GH General Hospital 10-2-14 ~ FULL EPISODE , (Today Night) General Hospital 10/2/14 Full Episode , (Today Night) General Hospital 10/2/14 Full Episode , (Today Night) General Hospital 10/2/14…

14 Responses to “General Hospital 10/2/14 Full Episode , (Today Night) – GH 10-2-14”

  • Billy Bob JR.:

    I’m getting tired of a lot of people on gh u can reply back to me and tell
    me what your tired of on gh and if you want me to respond back to u then at
    the end of your post put the word reply THANKS!!!!

  • Jess Jay:

    Im sick of franco too with his sneaky self. 

  • Emma Draven:

    Ummm, am I missing something? Cause last I remember you can identify people
    with finger prints. And, Mr. Jason Morgan has been fingerprinted numerous
    times when he’s been incarcerated. This storyline is stupid. 

  • Jess Jay:

    Kiki needs to mind her business. Im so sick of her and her mouth. I hope
    the writers write kiki in her lane cause she all outta her lane.

  • johnnyblaze3131:

    what the hell is wrong with sonny and carly michael is a grown man he could
    make his own decisions with his life….sometimes i get sick of them trying
    to control him like they did jason to fix there problems.

  • DaveryxJasam:

    Thank you The Jasam stuff was amazing!

  • Blueskytoday:

    Other than AJ,,and Alan Quartermaine….NO ONE really ever dies..the ones
    who are supposedly KILLED or die,,,come back in some form or another months
    later…also, anyone who goes to Jail…always get OUT one way or
    another….I watch GH but this makes me tired…..

  • JuJuMJFan4life:

    Is that Billy or are the bandages put like that to disguise him?

  • Ann Schard:

    2 questions/ Is that Billy Miller today? And is anyone else looking forward
    to Michael finding out about Sonny&AJ?

  • brandywinefication:

    I’m tired of kiki and Franco 

  • Deb Debbaleb:

    It’s so ridiculous that Sam and Elizabeth don’t know that’s Jason. I get
    that it’s the nature of soaps, but for once, couldn’t the wife of someone
    returning from the dead say his name on sight! If my husband was bandaged
    like that, I damn sure would know who he is.

  • Jess Jay:

    Thanks for upload.

  • TeamDolly MoneyTeamQueen:

    Sonny and Carly are good but i feel like hes best with Olivia!

  • TeamDolly MoneyTeamQueen:

    Cant wait for JaSam reunion yesssss! Im getting tired of kiki like she not
    a jerome like her mother didnt kill connie and has other dirt! Please out
    with franco already!

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