www.stockmarketfunding.com Pt 1Stock Marketplace History Dow Jones US Equity Marketplace Government Policies Analysis US Government Policies Pushing Towards Depression Is the US Government Supporting the Stock Industry? This video is for stock market analysis for the “Dow Jones Industrial Typical” and we’ll highlight pro and the con with the bull and the bear of the S&P 500, Nasdaq and other stock marketplace indices. We know the data is poor and the failed policies of the Obama administrations lead to marketplace declines in the ratio to the economy. 1 is consumer, one is instituational and one is corporate. These current policies haven’t been received nicely by the corporate leaders. It will come down to the Republicans in this next election. The Democrats did the very best they could with what they were delt. Stimulus and attempting to buy growth in no way pans out. If it panned out you wouldn’t have gone down straight here. Economic expansions can last 3 to four years but then they collapse. The capitalism society and consumer society but these moves are not sustainable. The stock industry loves to have a “Christmas Rally” and we see men and women buying the “Dogs of the Dow” and buying under performing stocks whilst getting the losers. Markets will have overbought and oversold conditions independent of government intervention and policies. The hope in the marketplace is factored in and the re-leveraging processes constantly fail. We highlight multi year lows and the trading history of the Dow in the 1970s. Stock Industry

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  • Ranger4564:

    I agree with you on just about all your prescriptions if you want to save the current style of capitalism. If you don’t worry about that and look at what Work / Job / Money mean in society, then you could choose completely different prescriptions. If you recognize that computers / software / robotics / mechanization have strongly displaced the laborer, then you will see you need to redefine what life is about. Look up Rifkin, End of Work, if you don’t know it. Read the bit about loss of work.

  • laurelweiner8:

    GREAT PRESCRIPTION…..Obama must have heard ya!!!

  • StockMarketFunding:

    @rllang01 Thanks for the comments and insight. Yes power grids are in poor health, they want us to have this Smart Grid technology so they can basically shut it down on us anytime. They had a special on the history channel that said it would cost $3 Trillion to fix all the dams, highways, and bridges. I think it would cost far more, than can’t plan anything right. The other thing is these are things when you do when you’re in properous times, not depressionary times.

  • rllang01:

    @ 6:16 It is true about the power grids being in poor health.

    I worked in the energy industry for 13 years, traveling & working throughout the southeast, northeast and a few places in the midwest.
    Our transmission lines and substations are rickety, with corroded lines & old, ineffiecent sub stations. Our power plants have been retro-fitted with computer systems that help but overall the main equipment is also old and rickety.
    We basically need a complete and general overhaul of the system.

  • ytgv3fc7:

    well how about that. ONCE in a november of an election year the market sagged. Markets won’t be allowed to sag or it will spoil elections. ONCE the election was pivotal to show there is a disaster for which there is needed Change and Hope.
    Well, well, well. My charts are clear about a needed normal decline but this chart is even clearer it’s not going to be permitted until after the election-market-rigging period is over. How about that.

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