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A former Morgan Stanley analyst, explains in his new book Best Practices for Equity Research Analysts, everything today’s competitive analyst needs to know, providing practical training materials for buy and sell-side research analysis in the United States and globally. This book covers the five primary areas of the equity research analyst’s role: Identifying and monitoring critical factors, Creating and updating financial forecasts, Deriving price targets or a range of targets, Making stock recommendations and Communicating stock ideas. Best Practices for Equity Research Analysts Book: Follow McGraw-Hill Professional Twitter: Facebook: Blog:
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DTT Surveillance Secures Growth Equity Investment from BV Investment Partners

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) March 16, 2012

DTT announced today that it has received a significant equity investment from BV Investment Partners (“BV”), a Boston-based private equity firm that specializes in the information, business services and communication sectors. Founded in 1999, DTT is a leading provider of managed surveillance and business intelligence services for the restaurant and hospitality industries.

Sam Naficy, President and CEO of DTT, stated that “we are absolutely excited to partner with such a venerable firm as BV. This funding will allow us to accelerate our growth and facilitate our expansion in other areas and markets. I am extremely humbled by the trust placed in us by BV and look forward to a long term partnership with them.”

Marco J. Ferrari, a Principal at BV, said, “DTT provides a valuable and compelling managed service offering that provides actionable intelligence to its customer base. The combination of DTT’s video and POS integration provides customers with unique management tools and information services that improve operations and profitability. We are excited about our partnership with DTT and look forward to working with Sam and his team on DTT’s next phase of growth.”

Alper Cetingok, Managing Director and Head of the Security & Defense group at Morgan Keegan, which acted as the exclusive financial advisor to DTT in connection with the transaction, said, “DTT’s partnership with BV will allow it to build on its already strong track record of growth and further distinguish itself in the rapidly expanding market for video-based managed services offerings.”

BV representatives Lou Bertocci, Marco Ferrari and Vik Raina will join DTT’s Board of Directors.

About BV Investment Partners

BV Investment Partners is one of the oldest and most experienced sector-focused private equity firms in North America. Since its founding in 1983, the firm has invested over $ 2.6 billion in over 75 companies, actively targeting investments in the information and business services and communications industries. For more information, please visit

About Morgan Keegan

Morgan Keegan, a full-service brokerage and investment banking firm, has more than 3,100 employees in 300 offices across the country. The firm’s Investment Banking division provides comprehensive merger and acquisition advisory, public equity and private capital services to public and private companies as well as private equity groups. For more information, please visit

About DTT Surveillance

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, DTT provides digital video surveillance solutions to the restaurant and hospitality industries. DTT was founded in 1999 by Sam Naficy, leveraging the power of emerging digital technology to support the needs of a broad base of clientele. Since first launched, DTT has equipped, serviced, and supported more than 27,000 clients. Every day, software provided by DTT protects trillions of dollars in assets and oversees nearly two million employees. Some of the world’s most popular and respected restaurant brands use DTT, including McDonald’s, Subway, Dairy Queen, Burger King, Dunkin Brands, and YUM Brands, among others. Please visit to learn more.

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In the course of the month of March the NCAA has a basketball tournament. It is so well identified and soo numerous games are played that the entire month of the tourney is labeled “March Madness”. The tournament game scores are volatile. Scores can change at a rapid pace and the winner can change inside minutes. A team that was leading by 10 points can lose simply because the pace is changing so rapidly inside the game. In the stock industry, the month of March is also called “March Madness” with really related characteristics of chaos.

Throughout the month of March, the stock marketplace will have various sectors moving in and out of favor. Say, for example, the Net sector is leading, and out of nowhere the massive industrial sector starts leading. Since of these movements some stocks such as low-priced stocks will move very large. Typically entire sectors or groups will be moving. The greatest movers are normally beaten-down, low-priced stocks that move huge percentages.

There are several factors for the stock industry “March Madness”. Checks from taxes are seen as one reason for the boost in volatility. A tax-refund check may be used to acquire stock. Investor mood from the winning or losing of a NCAA game is seen as yet another variable. Investors get quite emotional over the win or loss of a game and may possibly irrationally purchase or sell stock as celebration or therapy. Industry flux can also reflect the madness of the basketball fans. Anything goes. Some stocks will go out of favor and some stocks will come into favor. The sleepers will wake and move.

There are numerous influences on why the stock industry experiences “March Madness”. The strongest indicators are increased volatility and sectors moving in and out of favor. If you are seeking to score, your best bet is keep your eye on the movers.

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Vixiana Nyseia chats about the economic markets and ria compliance. She also talks about some of the regulatory compliance topics of the day. On her days off she walks on the strand and does Yoga.

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BD Nationwide Mortgage Provides a Convertible House Equity Line of Credit with Alternatives to Refinance Portions to a Fixed Rate Second Mortgage Loan

Encinitas, CA (PRWEB) August 29, 2006

BD Nationwide Mortgage introduces a wise house equity loan that can separate into numerous loans with each fixed and adjustable rates. BD Nationwide has released a new house equity product that boasts of a convertible residence equity line of credit providing choices for turning variable interest rates into fixed rate second mortgages. BD Nationwide proudly presents the “Fixed Rate HELOC Conversion Program.” This special property equity program allows homeowners to convert portions of their adjustable rate equity line into fixed rate residence equity loans. Yet another important feature is that these second mortgages enable you to keep the unused portion of the house equity line open, even though fixing the interest rate for the specified portion. In that sense, the HELOC splits into two loans. (one loan is a fixed lump-sum loan and the other is an open finish line of credit)

Conversion alternatives are accessible to convert a portion or all of the home equity line balance to a fixed interest rate property equity loan. This program allows you to convert HELOC portions to fixed rate loan eight times during the draw period.

Advances for fixed second mortgage rates can be requested at anytime during the ten-year draw period: Three fixed rate advances may be open at any one time. The conversion feature limits you to a total of eight fixed rate advances might be requested over the draw period. In addition, there are no lending fees to convert to a fixed rate. Loan advance possibilities are based on the balance requested.

Lynda Nelms, a Sr. Loan Officer and Mortgage Consultant at BD Nationwide, stated, “This is a progressive loan that permits my borrowers to be savvy using their residence equity when they see fit, while converting adjustable rate interest into a fixed rate second mortgage with a easy interest amortization.” Nelms continued, “These days I discover homeowners require cash out for debt consolidation or residence improvements, but they already have a large second mortgage.”

The Fixed Rate HELOC Conversion Program enables our clients to refinance and convert their existing line of credit into a fixed rate second mortgage, even though opening up an extra revolving credit line they can access later. This residence equity conversion loan is a wonderful solution for the current dilemma of refinancing jumbo house equity loans that seem to be so frequent with million dollar homebuyers. BD Nationwide Mortgage Company has partnered with many of the nations leading house equity lenders.

Property Equity Line of Credit Draw Period : 10 years

Second Mortgage Rate is a Variable Rate ( WSJ prime interest rate index plus margin)

Residence Equity Loan Terms: 15, 20, 25 or 30-years

Second mortgage rates are fixed interest rates (fixed interest based on industry conditions on the conversion date)

Property Equity Loan Repayment Terms:

Borrower may request a fixed rate advance from the customer care dept. right after the lender funds the loan.

Fixed Rate Advance Alternative: Fixed-rate advance possibilities can initially be requested by loan officer at the time of disclosures.

To find out a lot more and get additional loan info, please visit: Second Mortgage &amp Property Equity Loans

About BD Nationwide Mortgage Company:

BD Nationwide Mortgage is a second mortgage broker with corporate headquarters in Encinitas, California. They specialize in refinance, home equity loans and credit lines for homeowners searching for debt consolidation or money out. The business focus remains solidified with second mortgages for folks with all varieties of credit. Always striving to offer you “out of the box” loans, BD Nationwide Mortgage is determined to aid expand financing solutions so more Americans can maximize the monetary rewards of becoming a homeowner.

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Private Equity Institute Announces Corporate Training Program for Specialists and Summer/Fall Courses for Students

(PRWEB) July 2, 2007

The Private Equity Institute ( is now enrolling for its summer/fall programs as properly as introducing its corporate training program. PEI is a premiere educational training program designed to prepare students and experts for the globe of Investment Banking and Private Equity.

Training programs consist of a comprehensive curriculum taught by top Wall- Street experts with years of training and deal experience. The program covers What is Private Equity?, Rules/Regulations, PPM’s, Analysis, Valuation, LBO Modeling and genuine deal examples with market place overview of the leading private equity firms. It is ideal for existing Private Equity Analysts, Investment Bankers looking to switch into private equity, enterprise owners and other specialists in finance who want to get private equity training. Sessions are given monthly at a private club in Midtown Manhattan or available via the internet. For corporations or enterprise schools we can customize training programs to manage modest to big course settings (5-50 students) at your corporate headquarters or in 1 of our training rooms. Certificate of completion will be given to those who pass the final exam.

Private Equity Institute’s Internship program is associated with (and partially subsidized) by a series of New York based private equity/venture capital firms. Certain qualified students will be eligible for an internship with 1 of the businesses soon after completion of the training program. Resume consultation and mock interviews are supplied to assist students break into the business and move their career forward. Please send your resume to privateequityinstitute @ to be considered for our internship program.

To get a lot more info on upcoming courses or training programs please call us at 646-964-6500 or visit our site at

Contact Info:

Jonathan Marks, Director

Private Equity Institute


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EquityNews.Information Launches to Supply Up to the Minute Equity Information

(PRWEB) June 8, 2005 has launched to supply free details on all items related to the subject of Equity. The web site covers diverse equity subjects such as Home Equity, Loan Equity, Equity Finance, Private Equity and the Equity Markets.

The details is provided in a portal style with up to the minute news feeds and articles. The marketplace for information is growing quickly and equity is an in demand subject with thousands of searches becoming carried out each day.

A significant amount of data is very critical for those wishing to get involved in the equity market or take out an equity loan. The site aims to make it easier for individuals to locate useful data on the diverse locations of equity on 1 web site and presented in a simple to find way.

The news feeds are updated daily and fresh articles on all subjects related to equity will be added. The info is presented in an effortless to find manner and serves as an essential resource for equity reference.

Loans, finance and the equity markets are all areas which will be covered by the news feeds and the articles. They are all really essential subjects which are relevant to large numbers of individuals across the globe.

Every single day thousands search for equity property loans or finance for vehicles and to make investment in the equity markets. There is a will need for quality straightforward to locate info on these subjects and the website aims to present all of this no cost to the viewer.

It is believed the demand for equity items will continue to boost with a lot more and much more individuals looking for finance and investment in the markets. Numerous more folks now seek out their own details when contemplating an equity loan or invest and this resource will enable them to do so more effortlessly and swiftly.

Check out http://www.EquityNews.Information nowadays for no cost information on line.

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