Congratulations to Our Dental Hygienists for Attending the Annual Under One Roof Seminar

Lincoln Park, IL (PRWEB) February 19, 2013

Continuing education is extremely important in order to advance in one’s career. Additional college courses and conventions all serve to sharpen an employee’s skill set as well as expose one to new advances in technology and procedure. Westend Dental in Chicago, Illinois strives everyday to bring quality dental care to their community and the one way they do this better than the competition is to keep their staff at their smartest and up to date. One of the educational opportunities that Westend Dental participates in is called the “Under One Roof” seminar.

The RDH Under One Roof seminar is an annual three-day long convention where all dental hygienists in the United States are encouraged to attend. At the convention a participant can attend workshops, lectures, and exhibits where they will learn new dental techniques and processes that have been developed by world-renowned doctors and dentists. This year, Westend Dental sent two hygienists to attend the convention. Amy Konishi and Megan Post, both very good dental hygienists at Westend Dental, learned about many different dental issues that patients should be aware of. Amy learned about “pre-carious lesions.” A pre-carious lesion is a cavity that has begun to form in the enamel of the teeth but is not to the point that would require drilling and filling just yet. Amy also learned that treating the pre-carious lesion with regular baking soda rinsing will help to delay further tooth decay. Also, Amy noted that carbamide peroxide, an ingredient in professional tooth whitening products, will also help to slow the formation of cavities.

In addition to all of the information that Amy brought back to work, Megan also took in information like a sponge and has expanded her knowledge of dental hygiene. While at a workshop that focused on diet and how it affects dental health, Megan learned that eating high protein foods such as seafood, soy, and nuts will actually contribute to strengthening tooth enamel thus decreasing the formation of cavities and tooth decay. Not only that, but diets rich in these proteins will help to promote healthy gums and better overall oral health.

Westend Dental in Chicago, Illinois is now better equipped to provide their clients with improved dental hygiene care thanks to the efforts of Amy and Megan. Because they have chosen to advance their training and education, more residents of Lincoln Park and Chicago will enjoy a positive and comfortable dental experience at Westend Dental.

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