I don’t know when to start or when to stop My luck’s like a button I can’t stop pushing it My head feels light But I’m still in the dark Seems like without t…
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Subscribe to the Last Week Tonight YouTube: http://itsh.bo/1h6WGcg John Oliver interviews General Keith Alexander, former head of the NSA. General Alexander …

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  • jwhiteout:

    I didn’t like these guys as a little kid. I think I felt uncomfortable the
    way their flaming homosexuality stunk up the room like a big, cotton
    candy-scented fart.

  • White Bathroom Guy:

    all we need is VANILLA ICE to pop up in the video..lol

  • OrionDenali:


  • Carl Fernandes:

    I only clicked on this video because the thumbnail was hilariously creepy
    for a video titled Tenderness….and the first thing i see is kids
    faces….sooo suckered! (don’t believe me? Look at the thumbnail for this
    video) XD

  • dlwatib:

    Time has not helped this band. The sound quality of this video is
    atrocious. It sounds like it’s coming out of a drive in theater speaker,
    when you’re outside the car.

  • Matt Shalvatis:

    *General Public – Tenderness* – Song of the Day

    ♪ ♥ ☮ ♥ ♫ ♪♪ ♥ ☮ ♥ ♫ ♪

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  • benjamine manansala:

    The song stayed in the number one position for a couple of weeks in the
    weekly Top 40′s countdown by Casey Kasem (somethin’ ?). Nobody cared if
    they we’re gay or not… a little snicker here and there but the song was
    great and it still is…

  • Erin Leigh Stokes:
  • Mary J B Here:

    Remember this one? Great song!! Great oldie.
    Working on my words – finding that I’m a little short fussed lately. 

  • Ariel Pena:

    *General Public*


  • charlton myers:


  • Laura Salazar:

    i love this song :) 

  • Veronica Schatz:

    General Public – Tenderness: http://youtu.be/nmoHQ2DC3zo

  • BerlinFan82:

    Does anyone else do the clapping to the song like I do @1:00?

  • soph scots:

    The Beat were one of bands of ska revival (and can we stop with the English
    Beat nonsense) General Public were a decent offshoot 

  • mazdaplz:

    why are millenials even commenting? we should have sterilized the human
    race in 1993. would have been the best idea

  • Arlene M.:

    The lyrics are brilliant!

  • Michelle Ridling:

    Ah nothing like the 80`s to reminisce :-) I love this song :-) 

  • adrian hickman:

    The Popes comment today that Humanity needs more tenderness brought me here.
    Always loved this song.Humanity needs a lot more than this but it aint a
    bad start.

  • velvet01able:

    Too bad…..you young selfie-obsessed little snots missed the 80s. Blame
    your parents for not screwing sooner.
    Today’s music is so shitty that MTV doesn’t even play music anymore!

  • JS8700:

    Song was best used in Clueless, but probably most well known for Weird

  • elsa riveros:

    i love this song so much

  • Stephen Evans:

    Cue the black guy dancing at 00:28 made me die laughing. Soooo serious….
    Ooooohhh Tendernesssssssss ! Lol I love this

  • Peter Bourriague:

    Timeless song that gets you ready to go out on the town!!!

  • oceanceaser:

    Am i the only one who thought it was common knowledge that the government
    did this, prior to the info being leaked?

  • Delyric Oracle:

    Did anyone else notice that this guy barely blinks the entire time he is
    talking to John Oliver? 

  • Josh Pikka:

    I want to know what damage Snowden did. They keep talking about it, but
    they don’t prove it. 

  • Kev Lane:

    I’m sure General Keith Alexander IS all about Internet freedom. This way
    they get to collect more and more data about us and our lives as Internet
    communications grow and even play a bigger role in our daily lives.

    I also find their obsession with Edward Snowden very revealing. I don’t
    believe that Snowden has done any damage to the safety of our country.
    However, he did create a huge public relations nightmare for the Government
    and that is why they keep saying that Snowden hurt us …. when they
    should say Snowden hurt the NSA by revealing our illegal activities and
    lies against the American public.

  • TooTrue2:

    NSA is so clueless. Collect everything and Boston still happens. They might
    as well stop wasting our money for all the good they’re doing.

  • Mark West:

    Here a just a few tidbits of information:
    (1) Cell Phone Companies Collect: [A] Calls You Make [B] Calls You Receive
    [C] Calls You Miss [D] Duration of Calls [E] Text Message Contents.
    Basically all the metadata that the NSA itself collects is collected by the
    Cell Phone Companies.
    (2) Facebook: Terms of Conditions and Use state that Facebook is hereby
    authorized to collect data about the activity that happens on your account
    and is given permission to…………….”All data collected maybe be used
    by Facebook, contractors, or affiliated services for whatever Facebook
    deems appropriate.
    (3) Google collects anonymous user data to some degree for everyone that
    has a Google account. However Google has incorporate functions and settings
    that limit or reduce the amount of data collected.
    (4) Most e-mail lists from various companies or organizations either
    automatically or offer an opp in to “third party companies or affiliates
    for the purpose of promotional use.

  • bigballsgame:

    Dude, this guy looks almost exactly like Putin. If he weren’t so known in
    USA I might think he is a Russian spy, some relative of Putin’s.

  • anshul3675:

    OMG i would be soo fuckn terrified by talking to this NSA guy and making
    fun !!! holy shit !! and he also got no sense of humor though din’t laugh
    to any of his joke!!

  • Justin Miller:

    John Oliver is awesome!

  • Marco Onyxheart:

    I think the biggest question anyone, not just Americans, should ask is:
    isn’t this guy basically a fucking fascist? Quite frankly, thanks to people
    like this, I’m not surprised people want to bomb the fucking country.

  • Karla brown:

    Snowden is a national hero. He is not the one that needs to understand what
    damage was done. It is NSA who made the damage

  • Timothy J. Holloway:

    Wonderful, Mr Oliver. You’re not just a funnyman :-D (I’m only 2 min 13 sec
    into the video so far)

  • Bassel El-Hakim:

    The ”moral” way to collect data that I can see is in a program that has
    the only access to it. For example : If you google a word from a specific
    set, that program recognizes it so he can then collect some information on
    you. However, a user of that program in the NSA would only see a very
    minimal amount of information. For instance : 500 individuals searched for
    the sentence ”Bomb the White House”. The program then searches their
    online profiles to find suspect behavior, finding about 3-6 individuals who
    are potentially serious threats. But at the NSA, they can only see that
    there are 500 individuals who searched this and 3-6 from them are being
    observed by the program.
    Even then, I still don’t appreciate the idea, but it would bee a lot more
    moral then it is right now. And to create trust, people would be able to
    access exactly the information that the NSA have access. There could be a
    website showing results live, or even when visiting a department of the NSA
    people could have access there to the program.

    PS–Hello there NSA! I am not a TERRORIST, I am not part of AL-QAEDA,
    though I am LEBANESE, from LEBANON!!! (hope this will work)

  • Chris Stonehouse:

    So funny that the looneys out there make up conspiracy theories… when Big
    Brother really is listening… and no one really cares. 

  • Kaj Sotala:

    The leader of the NSA is interviewed by a comedian. This is kinda

    GEN. KEITH ALEXANDER: “I am the biggest advocate of freedom of the
    networks, Internet, and if we could come up with a way of segregating all
    the terrorist communications, it would really help us and protect our civil
    liberties and privacy, and you know, there was a great statement [...] we
    really need to do is all the bad guys need to be on this section on the
    Internet and they only operate up here, all good people operate up here,
    all bad guys…”

    JOHN OLIVER: “Are you talking about Pinterest?”


    JOHN OLIVER: “Oh, I thought you meant, all the worst people in the world in
    one area, so I thought you were talking about Pinterest, since that seems
    to be where they kind of assemble.”

    GEN. KEITH ALEXANDER: “Oh. Could be.”

    JOHN OLIVER: “They are the wooorst people.”

  • Andy C:

    What damage did Snowden do?

  • jason khoury:

    In the period between 1972 and 9-11-2001 there was a total of 42 civilians
    killed by terrorist. from 3-9-2003 to 9-25-2014 there was a total of 78
    civilains killed by terrorist attacks. What the fuck does he mean when he
    says that their record has been good since 9/11… last time I fucken
    checked when 53% more people die in the 13 years after 9/11 then the 29
    before, that is not improvement, that just fucken shows that the government
    will lie to our faces because the majority of people wont bother to look up

  • MultiZaklinac:

    What a great chance he missed with being so fucking childish, he’s annoying
    with this. The General has seemed to be stressed. No matter how hard you
    try (that’s why dumb people are so good at lying) you cannot hide the
    stress or the feeling that you know something you shouldn’t. Look at his
    blinking, he always stares in John’s eyes because he knows he’s just there
    to make fun of him, not actually confronting him. You can clearly see that
    he’s not fine and relaxed how a normal person would be.
    I like John Oliver because he always hits the target, talking about
    important things. The way he jokes about things makes it good to listen to,
    but he hides behind his childish jokes and barely does anything about the
    things he talks about. People wont do anything themselves…

  • TartTooth:

    This is surprising uncomfortable without a laugh track.

  • Mary Corbell:

    There are so many things wrong with this interview. Who is getting anything
    out of this?? The NSA is pathetic. 

  • Hollander113:

    hahah The NSA, the only branch of government that really listens to you.

  • pcwildcat:

    Good interview. People need to understand both the benefits and risks of
    having an agency like this. I don’t mind them searching for terrorist
    activities. I think America has to be doing that. We just have to make sure
    the NSA doesn’t eventually allow people to abuse their positions. Oversight
    is key.

  • Makis K:

    As a non american… Do you americans still feel like “the land of the
    free”, as you sing it in your hymn?
    In my perception it is not the case, at least since 9/11 and the
    anti-terror laws that came with it. Now the CIA tortures people… some of
    them where innocent. Without trial or anything.

    The land of the free.

  • dëUs ëX MãçH¡ñã:
  • Richie Whitehead:

    And after Mr. Tiggles wins the popular vote, an unrelated ‘Electoral
    College’ ushers Trevor into power.

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