The United Kingdom general election of 1992 was held on 9 April 1992, and was the fourth consecutive victory for the Conservative Party. This election result…
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25 Responses to “BBC 1992 General Election Coverage – Part 1”

  • georgesmoulin:

    A lesson for 2015. The same is going to happen to Miliband, thank heavens.

  • mjpanicali:

    50:40… in a snit about whether it was an exit poll or an opinion poll.
    Clearly, the “proper” exit poll was still junk.

  • TakePart Live:

    Folks really should vote in every election!

  • Michael Suffield:

    The best thing about this is Peter Kellner getting increasingly pissed off
    with how hopeless his precious polls were!

  • Daniel Earwicker:

    38:38 for some reason topical satire always works best when about 22 years

  • harmlessdrudge1986:

    All the experts were wrong in predicting a hung parliament.

  • Tim Comley:

    agree with previous post -

  • YorickReturns:

    It probably would have been better for the Conservatives and for
    conservative-minded people if the party had lost in 1992. That said, it was
    good for Chris Patten that he lost, considering all the important things he
    got to do afterwards.

  • Alan Bain:

    This is one of the two General Elections (Feb 74 being the other one) where
    the losing party was lucky. Imagine if “Black Wednesday” had happened under
    Kinnock, The Tory press would have had a field day all the prejudices
    against Labour would have been confirmed and a new Tory leader (Heseltine?
    Clarke?) would have probably got in by a landslide very quickly as any
    Kinnock Government would either have been a minority a coalition or had a
    small majority and thus colapsed after “Black Wednesday”. Labour had a
    lucky escape as it was “Black Wednesday” that finished off the Tories by
    destroying their claim to economic competence. Anyone could have lead
    Labour to victory in 1997. What Blair did was to turn a victory into a

  • formulacountdown:

    The hall in Birmingham was the same one used for Eurovision 1998 and the G8
    that year: it looks very different to what we see here!

  • Mark Bunn:

    The irony of Gordon Brown talking about a party losing it’s
    overall majority and saying they have no mandate to govern!!

  • sidevans1:

    love dimbo at the beginning, “we’ve got loads of computers”, wooooooh!

  • Daniel Earwicker:

    31:49 a young George Alagiah, rocking a sharp 90s suit.

  • Kiernan Ambrose:

    2:14:58 “I CAN’T HEAR HIM”

  • formulacountdown:

    It seems that both the Conservatives and Labour in these early hours
    preferred a minority government than a coalition. 

  • WorldTributes:

    Very nostalgic stuff. Plus Jill Dando before she got her head blown off!

  • semieden:


  • Sioraf asNaCillini:

    @GSTK Her poll tax was so unpopular that Labour went ahead in the opinion
    polls so there was a leadership challenge and she told her supporters to
    back Major after she quit which is why he won and not Michael Heseltine.

  • altfactor:

    And with a compressed U.S. Election Night, with all polls closing at 10
    P.M. Eastern, barring a cliffhanger, network Election Night coverage would
    wrap-up between 12:30 and 1 A.M. Eastern.

  • owacorp:

    In reply to Andy JS… I also believe in personal responsibility. I believe
    all pensions(including state pensions) should be privatized a la Chile. But
    I also believe in in Paternalism when it comes to people who have been
    marginalized within society. The education of the poor in any society is
    paramount. An equalization of the education system would be first on my
    agenda. Capitalism is about choice and I believe whole heartedly in that
    but to do that we must level the playing field first otherwise the
    marginalized will continue to make the wrong choice and it will be
    society’s and government’s fault not their own as they have not been told
    (i.e. educated) otherwise.

  • Marco Di Franco:

    The highlight of this is BBC’s John Cole talking rubbish. As his is at
    5.17.40 disagreeing with Anthony King. 

  • altfactor:

    The UK has a single time zone, so they don’t have the problem that the U.S.
    does of having polls close in different times due to different time zones.

    I wonder if for the 2016 Presidential elections, all U.S. polls could close
    at 10 P.M. Eastern time.

    This way, the networks could come on at 9:55 EST to “set-up” the coverage,
    then at 10, Brian Williams, Scott Pelley, Diane Sawyer, Anderson Cooper,
    and Sheppard Smith (depending on the network) could all announce something
    like “As you can see on the clock at Philadelphia’s Independence Hall, it’s
    a few seconds before 10 P.M. Eastern time. All Polls in the United States
    are closing at this very second, 10 P.M. Eastern, 9 Central, 8 Mountain, 7
    Pacific, 6 Alaska and 5 Hawaii. With polls closing, (name of network) can
    announce through exit poll projections that (name of candidate) has been
    elected the 45th President Of The United States, and will take the oath of
    office in a little more than two months from now, January 20th, 2017″.

    And the U.S. networks can use the “Swingometer” for Congressional and
    Senate elections. Imagine if the late Tim Russert had one of those to
    report for NBC the ratio of Democrats to Republicans in the House and

  • AdmiralBlake:

    if the polls of 1990 kept on, the Tories could have done nearly as bad as
    in ’97

  • JP Brown:

    Labour is already starting to whine about “not having the authority to
    govern” due to a reduced or lost majority – you’ve got to think they had
    some information suggesting what was really going to happen.

  • David Elliott:

    Lovely 2 c Ben Elton after all these years, another Labour loser, go away
    Ben! They didn’t like u and they didn’t like Labour, live with it!

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