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Desde su amistad con Hugo Chávez hasta su opinión sobre la política actual. Mira aquí el encuentro entre el conductor y el militar en retiro. Encuentra más i…

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The Pirates of Penzance – Hold Monsters Major-General (Subtitles) No profit is being made. No Copyright infringement intented.
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I don’t know when to start or when to stop My luck’s like a button I can’t stop pushing it My head feels light But I’m still in the dark Seems like without t…
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Subscribe to the Last Week Tonight YouTube: John Oliver interviews General Keith Alexander, former head of the NSA. General Alexander …

The United Kingdom general election of 1992 was held on 9 April 1992, and was the fourth consecutive victory for the Conservative Party. This election result…
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SEW-EURODRIVE Selects NetDimensions Talent Suite to Deliver Efficient Learning all around the World

Integrated Learning and Performance

Neu-Isenburg, Germany (PRWEB) January 08, 2015

NetDimensions (AIM: NETD; OTCQX: NETDY), a global provider of performance, knowledge, and learning management systems, announced today that Germany-based SEW-EURODRIVE, a leading provider of drive automation solutions, has selected NetDimensions Talent Suite to train over 16,000 employees worldwide.

As one of the most innovative market leaders in the field of drive technology, SEW-EURODRIVE is confronted with the challenge of efficient knowledge management at a global scale. With products and services becoming increasingly complex, SEW-EURODRIVE needed a Learning Management System (LMS) that would allow the distribution of training content quickly and efficiently across the whole “SEW world.”

Moreover, SEW-EURODRIVE wanted to provide targeted and personalized learning to its workforce at the moment of need and all around the world. Because of its decentralized organization structure, SEW-EURODRIVE needed a flexible learning solution that could be adapted to the specific needs of the different countries and to the preferences of individual employees.

“We were seeking a new solution to allow us to increase flexibility by providing a variety of learning opportunities to our workforce, such as social and online learning activities. We also wanted to increase learning on-the-job, as well as improve reporting. The goal is to establish lean processes for learning and development at a global level,” explained Sabine Kühnlein, Project Manager, Learning Management System at SEW-EURODRIVE.

After an extensive evaluation process, which included approximately 400 different criteria, eight solutions were shortlisted. NetDimensions Learning (an application of NetDimensions Talent Suite) was selected, because it covered the highest number of functional criteria and the team at SEW felt that NetDimensions would be the best fit for the culture of SEW-EURODRIVE.

“The coverage of our functional requirements, the fitting to our in-house IT systems, and the ability to implement the system on-premise were all critical. Our LMS needs to interface to several other systems, like our core HR system, SAP HR, and our authoring tool TT Knowledge Force (TTKF). NetDimensions Learning is a flexible, multi-language solution. It allows us to personalize the visual design and make the learning experience engaging for our users.”

“Throughout the selection process it became clear to us that the whole NetDimensions team is really willing to fulfill our requirements and that they are working hard to improve their solutions according to the practical needs of their clients,” concludes Kühnlein.

Learning is an integral part of the talent management process at SEW-EURODRIVE. The company’s goal is to encourage staff to learn more autonomously on a daily basis, with the support of their line managers. Even though the focus is currently on learning and development, it is also critical that integrating the Learning Management System with a complete enterprise Talent Management solution is available to the company.

Dr. Hilmar Döring, Head of HR at SEW-EURODRIVE, commented: “With the new system we create a way to multiply learning opportunities within the company, which is a major step on our way to truly becoming a Learning Organization.”

“We are delighted to work with SEW-EURODRIVE and support the innovation in their learning and talent management. We believe that NetDimensions Talent Suite is an ideal solution for global manufacturing companies like SEW-EURODRIVE, which have to manage training globally and make sure they meet strict compliance regulations in multiple different markets,” commented Liam Butler, General Manager for EMEA at NetDimensions.


SEW-EURODRIVE is movement, tradition, innovation, quality, and service all in one. We prove this to our customers every day and have done so for more than 80 years. We do not just move countless conveyer belts, bottling plants, sports stadium roofs, gravel plants, assembly lines, processes in the chemical industry, your luggage at the airport, or even you on escalators. We also are moving ourselves. In our company, there is no such thing as standing still. Every day, nearly 550 researchers and developers are working to create the future of drive automation and making it a little better. Collectively, more than 16,000 employees around the world are moving to develop solutions that help you optimize your processes. This is how SEW-EURODRIVE has evolved throughout its history to become the market leader in the industry of drive automation with a turnover of more than EUR 2.5 billion.

The movement you need is created with various product solutions and drive systems. According to customer or industry needs, SEW-EURODRIVE offers individual solutions using our comprehensive modular system for building gear motors and frequency inverters, servo drive systems, decentralized drive systems, and industrial gear units.

For more information, please visit:

About NetDimensions

Established in 1999, NetDimensions (AIM: NETD; OTCQX: NETDY) is a global provider of performance, knowledge and learning management solutions.

NetDimensions provides companies, government agencies and other organizations with talent management solutions to personalize learning, share knowledge, enhance performance, foster collaboration and manage compliance programs for employees, customers, partners and suppliers.

Recognized as one of the talent management industry’s top-rated technology suppliers, NetDimensions has been chosen by leading organizations worldwide including ING, Cathay Pacific, Hunter Douglas, Chicago Police Department, Geely Automotive, Fugro Group and Fresenius Medical Care.

NetDimensions is ISO 9001 certified and NetDimensions hosted services are ISO 27001 certified.

For more information, visit or follow @netdimensions on Twitter.

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Leading Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner, FMT Consultants, to Host Complimentary Microsoft Dynamics GP Year-End Close Training in Los Angeles and San Diego, CA

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) November 13, 2014

FMT Consultants, a leading Southern California Microsoft Dynamics GP partner and consulting firm, announces two upcoming Dynamics GP year-end close training seminars, open and free of charge to all Dynamics GP users.

The sessions take place on Tuesday, December 9th from 9:00-11:00 AM PST at the Microsoft Office in Los Angeles located at 13031 West Jefferson Boulevard, Ste 200, Los Angeles, CA 90094, and Wednesday, December 10th from 9:00-11:00 AM PST at the Microsoft Office in San Diego located at 9255 Towne Centre Drive, Ste 400, San Diego, CA 92121.

The complimentary seminars are open to all Microsoft Dynamics GP users, and are eligible for CPE credits. Training materials and breakfast will be provided. Space is limited and reservation is granted on a first-come-first-served basis.

Interested GP users can register online at or by sending an email to jbechgaard(AT)

During the training sessions Dynamics GP experts from FMT Consultants will share best practices related to period-end and year-end processes, and cover closing procedures related to General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Inventory and Payroll.

Since 1995, FMT Consultants has been partnering with emerging to mid-sized companies to increase profitability through innovative and efficient use of technology solutions. FMT Consultants leverages the expertise of 50+ passionate technology experts, a dedicated, in-house customer service team and a wide array of software applications including Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365, SAP Business ByDesign and NetSuite.

“At FMT Consultants we partner with companies of all sizes to help them improve their business operations and increase profitability. An important part of our service offerings is to ensure that our clients are trained and empowered to efficiently utilize the solutions they have invested in,” says Chris Schofield, Microsoft Dynamics GP Practice Manager at FMT and adds, “by offering in-depth Dynamics GP year-end close training we can help our clients ensure a successful and efficient year-end close.”

About FMT Consultants

FMT is a leading provider of integrated business solutions and information technology services throughout the US and Canada with a significant presence in San Diego County, Los Angeles County and Orange County. Since 1995, FMT’s experienced team of experts has been partnering with clients to integrate, configure and customize innovative technology solutions to help them improve and streamline their business operations. The company is headquartered in Carlsbad, CA and recently expanded into the Los Angeles market with the opening of a new office. Visit or call (760) 930.6400 for more information.

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Panzer General is turn-based game, set upon operational level hex maps. A single plays single scenarios coming from either Axis or perhaps Allied side as well as against a computer or individual opponent. In Campaign Mode, the player presumes the role of a German born general from the Allied computer.Panzer General is a good operational-level game, as well as units approximate battalions, although device size and also map level from one situation to the next are usually elastic. While the names as well as information for your units tend to be reasonably correct, the situations only approximate historical scenarios.Its story feature ended up being to link personal scenarios in to a campaign spanning World War II coming from 1939 to 1945. Models are able to acquire experience and be stronger, exactly where success in a battle would award the ball player prestige in order to upgrade units, acquire extra units, and select a better situation for the next fight.In The early nineties, Panzer General won the actual Origins Award for Best Army or Strategy Computer Game regarding 1995. The overall game and its sequels created a devoted following, who’ve revived on the internet head-to-head play and also added several units, functions, and over A couple of,500 scenarios. New suggestions are still being produced well over 10 years after its initial launch.[edit] CampaignsPanzer General has 38 situations based on real or make believe battles from World War II. The ball player can participate in a single fight or a strategy mode.Within Campaign Mode of Panzer General, a series of struggles unfolds being a campaign heads to victory. There is one long marketing campaign as Philippines, with several starting locales: * Poland (1939); from Poland, via Norway, towards the West with possible amphibious landing in Britain. * N. Africa (The early 1940′s); from Northern Africa towards the Middle East. * Barbarossa (1941); from your initial traversing of the Soviet boundary to Moscow. * Husky (1943); through Allies obtaining on Sicily towards the end from the war. * Kharkov (1943); from your German spring offensive towards the end from the war.The duty in most situations is to get all goal cities in a given quantity of turns; getting them at least 5 transforms earlier is recognized as a major victory. In cases from later on stages regarding war, the Germans make an effort to hold opportunities against the stronger adversary. A typical task is then “Hold a minimum of two in our objective cities for 20 becomes; for Major Victory, maintain at least several.”All campaigns part out and also end possibly by the general being sacked regarding incompetence or even end of the war. Within Campaign Setting, a Major Triumph could possibly alter known traditional events. As an example, defeat within the 1940 Battle associated with France leads to game above; after a Main Victory the player invades Britain; following a Minor Victory the player can either command its northern border African marketing campaign or catch the Balkans and Greece and then invade Russia (Barbarossa). After a Major victory in Barbarossa the player either can convince our prime Command to address Moscow immediately (which costs him or her significantly prestige, required for buying devices) or attack Kiev and then Moscow (but then Moscow is flanked by formidable fortifications).When the player defines a Major Triumph both in Great britain and in Moscow, he or she is allowed to interfere with Washington. Normally, he/she must fight well in lots of battles to obtain another opportunity to attack them. If Britain or USSR makes it this assault, they drive the Spanish people all the way returning to Berlin. The best the player can do now’s to fight well in each and every battle to own enough reputation for the next one – and to achieve an important victory within the final protection of Berlin.Tactical componentsPanzer General requires the player to use combined-arms techniques, where every unit is actually strong in opposition to some product types but very susceptible by other people. Dug-in enemy opportunities must be softened by artillery, which can be vulnerable and requires protection. Just before attacking the infantry and anti-tanks, you need to eliminate the artillery which usually protects all of them from behind. If absolutely no tank may slip presently there, one performs this mostly by bombers, but then it is advantageous to destroy mid-air defense units first. The particular fighters possess a dilemma in between destroying adversary air pressure and safeguarding the bombers.One must cautiously observe the street system to speed the progress, or he/she may use Bridge engineers to mix the streams. Panzer General rewards any Blitzkrieg strategy – penetrating heavy into the enemy positions although postponing damage of a number of the encountered foe units with regard to later.The performance associated with units is affected by their experience, that takes very long to collect. Particularly in Marketing campaign mode 1 then needs to protect the knowledgeable units as the most valuable resource. More info here.

About the Author

Panzer General is turn-based video game, set about operational degree hex maps. A single plays lone scenarios through either Axis or perhaps Allied side as well as against a pc or individual opponent. In Campaign Function, the player thinks the part of a In german general contrary to the Allied computer.

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President Obama spoke on Wednesday at the 69th session of the United Nations General Assembly. Read the story here: Subscribe to the Times Video newsletter for free…

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Mortgage Insurance is a Way of Providing Less for More According to

 | 888.374.2764

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) November 02, 2014, a service which allows consumers to compare and purchase life insurance electronically, is today alerting consumers of how mortgage insurance generally doesn’t provide as much value as life insurance for the same price.

According to, mortgage insurance is a form of life insurance in which the death benefit decreases with the remaining balance of a mortgage, but with life insurance, the death benefit is typically arranged to either grow or stay fixed. “Mortgage insurance is great for the bank, great for the insurer, and pretty mediocre for the customer. Overall, it’s much better to just buy traditional life insurance. Yes, it’s entirely likely that you won’t need the entire death benefit in the end, but nevertheless, it’s far more cost effective to just have a fixed death benefit life insurance policy,” said Eric Smith, the founder and independent life insurance agent of states that not only in their opinion is mortgage life insurance, otherwise known as decreasing term life insurance, an advantageous product, but that they have never placed a single policy that follows this scheme. invites all adults to view their own life insurance rates online within the site’s homepage. Consumers can also get information by phone directly from Eric Smith by dialing 888.374.2764.

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GH General Hospital 10-2-14 ~ FULL EPISODE , (Today Night) General Hospital 10/2/14 Full Episode , (Today Night) General Hospital 10/2/14 Full Episode , (Today Night) General Hospital 10/2/14…