price-point. Many potential customers receive lots of estimates, only place their order with the lowest suggested offer assuming the price quoted is a done deal. However, as explained earlier, there are thousands of independent haulers, each setting their own routes and accepting the best offers. The lower the offer, the less appealing it is to a potential trucker. There are no set rates or lowest price guarantees – if the offer is too low, the vehicle will simply not draw interest and will unfortunately not move, no matter how long the wait.

One final mistake first time car shippers make is not researching the industry. There are lots of on-line resources including plenty of customer review sites where a newbie can learn about the car shipping process from the experiences of those who have gone before. While it is prudent to read customer reviews with a grain of salt, it becomes clear that many “unhappy customers” simply had unrealistic expectations of the service from the get-go. Most satisfied customers were, in fact, well-informed about the industry and prepared for the unique business that is auto transporting.

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The Elevation Group Reveals Surprising Gold Hedging Strategy Most Investors are Not Aware Of

The Elevation Group

Austin, Texas (PRWEB) October 03, 2012

The Elevation Group, an Austin, Texas based alternative investment newsletter, recently discovered a strategy to help everyday investors hedge gold bullion against market volatility. To see a summary of this strategy, please click here.

Buying and holding onto gold bullion can put an investor through a roller coaster of emotions. This year has been especially hard with the dip and recovery. However, there are ways to invest in gold bullion without having to experience the volatility.

“Wouldn’t it be nice if you could buy gold anytime you wanted, and not have to worry about the price going down even if the spot price was going down?” asks Mike Dillard, founder of the Elevation Group. “There is a way you can make it happen… and it is a remarkably simple, yet effective way to “hedge” your physical gold. Our strategy will detail how to make this a reality.”

The biggest benefit to this technique is the simplicity. Users won’t have to hire an expensive hedge fund manager. Plus, once set up, the system almost runs automatically. You only need to make updates once a month.

“In fact, the system is so simple, one our staff has tested it with his 82 year old Mom…and it took her less than a minute to figure out and implement,” continues Mr. Dillard.

To view a summary of this strategy and watch the video presentation, please click here.

About the Elevation Group: This personal “Gold Hedge Fund” system is outlined in the member’s area of Elevation Group. The Elevation Group, however, has a lot more to offer than just a gold hedge technique. In fact, EVG offers its members instant access to 15 other wealth-building strategies designed to help families protect and grow their nest egg, even in the midst of an economic collapse. For more information on The Elevation Group, please visit here.

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Article by Kristina Keffer

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Article by Brian Garvin And Jeff West

Network advertising is an innovative way to reach buyers you could not be able to reach by means of standard implies. Regardless of whether you generally try to reach your consumers online or offline, you have undoubtedly encountered difficulties along the way. By hiring independent associates to perform as a network marketing sales team you can make the most of the product or service your company delivers.

While numerous men and women have probably dealt with marketing and advertising sales teams, it is most likely they were totally unaware that these teams are not employees of the organization that is selling them a product. Simply because network marketing sales teams are knowledgeable and spend the time and power understanding your product or service to the fullest ahead of going out and selling it, they appear as though they are completely integrated with your enterprise and your mission.

This is a wonderful asset to you simply because it permits you to use your present workers to their maximum capacity even though leaving the sales end of your venture to pros when you need them. This is specifically helpful if your sales marketing and advertising is not a yearlong venture but rather only needs a push at distinct occasions of the year. Rather of hiring a complete time sales team, you can hire a network marketing sales team when you want them and nonetheless count on them acting as portion of your enterprise while they perform to sell your product.

Even though advantageous in temporary circumstances, advertising and marketing sales teams are also excellent assets year round. Their exclusive expertise and commitment to sales can maximize your earnings. If you are working to establish your organization and can’t afford a complete time sales staff, network advertising and marketing sales teams can provide you the expertise with out the monetary commitment and overhead price. In a time of a recession, this is a specifically good selection for those who are struggling to commence a new business on a tight budget.

When selecting a network advertising and marketing sales team or individual make sure that you look into the background of those who will potentially be operating for you. This sort of work is not for absolutely everyone. Look for encounter and confidence but also a great grasp on the much more theoretical elements of marketing and advertising. Although you may possibly not come across individuals with degrees on the topic, a very good academic understanding of the way advertising and marketing functions will come in handy. Simply because these are independent contractors, spend specific attention to professionalism.

You want to be certain the individual you pick will be self-motivated and will use his or her time effectively to the best of their capacity. You will want somebody who represents the image you wish to portray as nicely. Maintain in mind their overall appearance. Keep in mind, this individual will have direct interaction with your possible consumers so you don’t want to choose an individual who is disheveled or looks as though they do not take pride and confidence in their look.

There are several factors to contemplate when it comes to network marketing and advertising sales, but if you use the method in the most educated and efficient way you can not only save a excellent deal of funds but you can improve your profit possible a wonderful deal as well.

About the Author

Let Brian Garvin &amp Jeff West give you far more information about Legal Consulting and Direct Sales at MLM Legal.