William Ackman: Everything You Need to Know About Finance and Investing in Under an Hour. WILLIAM ACKMAN, Activist Investor and Hedge-Fund Manager We all want to be financially stable and…
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25 Responses to “William Ackman: Everything You Need to Know About Finance and Investing in Under an Hour”

  • Patrick Guerra:

    Look how young he looks and all that grey hair

  • Christoffer W:

    Where does he get the cash for the second lemonade stand?

  • Total Skills Videos:

    I think Bill went insane when he recommended me Mutual Funds. Haha. Only
    like 4% of actively managed mutual funds beat the market over time, and
    they’re never the same ones. I learned that from Tony R. when he was also
    on Big Think. I just cannot believe there’s 22 year olds with debt from
    student loans and credit cards, are you kidding?! I would a billion times
    take out Sex-Ed from high schools or elementary schools and include
    something like Finance 101 if I was Minister of Education (or its
    equivalent) anywhere. It shouldn’t be that easy for young people to get
    into debt, overall young and old shouldn’t be so stupid in knowing how to
    manage their personal finances.

  • Veo 16:

    Where can one go to invest in order to make 10-20% returns on an initial
    investment of $10,000 by the time they’re 65? Those are fairly high

  • Warlike Tiger:

    Invest and get $200 for trading for free.

  • Girish Venkatachalam:

    Amazing content, well delivered. Kudos.

  • Daniel Wong Jian Ming:

    nope guys nope! read the comments instead as are more intriguing!

  • Duncan Phillips:

    Where does the goodwill come from? Just seems to be thin air..

  • Hondo Trailside:

    I looked Coke up in 30 years it has less than doubled. If you bought it in
    92 it would have pretty much run up till today, as a long term, but still
    only 6 times more valuable. That is where you are supposed to be in year
    19 of the 10% growth scenario. So take his “great” example, market time it
    perfectly, hold it for 23 years, and you still only make a smaller amount
    than his base example. And that is the problem. The info sounds
    reasonable, but very few people will find their way to riches in this way,
    unless they are lucky.

    Obviously there were individual ramps in there when it did great, but you
    can’t count on that. And presumably there were dividends. But it was also
    negative from 85 to 2011!

    McDonalds has done great since 85, but it was level/a big looser 99 to 06,
    to mention one period. How many people know enough about Mcdonalds to slug
    it out for 7 years while it was going down and sideways. People tend to
    buy high and sell low, when it is their money.

  • Regan Pearson:

    A classic video from an investing legend, Bill Ackman. Happy Thrusday!

  • Benfica Melhor:

    so, how do you buy more lemonade stand for the 2nd year? at the end of the
    1st year we only have less than $250 cash, one stand cost $300 & we still
    need to buy more inventory for the 2nd year ($200). If we borrow more
    money, how come the Less interest does not change?

  • Robinson Road:

    I didn’t hear him mention tracker funds, which over the long term would
    seem the easiest method but he did say it was just an introduction.

    Very good presentation.

  • jererox:

    The animation sounds are highly annoying.

  • IndiaRockLovers:

    it is funny how countries which have more debts and credit has more gdp.

  • MyFancyFootwork:

    Great video… just one correction: Investing in McD… “the quality is
    pretty good”… Now I don’t know your definition of quality food… but I
    know for sure that McD is not quality food at all. 

  • Francis Caraballo:

    Check out this video on YouTube: the Ackman!!!

  • Nikko Kesuma:

    He didn’t mention about the chance of competitors which may affect the
    fluctuation in the company’s profit and eventually affect the returns of
    the stockholders… How do you prevent the leakage of the company’s
    information when the company has to release the detail of investment to
    convince potential investors?

  • Eugene Santos:

    thank you mr. ackman i learned a lot from this video. very informative.

  • welshpete12:

    This is the best advice I have seen, thank you for posting .

  • Brandon Hall:

    Did anyone else notice that he’s wearing pink lipstick?

  • 27sspider27:

    Want to learn how to start investing, and stop working for the man. Want to
    be self employed and successful? Then check out my latest video if you want
    what’s really good for your future.

  • Zajecik:

    He is my man crush

  • RStrength:

    EXCELLENT LECTURE I wish there were more series on business and education
    on youtube like this

  • Jean-François Simard:

    William Ackman: Everything You Need to Know About… :

  • Dustin Cordell:

    ok it went from here is how to make a biniz to you need to buy coke i
    felt like this guy was a coke salesmen and i just attended a coke seminar 

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