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Murrieta Real Estate Office Hires New Mortgage Professional To Assist With VA And FHA Home Loans

Kevin Leonard

Murrieta California (PRWEB) March 04, 2015

The last few months has seen a large increase of VA refinances (VA IRRRL) and FHA streamlines because of low interest rates and changes with mortgage insurance premiums (MIP). The group led by Kevin Leonard just added another professional to the team to work with new influx of call volume. Many consumers are taking advantage of refinancing by locking into a new 30 year fixed rate lower than what the currently have. These two programs are an attractive refinances because of the minimal requirements to be approved. Both of these home loans can be done without a new appraisal and very few documents are needed. To find out more about a FHA loan in Murrieta, or a VA IRRRL contact a mortgage professional by calling (951) 200-5750.

Those looking to apply for these loans should not have to worry about the FHA loan limits in Riverside CA if they bought in the past few years. The current FHA loan limits for Riverside County for a single family is $ 355,350. The team funds loans everywhere in California not just locally. They have been very busy with VA loans in San Diego and Los Angeles due to the large population of Veterans. To complete an Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan or “VA IRRRL” it can be accomplished in just a few short weeks. The newest member of the team will be handling these types of files and possesses over 10 years of mortgage finance experience. Learn more about these amazing loan opportunities by speaking with an experienced licensed loan officer.


Kevin Leonard began in the mortgage business in 1997 and since then he has become one of the leading mortgage experts in the country, and has earned national acclaim for his efforts. Mr. Leonard prides himself in offering constant communication with his clients so that they have a full understanding of the loan process from start to finish. He is personally responsible for thousands of fundings, and along with his team, he has over 5 billion in residential loans funded to his credit. Mr. Leonard has a full understating of the loan process from start to finish, and also consults with a long list of mortgage bankers in the secondary market. There are few, if any, that have the experience that Kevin Leonard has in the mortgage profession. He was one of the first to register with NMLS in 2008 when it was first instituted, and currently is licensed in the state of California as a loan originator. He is partnered with the best real estate agents in Temecula and Murrieta for a good reason—he offers fast pre-approvals with the ability to fund purchase loans quickly. To learn more about the 2015 FHA California loan limits click on the highlighted link.


Kevin Leonard

Phone: (951) 200-5750

NMLS #6279

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No Credit Check Auto Loans with Bad Credit and Guaranteed Approval up to $ 35,000 Now Offered by Complete Auto Loans

No credit Check Auto Loans

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) April 24, 2014

Auto loan shoppers who need a no credit check auto loan can now find trusted dealers in their local area online through Complete Auto Loans. Instead of shopping dealer individually and dealing with the frustration of being turned down by multiple dealers, the nationwide lending resource makes it easy for people to get approved with a lender in their local area. The only requirement for approval is that applicants make at least $ 350 per week.

To get approved just fill out the secure online lending application below: – 60 second application

America’s favorite lending resource provides low interest rate loans to people with good credit, bad credit, and even no credit. Their unique lending experience can be provided due to the fact that they’ve been building their trusted lending network for years with dealers and lending institutions who have a history of provided high quality customer service.

Checking One’s Credit Score

Getting approved for a loan is just one of two necessary steps people with bad credit should take. One of the best ways for a person to improve their credit score is to buy a car and then track their credit history. This is why Complete Auto Loans provides applicants with an easy to use Credit Score tool that keeps users up to date on their latest score from all three of the top sources in the nation. A better credit score can save applicants thousands on their next auto loan or home loan. It just takes a minute to apply and people can literally save thousands on their next loan by working on improving their credit score.

Learn More about Complete Auto Loans

CAL is a Seattle based resource is fully dedicated to help its customers acquire national car and auto financing. They design and develop customized no credit auto and car financing, bad and good credit auto and car loans. Voted the best for “Quality Customer Service; Best National Auto Loans Service” by thousands of people, their finance experts focus in providing its customers information and various tools available for different auto loan offers, help them to choose the best that fits their budget as well as the related eligibility guidelines in detail.

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Personal finance refers to the financial management of which an individual or a family unit is required to make to obtain, budget, save, and spend monetary r…

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CalCon Mutual Mortgage LLC Announces Effective Immediately It Will Be Doing Business as OneTrust Home Loans

Waimea Town, Kauai, Hawaii (PRWEB) July 15, 2013

“The new name reflects more of our core values as a company. This includes meeting our customers’ service needs with communication, integrity and transparency throughout the loan process, all while building strong long-term relationships. OneTrust Home Loans remains the same full service direct local lender that Waimea, on the island of Kauai has come to know, love and depend on. New name, same company, with increased technology, flexible loan programs, and fast service”, says Joshua Erskine, CEO of OneTrust Home Loans.

The local and well established Waimea office, on the island of Kauai, have employees with many years of experience in residential mortgage lending as well as have orchestrated resort financing on some of the most desirable real estate properties in Hawaii such as the Residential Suites at the Ritz Carlton, Kapalua and Trump International Hotel and Tower, Waikiki.

“We believe in strengthening our customer bond through service and technology. As a direct lender we offer competitive industry pricing to our customers. Our technology is leading edge giving our borrowers peace-of-mind and the ability to review loan status in real-time 24 hours a day, seven days a week in the comforts of their home or office. As part of this rebranding, we introduced an expedited problem resolution process that makes the customer experience better and separates ourselves from others, giving borrowers confidence that if a problem arises, they have the OneTrust Home Loans’ commitment for immediate attention” shared, Ethan Rohner, Branch Manager of the Waimea office.

Mr. Rohner added, “The technology that took nearly two years to develop and implement has become the center of our management structure. There are numerous intricate details in the processing of a loan. It is very easy for a small detail to breakdown the process. With the help of our borrowers and their understanding of the entire process, we will set a new standard for efficiency and competency in the industry.”


About OneTrust Home Loans

OneTrust Home Loans is a nationwide direct lender and servicer with sales and operations across the country. OneTrust Home Loans provides an array of direct loan product options including conventional, FHA, VA, reverse, jumbo, resort lending, and foreign national loan options. Its Senior Management team bring decades of experience and over $ 10 Billion in loan closings. OneTrust Home Loans has adopted its tagline to be, Service is everything! Its focus is strategic national growth while keeping true to a fast, efficient and on time loan closing. For additional information please visit

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Vocus, PRWeb, and Publicity Wire are trademarks or registered trademarks of Vocus, Inc. or Vocus PRW Holdings, LLC. Getting a loan for your small business — either to start up or expand — is quite challenging for most business owners, since m…
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Introducing Promoted Products for Small Business. Twitter helps you reach more of the right people at the right time. Read the success stories: https://busin…
Video Rating: 4 / 5 – Try out our amazing Payday Loans Online program today! How awesome is it that you can now apply for payday loans online? We started this company to help people like you, people like us have a place to go that is stress free, simple to use, fast and efficient. Basically – we’re bringing you the best way to get money fast when you need it. It’s a simple online process. You fill out a form, then a group of leading lenders fights for the opportunity to lend you money. The competition leads to lower interest rates than you’d find at a regular payday loan store. I don’t know about you, but we find that awesome! Like we said, the process is super simple – at most you fill out 2 forms, then you’re connected with lenders. Within 15 minutes you could have the loan you need – in your bank account. There truly isn’t a better process out there. Unlike traditional loans – which require you to review and fill out dozens of pages worth of legal documents – here you simply prove who you are, and prove that you can pay back the loan. The exact way it should be. We’ve worked hard to partner up with the right companies to get you the best, fastest payday loans online.
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Salve Duplito, one of the hosts of ANC’s On The Money, lists the top personal finance trends to watch out for in 2013.
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Online Payday Loans Available To Meet Emergency Cash Needs

(PRWEB) August 05, 2012

Customers who need cash quickly may be interested in next payday loans. These types of flexible payday loans allow customers to get cash and pay the loan back with interest when they get paid.

Easy money payday loans can help customers who are facing a financial crisis because there isn’t a long verification process or a credit check. In order to qualify for a direct deposit cash advance or payday loan, customers must have a job that pays them regularly. Customers must submit pay stubs to demonstrate their ability to pay the loan back and fill out a simple form. They usually get their cash within 24 hours of their online application, if not sooner.

Customers who are facing extensive financial problems may need to take out extended payday loans using the online service. In many cases, they can accomplish this by paying back the original loan and then taking out a new loan. Customers cannot usually take out multiple payday loans at a time.

There are many options available for people who need money immediately. Customers who prefer payday loans no direct deposit can get money sent to them almost immediately, which they can then get cashed to get their funds. There are also discount payday loans available for people who qualify.

In general, the only people who do not qualify for payday loans are those who don’t have a steady source of income or those who have not paid back payday loans in the past. There are second chance payday loans available, however, for those who have had problems in the past and have the means to correct those problems now. People who do not have an ordinary job can take title payday loans, where they use their car as collateral for the loan.

In most cases, people are barred from taking out more than one payday loan at a time in order to protect them from getting in over their heads and being unable to repay their loan debts. However, occasionally people do take out more loans than they can handle–some places allow them to take out two to three loans at a time–and find themselves in bigger financial trouble than they were in when they started. If this happens, they’ll need payday loan relief. Payday loans debt consolidation is an option; this would allow the debtor to combine all of his or her payday loans and make one payment each month until the loans are paid off. This alternative turns payday loans into monthly payday loans.

In any case, online payday loans are an interesting alternative to bank payday loans. Customers can easily get money wired into their accounts from the payday loan provider using an online service.

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$ 2000 Payday Loans That Fund In Under 1 Hour

No Credit Check Required Loan Offers

New York, NY (PRWEB) April 17, 2012

Qualifying for up to $ 2000 has just gotten easier with a new offer announced by the online lending resource The popular online lending resource has revealed a new bad credit personal loan offer that allows qualified borrowers up to $ 2000 in less than 1 hour.

Cash advance offers and payday lenders offer consumers that require easy bad credit or need money fast access to money they could not otherwise qualify for with traditional lenders.

“Bank loans are difficult to get approved and require a better credit rating than the average American has presently,” said Tanya Caliban, representative from the site.

“A payday loan is expensive, but there are a number of reasons that the ease of approval and emergency fast funding can outweigh the costs,” added Ms. Caliban.

In order to qualify for the featured loan offer borrowers must meet a few minimum requirements, namely:

18+ Years Old
U.S. Citizenship
Current Employment
Active Bank Account

The website does not recommend these loans for every situation, in fact, visitors are encouraged to browse the popular bad credit loan programs made available that carry different interest rates, financing costs and repayment terms.

Consumers interested in finding out if they qualify are encouraged to fill out a simple online form detailing basic information needed for determining approval.

Though the $ 2000 payday loans do not guarantee 100% approval, the qualification standards are designed for people get fast help and do not require a credit check for approval.


Tanya Caliban

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Article by Direct Business Lending

A small business needs a loan at one point or another. Whether it is to start the business, expand or even save a struggling one, there is value in putting other’s money to work for you. While there are costs associated in obtaining a loan and interest in using it, the returns for a successful venture is well worth the risk.

Business lenders choose and approve loans for small businesses that have a high probability of success, favoring individuals with good credit ratings. As a result, it can be difficult for some people to get small business loans. A business’ current financial standing and background influence on the likelihood of getting a loan approved. Even with a good credit history, there is still a chance you’ll be declined. Some businesses go through several business lenders at a time on a trial and error basis until they get approved. That can be an arduous process! However there is a way to make it easier. With the help of the right people, business finance needs can be met quickly.

Direct Business Lending (DBL) offers their services to assist small and medium-sized businesses get the business financing they need. With an understanding of the current lending market and a network of more than 300 actively approving lenders, DBL can help any business take the guesswork out of the lending process and match them with the right lending partner where they have the highest probability of approval. Regardless of a business’ current situation, DBL will find a financing solution. Their proprietary Funding Assessment system evaluates the business’ situation and helps them to get better positioned to be approved. By analyzing fundability, trial and error can be eliminated, allowing your business to get approved for startup loans, SBA loans, equipment leasing, and many more funding solutions.

Start your small business now and reach your goals by Increasing your success with the right financial solutions. Let Direct Business Lending be your strategic business partner to help you acquire the financing you need to reach your business goals.

About Us

To obtain business financing in this type of lending environment, you need a strategic partner who understands the current lending market. You also need a partner who is dedicated in achieving the end result, getting your business funded. You will find that partner in us!

We have partnerships with lenders who have the financing to lend, and who believe that now is the prime time to re-invest back into the American Business. Through our partnerships we are able to help existing businesses expand, and start-up companies flourish.

Through our resources you will be able to obtain Business Lines of Credit, Startup Loans, Small Business Loans, SBA Loans and much more about Business Financing.

About the Author

Direct Business Lending offers SBA loans, business financing, small business loans, start up loans and helps your business lines of credit.

Jantzen FugateCEO media@directbusinesslending.comWebaite:

2 Offices: Ohio Office – East Headquarters SLC Office – West Headquarters

Direct Business Lending

1050 E 3300 SSalt Lake City, UT 84106

Write-up by Macro Business

Although starting up or enlarging up or expanding existing firms entrepreneurs ought to feel and strategy accordingly regarding funding part as funds are the essence really essential for any company. For modest corporations to thrive and begin up, the financial circumstances that would be essential would consist of a complete range of consumer and business credit availability along with the private wealth developing and its positive circumstances. Normally the loan conditions set by banks becomes challenging for tiny scale business owners to encounter nonetheless taking aid from such possibilities, the tiny scale entrepreneurs tends to make it the most straightforward selection.

Typically you have planned to make some quantity of your own money investment into the enterprise. Still there are a lot of startup company owners think of getting tiny business loans from banks as the 100% of startup charges. But in such case you need to have to know that if you invest it also will get you loan particularly in case of banks. To get such funding you have to have better possibilities.

In-depth information about the financial history of the company is what every lender asks for. As much as for the lenders and your benefit it for that reason becomes important for you to make a detailed and convincing organization program. Assessing your project the details given therein for building your business assists the lender to get a clear picture. The past and future plans, the marketplace itself and the people operating in it are involved in such details.

Searching at the private resources needed to sustain a organization or begin, there has been a substantial reduction to it in the wake of the economic crisis. For each potential small company owners and small organization owners at the same time have skilled that it is harder to get modest enterprise loans. Each non value and price tag credit terms are fairly likely to be restrictive even if they are obtainable. So convinced that their requests would be denied many such entrepreneurs don’t even apply for such credit.

Searching at the aspects of small business financing, nonetheless no definitive information supply exists nevertheless latest survey outcomes paints a picture as the combination of a range of circumstances for approval of loans. With growth of private financing of business there has been growing optimism about easing of credit availability for little companies. Getting approval for a small company loan if you happen to be having a challenging time, you may have to try some option sources. Prepare your self to intelligently address the lender’s issues if you approach the appropriate lenders.

About the Author

Jean Paul is the author of the post. He has written numerous articles on modest company financing topics. His expertise on financing areas excel and supply you with necessary guidance .His understanding related to modest enterprise loans has always been a fantastic supply of data.

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