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Advanced Realty Team Announces “Under Water, Over Water” Home Buying Program

(PRWEB) April 27, 2014

Selling a Tampa Bay home where the value has fallen below the balance of the mortgage became easier and more rewarding yesterday when Advanced Realty Team announced its new “Under Water, Over Water” home buying special.

“We have offered to pay cash for homes in foreclosure and under water for some time now,” said George Beardsley, broker-president of Advanced. “What we have added is that we will now give the seller two tickets for a cruise in an ocean-view state room,” he said.

Advanced Realty Team is a real estate boutique that actually buys houses quickly and charges no real estate commission. Most brokerage firms “list” a house and charge a commission when a third party buys the house.

“And of course conditions apply,” Beardsley said.

“In the pilot program, we will only be buying houses in north Pinellas and southwest Pasco counties,’ he said. The houses also must be in reasonably good condition and early in the foreclosure process,” he said.


George and Maryan Beardsley, two former stock brokers, founded Advanced in 1996 after spending several years working for a national franchise real estate firm and gradually doing a larger portion of their business buying and selling homes for themselves and financing sales for other Realtors. They entered the real estate business the hard way, owing a home in Boca Raton Florida within a mile of the site for a planned garbage burning incinerator.

The Realtor they hired suggested owner financing which Maryan and George said sounded “stupid and scary.” But having little choice they sold and held the mortgage and the more they learned about creative financing, the more it seemed to be an important tool, especially when it is difficult to sell houses.

Eventually the buyer of their home refinanced and the Beardsleys received the full amount of cash for the sale, at top price and during a period when no one had been able to sell. “That really got our attention and we left stocks, commodities and bonds for real estate,” George said. The firm offers a number of ways of buying houses fast and lately has been offering affordable homes programs, using homes bought as rentals and rent to own homes.

George Beardsley holds the U.S. Patent Office Trade Mark for the Famous Rent to Own on Steroids Program™ where all rent paid in the entire first year becomes down payment and the tenant-buyer can earn a mortgage by making 12 consecutive monthly payments on time and maintaining the home as though they already owned it. This program has been modified to be Dodd-Frank compliant.

In the last year, the firm has added a Internet marketing division. Advanced also offers a service for local merchants where they guarantee the local firms’ website will be on the first page of Google.

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Under the Canopy Founder Joins the 6Pacific Team

6Pacific Group

LOS ANGELES (PRWEB) February 26, 2013

Today 6Pacific Group announced that Marci Zaroff has become an Advisor and Operating Partner after spending over two decades as a leader and change maker in the natural/organic food, beauty and apparel/home fashion industries. Zaroff will play an instrumental role in the firm’s principal investing business and will focus on high growth consumer lifestyle sectors, including Ecofashion, natural beauty/personal care, spa and other sectors where sustainability and social consciousness trends are creating rapid growth.

In 1996, Zaroff coined and trademarked the term “Ecofashion”, then founded sustainable lifestyle brand Under the Canopy. She is featured in the newly released book “ECO AMAZONS: 20 Women Who Are Transforming the World” and is a Henry Crown Fellow of The Aspen Institute.

“Our new partnership with Marci Zaroff continues our strategy of providing a powerful combination of operational experience, industry resources, and a broad network of relationships for the benefit of our partner companies,” said John Barrymore, Managing Partner of 6Pacific. “With over 20 years of experience in sales, marketing, innovation and operations in the natural/organic products and fashion/beauty industries, Marci brings a wealth of industry expertise to 6Pacific.”

In addition to being an internationally-respected keynote speaker and Producer of an upcoming documentary called “THREAD”, Zaroff currently serves as CMSO of the Portico Brand Group, which owns Under the Canopy, Portico, and FASE, another company founded by Zaroff. A Director/Advisor on numerous Boards, including the Organic Trade Association, Fair Trade USA, Textile Exchange, AllergyKids Foundation and Teens Turning Green, Zaroff has been instrumental in driving environmental compliance and social justice worldwide. Prior to Under the Canopy, Marci received a business degree from UC Berkeley’s Haas Business School, then Co-Founded “The Institute for Integrative Nutrition”, which is currently the world’s largest nutrition school.

“Marci’s passion, vision and experience add tremendous depth to our knowledge base and will provide 6Pacific with broader reach into a variety of Eco-Lifestyle categories,” added Tom Newmark, Chairman of 6Pacific. “We’ve known Marci for many years, and it is a true blessing to be able to collaborate with her more closely.”

About 6Pacific Group

6Pacific Group is a merchant banking firm focused in the consumer industry, with deep experience in sectors such as health/nutrition, food/beverage, fashion apparel and personal care products. 6Pacific Group has three operating units: Equity Investments, Special M&A Advisory and Corporate Partnering. The Equity Investments group makes direct equity investments in small, rapidly-growing consumer companies.  Special M&A Advisory provides M&A and financing advisory in select situations to clients requiring deep industry knowledge. Corporate Partnering arranges and participates in many forms of corporate collaborations. 6Pacific Group has offices in Los Angeles, New York, Copenhagen and Costa Rica. For more information about 6Pacific Group, visit

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Congratulations to Our Dental Hygienists for Attending the Annual Under One Roof Seminar

Lincoln Park, IL (PRWEB) February 19, 2013

Continuing education is extremely important in order to advance in one’s career. Additional college courses and conventions all serve to sharpen an employee’s skill set as well as expose one to new advances in technology and procedure. Westend Dental in Chicago, Illinois strives everyday to bring quality dental care to their community and the one way they do this better than the competition is to keep their staff at their smartest and up to date. One of the educational opportunities that Westend Dental participates in is called the “Under One Roof” seminar.

The RDH Under One Roof seminar is an annual three-day long convention where all dental hygienists in the United States are encouraged to attend. At the convention a participant can attend workshops, lectures, and exhibits where they will learn new dental techniques and processes that have been developed by world-renowned doctors and dentists. This year, Westend Dental sent two hygienists to attend the convention. Amy Konishi and Megan Post, both very good dental hygienists at Westend Dental, learned about many different dental issues that patients should be aware of. Amy learned about “pre-carious lesions.” A pre-carious lesion is a cavity that has begun to form in the enamel of the teeth but is not to the point that would require drilling and filling just yet. Amy also learned that treating the pre-carious lesion with regular baking soda rinsing will help to delay further tooth decay. Also, Amy noted that carbamide peroxide, an ingredient in professional tooth whitening products, will also help to slow the formation of cavities.

In addition to all of the information that Amy brought back to work, Megan also took in information like a sponge and has expanded her knowledge of dental hygiene. While at a workshop that focused on diet and how it affects dental health, Megan learned that eating high protein foods such as seafood, soy, and nuts will actually contribute to strengthening tooth enamel thus decreasing the formation of cavities and tooth decay. Not only that, but diets rich in these proteins will help to promote healthy gums and better overall oral health.

Westend Dental in Chicago, Illinois is now better equipped to provide their clients with improved dental hygiene care thanks to the efforts of Amy and Megan. Because they have chosen to advance their training and education, more residents of Lincoln Park and Chicago will enjoy a positive and comfortable dental experience at Westend Dental.

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$ 2000 Payday Loans That Fund In Under 1 Hour

No Credit Check Required Loan Offers

New York, NY (PRWEB) April 17, 2012

Qualifying for up to $ 2000 has just gotten easier with a new offer announced by the online lending resource The popular online lending resource has revealed a new bad credit personal loan offer that allows qualified borrowers up to $ 2000 in less than 1 hour.

Cash advance offers and payday lenders offer consumers that require easy bad credit or need money fast access to money they could not otherwise qualify for with traditional lenders.

“Bank loans are difficult to get approved and require a better credit rating than the average American has presently,” said Tanya Caliban, representative from the site.

“A payday loan is expensive, but there are a number of reasons that the ease of approval and emergency fast funding can outweigh the costs,” added Ms. Caliban.

In order to qualify for the featured loan offer borrowers must meet a few minimum requirements, namely:

18+ Years Old
U.S. Citizenship
Current Employment
Active Bank Account

The website does not recommend these loans for every situation, in fact, visitors are encouraged to browse the popular bad credit loan programs made available that carry different interest rates, financing costs and repayment terms.

Consumers interested in finding out if they qualify are encouraged to fill out a simple online form detailing basic information needed for determining approval.

Though the $ 2000 payday loans do not guarantee 100% approval, the qualification standards are designed for people get fast help and do not require a credit check for approval.


Tanya Caliban

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