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CRMnext Launches Advanced ‘Training’ and ‘Feedback’ Functionalities to Improve Self Learning Capabilities of the Sales and Service Teams


Delhi (PRWEB) July 08, 2013

CRMnext helps to manage internal training programs efficiently for multiple roles, teams and geographies with the new advanced training and feedback functionalities. One can create and track training records for different teams, invite them and get feedback to facilitate continual development of the workforce. Training records can be of various types like Classroom, eLearning, Recorded, etc. The Training home page can be customized using system or ad hoc templates to display graphs, reports, RSS Feeds, mash ups, listing sections, etc. for effective management of training programs.

Related participants, modules, activities and attachments can be added to keep all permitted users updated about available training programs. training programs can be sub-divided into ‘Modules’ for the ease of participants and to add more detailed information related to different sections of an elaborate training program. Content for a module can include various formats for example: uploaded videos or embedded videos from public portals like YouTube, Vimeo etc., presentations or embedded presentations from external portals, uploaded content in html, pdf format etc.

“CRMnext’s Training Management solution for small and large organizations assists trainers or self-learning programs to efficiently invite participants, create modules and collate feedback for analysis. Users have complete flexibility to create simple or complex training programs with a variety of options for creating ad hoc modules with a specific shortlist of participants. Feedback can be sent securely through CRMnext by attendees of training programs. Trainers can review or upgrade their programs by carefully studying the perceptions, suggestions and comments of participants. Custom fields can be added to layouts for ensuring all information required by an organization for training feedback can be captured and centrally accessible,” said Dr. Manoj Kumar, Product Architect, CRMnext.

About CRMnext:

CRMnext is a specialist Customer Relationship Management product company with focus on ultra-scalable installations. CRMnext team has proven track record of delivering High-Impact CRM solutions in their key practice vertical of Financial CRM, Banking CRM, Insurance CRM, Media CRM, Pharma CRM, Telecom CRM etc. Unlike commodity CRM, CRMnext has been widely recognized as a proponent of strategy driven implementations.

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Managed Versus Unmanaged IT Support: How Live Support Can Improve Work Efficiency

ETech 7

New York, NY (PRWEB) May 12, 2013

Why should a company bother hiring an IT department at all? In today’s modern world where software is often available freely and legitimately from various sources on the internet, the hiring of human beings to work on computers might seem like less of a necessity and more of a luxury. After all, who needs backup services when their new computer with a free trial of Skydrive? Antivirus protection? Solved with a free trial of Norton. Concerns about spyware? Fixed by running the internet browser in “private mode”.

Yet while it’s easy to write off physical employees as surplus labor, Etech 7 CEO Emil Isanov cautions against letting go of the existing IT staff right away.

“Software can do a lot of things for a company” Mr. Isanov says, “and the idea of being able to obtain a valuable company service for ‘free’ is always appealing to business employers as well as employees. But that having been said, there’s a lot that software can’t do. Norton Antivirus, for example, can indeed protect you from a great many potential threats out there. But, it can’t protect you from every threat, it can’t selectively monitor your network traffic to inform you as a company owner which services (or which employees) are clogging the network, and once a problem manifests itself, while it can tell you the basics of what is wrong, it can’t give you a detailed report, explain that report to you, and then fix the issue itself. Those are things that a live team is needed for, and that’s what we mean when we say Etech 7 is a managed IT service–we mean that it’s managed by people, by us.”

And when it comes to potential IT failures, Mr. Isanov says, having a friendly face in the right place at the right time can make all the difference.

“The fact is that IT is a stressful profession and a stressful field. By nature, it involves attempting to set something up, waiting for it to go wrong, and then going about fixing it. In a way, technical support is the profession of waiting for things to go wrong. And while a trained technical professional like one of our employees can keep a cool head and a steady mind in the midst of an IT disaster, a company CEO or high level employee, in the midst of dealing with phone calls, memos, new customers, business pitches, and all other sorts of things specifically pertaining to their job might very well panic upon dealing with the day to day stress and Norton popping up on their work machine with a scary looking yellow window with red text that says that their data’s been compromised. If you want basic protection that might work some of the time, then by all means—go ahead and entrust your entire business’ data to a free program found through a Google search. But if you wants security? Results? And the guarantee of a trained employee that will fix the issue before it manifests itself a second time? Well, that’s when you call Etech 7, one of the best managed IT services in New York City.”

About the Company:

ETech 7 is a technology services leader offering managed IT services, IT outsourcing, backup and disaster recovery solution. Please visit or contact (212) 997-1202 for more information.

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Article by MOS Outsourcing

Efficiently managed back office activities are crucial to any business. All types of organizations continue to realize the benefits of business process outsourcing services to manage their non-core tasks. Business process outsourcing companies help organizations improve back office efficiency by providing them with error-free, timely and cost-effective solutions for a whole range of activities – from data entry to document conversion, forms processing, transcription and HR solutions.

Professional Solutions to Enhance your Back Office Efficiency

A BPO company is specialized in all the tasks that it handles for its clients. An established outsourcing company has a team of professionals on the job. In other words, there is an expert team for every service that it provides. This ensures the client quality solutions for any type of activity that is outsourced. The back office outsourcing services provided can include:

Data entry: Data of any type – handwritten or typed – is captured and entered in software programs. This could online or offline solutions for catalog entry, form processing, transcription to Word, entry from books, e-book conversions, business card entry, image files in any format, mailing lists, manuscripts, and more.

Document conversion: Also offered along with the entry of data, are services for converting documents into any required format. This would include conversion of HTML to PDF, any format to image, OCR, HTML to XML conversion, RTF to PDF conversion, XML to DBF conversion, XML to SGML conversion, XML to Word conversion, DBF to XLS conversion, and much more.

Document scanning: This is an important back office activity that helps an organization save space, safeguard their important documents and retrieve them easily. All documents are scanned using the latest techniques. Scanning also improves efficiency by allowing several persons to access the same document simultaneously.

In addition to this, BPO companies also offer specialized services for medical and legal clients. These include transcription, coding, and medical billing and Insurance collection.

Client Benefits with Back Office Outsourcing

Outsourcing improves your efficiency by reducing overhead cost. You save on the infrastructure and technology that would be needed to perform all these tasks on your own. Moreover, you also save on hiring additional staff for your back office operations. In fact, your savings would be in the range of up to 30-40 percent.

All your work is completed with the utmost efficiency as the business process outsourcing company has a competent team on the task. This team can deliver error-free solutions in minimum turnaround time. The experts work with advanced technology – so you get a effective solution. Even high volume jobs are handled with ease. More time to focus on your core tasks improves productivity, revenue and your bottom line.

While there is no doubt that business process outsourcing companies help organizations improve back office efficiency, it is important to choose the right service provider. Always do your research and find a BPO company that can understand your goals, work as an extension to your office to help you achieve them, and provide a competitively priced solution.

About the Author

Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) is one of the leading bpo companies providing an extensive range of services. By choosing our BPO services, you can save on every aspect of your business. For more information about our BPO company and business process outsourcing services we provide, call 1-800-670-2809.

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