10 Most Indebted Countries Presenting 10 countries with the highest levels of public debt on the planet. Music = Swing d’Automne by William Davies and Raphae…
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25 Responses to “10 Countries In The Most Debt”

  • Kenji Yamazaki:

    LOL, don’t kid yourself people
    US deserves top spot for this one…

  • Adam Flesier:

    Ahahahhh :)
    New sick of man of Europe: Miserable Greece..

  • Richard Lawrence:

    Some of you people seriously need to take economics. Either that or you
    need to actually pay attention to what this video is actually measuring.
    All these mouthbreathers acting so pseudo-intellectual by claiming that the
    USA should be #1 aren’t noticing the fact that this video is focusing on
    the *GDP-to-Debt ratio* of the country, not debt money by itself.

  • State Briga:

    United kingdom has a debt of 406% of GDP why isnt it on the list

  • deadbutmoving:

    Your title “10 Countries In The Most Debt” is very misleading.

    The way you measure these debts is laughable. Most of these countries are
    tiny as shit and nobody cares.And BTW 95% of the debt Japan owes is to it’s
    own citizens. I’d hardly call that a big debt problem.

    You gotta divide up the list into 2 lists:

    The first list should be: Countries who owe the most money by total amount.
    Which the US would be at the top.

    The second list should be Countries who owe the most money to foreigners.
    Which again would have the US at the top.

  • Yuno Gasai:

    LOL USA not on the fuckin list. im laughing.

  • JacobiBarnhill:

    America is in debt like 20 trillion dollars, our GDP is nowhere near that.

  • Adam Ant:

    The US owes more than the ENTIRE EARTH is worth.

    It’s not on the list because even a scaled down model wouldn’t fit on a


  • llVIU:


    you save the top 10 spots for some few tiny countries that nobody ever even
    heard before and nobody would care about… but you completely ignore the
    country that will soon cause the GLOBAL ECONOMIC COLLAPSE????

    retard! how can you fuck up so badly! this isn’t even american propaganda,
    NOBODY can deny how badly america is in debt

  • Kristof Du Mon:

    To who do all those countries owe all this money?

  • MinecraftMan100:

    the USA is in he most debt in the world. They are 17.9 trillion dollars in
    debt. Yea u heard me not billions, trillions 

  • StormCancer:

    Wow! How can such an advanced country as Japan be the nurber one in this
    list?!?!?!?!?!? :S I thought we were the number one, Greece, with out
    advanced (in terms of corruption xD) political system! Thats sooo unfair
    man! I want my money back.

    Edit: Hell yeah , we are first again! You can keep my money now…

  • Roman Legionnare:

    America is in the trillions in their debt why aren’t they on this list

  • kim min jae:

    China will die

  • 3001st:

    With the U.S. national debt or government debt now at over a staggering $18
    trillion, it means that each household in the U.S. now carries the burden
    of $124,000 in national debt alone – or $56,378 per individual. This does
    not include the massive private debt or household debt burden – people’s
    mortgages, personal loans, credit card debt, student loans, car loans and
    other household debt.

  • EmperorChiCheung:

    Japan is a dying country.

  • Tomy Pesantes:

    Where is the U.S? There is no way it could not be on this list

  • Dave Yognaught:

    So many idiots saying “Wheres USA?!?!” Did you not take basic economics you
    fucking invalids?

  • Renji Abarai:

    0. USA. Seriously

  • Joseph Navarro:

    Really Japan on the top spot the US would get there easily the US spends
    trillions of dollars just on its military the only reason that there’s
    still a float in the global economies because China still loans them money
    if China cuts the flow of money to the US the US would collapse in less
    than a week

  • Lilly0Kins:

    Japan is an obvious no.1. They’re caught in a liquidity trap. Their
    population is growing old while their birth rate is very low. They are
    lacking staff and resources for the elderly and borrow money to compensate.
    They are highly nationalistic and openly discriminate against immigrants.
    Nurses coming in through the Philippines to help the shortage have to take
    a test in Japanese. 99% fail this test. Those with Korean and Chinese names
    are not hired, they have to adopt a Japanese identity in order to have a
    chance. Japanese workers work more hours than any other country. There is
    now a legal term on the books for “death by overwork”. When you work up to
    18 hours a day because the workforce is so low, your not having kids. There
    are whole towns of elderly people with no need for schools. They’re in BIG
    trouble. America is lucky to have so many immigrants. They are saving our

  • Draje Jflamingo:

    USA has 16 trillion dollars debt pls

  • thonburino1:

    The headline is clearly saying “10 Countries In The Most Debt!” – So the
    information given is totally wrong. The highest debt has USA, followed by
    Japan and Germany. – where did the poster mention the GDP in comparison?
    Not at all!

  • hiphopsimile101:

    USA NUMBA 1!……….lol…..WE’RE SCREWED :-( 

  • Damian Games:

    Ha look at those poor countries..

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