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Advanta IRA Hosts Lunch and Learn: Self-Directed IRAs and Private Lending Investments

Tampa, Florida (PRWEB) October 07, 2014

“Private lending transactions allow self-directed IRAs to perform the same actions a bank or other lending institution does in extending loans for mortgages, trust deeds, secured and unsecured notes, and even for things such as judgments and structured settlements,” says Jack Callahan, Managing Partner of Advanta IRA Services in Largo, Florida. A growing number of investors use these accounts to invest in in nearly any type of lending transaction they deem might prove to be potentially successful.

Self-directed IRAs allow account owners total and complete control in choosing their own investments in things they know and understand. Additionally, these accounts allow a myriad of alternative investments besides private lending options. Real estate, precious metals, oil, gas and timber options, foreign exchange and futures trading are just a few popular non-traditional assets used to build income for retirement. .

In private lending transactions, account owners determine the terms of the loan made by their plans—which is how the IRA makes money. The account owner fully vets and chooses the loan recipient, dictates the terms of the loan, and decides whether to provide a secured or unsecured loan. Secured loans are backed by collateral to protect from default. For example, if a note is extended for a mortgage and the borrower defaults, the IRA can take possession of the home. Unsecured loans typically are offered at a higher rate of interest in lieu of collateral. “Profit from private lending is largely gained through earnings on interest rates and this income flows directly into a self-directed IRA on a tax-free or tax-deferred basis,” says Callahan.

Private lending through a self-directed IRA offers benefits for the borrower, as well. The IRA can often provide funds to the borrower much faster, with more accommodating terms than traditional lending institutions.

Advanta IRA Services is holding this lunch and learn to educate investors on how to successfully use self-directed IRAs to invest in private loans. Investors of all levels are invited and encouraged to attend.

Topics to be discussed:

    Various types of loans that Advanta IRA’s clients make using their retirement plans
    The benefits that can come with private lending
    Disqualified persons and the potential pitfalls of private lending
    How an IRA can actually be the borrower on a transaction and non-recourse loans

Event: Lunch and Learn—Be the Bank Using a Self-Directed IRA

Date: October 10, 2014

Time: 12:00 – 1:30 pm EST

Location: 13191 Starkey Road, Ste. 9, Largo, FL 33773

Cost: None; lunch is provided

Register: Before 5 pm on October 9th by contacting Larissa Greene by phone at (727) 581-9853 x 1140, or by emailing lgreene(at)advantairagroup(dot)com.

About Advanta IRA

Advanta IRA Services, located in Largo, Florida, has been in operation for over ten years, providing administrative service to owners of self-directed IRAs throughout the Tampa Bay and Sarasota, Florida regions. Advanta IRA Administration offers a second location serving the Atlanta, Georgia area and surrounding regions. Both offices are managed by Jack Callahan, J.D., CFP™. Advanta IRA offers classes, seminars and other educational tools designed to assist clients in managing self-directed IRAs by investing in real estate, notes, private placements and other non-traditional assets that have the potential to maximize IRA earnings on a tax-free or tax-deferred basis.

About Jack Callahan

Jack M. Callahan, J.D., CFP™, is the managing partner at Advanta IRA Services in Largo, FL and Advanta IRA Administration in Atlanta, GA. Jack established the corporate office, Advanta IRA Services, in 2003. Prior to that, Jack delivered specialized counsel to real estate investors, small business owners and real estate professionals on tax, legal and financial matters. As an industry expert, Jack is a frequent speaker on the topic of self-directed retirement plans and an accredited continuing education instructor for the Florida and Georgia Bar Associations, Florida and Georgia Real Estate Commissions, and The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. He earned his bachelor of science degree in finance and multinational business from Florida State University and his law degree from the University of Florida College of Law.

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Blue Box Cloud Steps Closer to Public Cloud Pricing Granularity for Private Cloud as a Service

Blue Box Cloud

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (PRWEB) September 16, 2014

Blue Box—a Seattle-based provider of on-demand private cloud as a service (PCaaS) on dedicated hardware—today announced the availability of month-to-month pricing on Blue Box Cloud at the OpenStack Silicon Valley event in Mountain View, Calif.

Blue Box Cloud, which is already known for making OpenStack Private Cloud easy to deploy, scale and maintain, now comes with a pricing structure that offers clients low cost of entry, low risk, and maximum flexibility.

Key News Facts

1. Blue Box now offers its customers the option to purchase a Blue Box Cloud initial cluster or add-on nodes on a month-to-month basis.

2. Initial pricing is $ 5,000 a month. See below for details regarding what this includes.

3. The month-to-month fee is paid monthly in advance and can be canceled before the end of 30 days.

4. An existing stack can be converted to 12-month term pricing at any time, effective at the end of the current monthly term, saving customers 20% or more

5. Customers opting to start with 12-month term pricing can still purchase additional nodes month-to-month.

Learn more about Blue Box Cloud and month-to-month pricing at our website.

What Blue Box Cloud Month to Month Pricing Delivers

Base pricing of $ 5,000 per month includes:

– Three physical nodes

– 96 cores

– 384GB RAM

– 3.6TB disk

– 14 public IPV4 addresses

– 3 TB of Bandwidth

“Since we went into general availability in May, Blue Box Cloud has rapidly advanced on its technology roadmap, and today’s news is the next big step in delivering private cloud as a service under pricing and delivery models that rival the agility and flexibility of public cloud,” said said Bob Desantis, chief revenue officer at Blue Box. “With a month-to-month pricing option, Blue Box Cloud gives customers the ultimate on-demand performance and operational flexibility as well as economic elasticity and cost certainty. In other words, it gives customers the best of private cloud performance and security, paired with the economics and agility they need.”

About Blue Box

Blue Box is a pioneering Private Cloud as a Service (PCaaS) provider with a worldwide customer base. Blue Box’s technology platform leverages decades of operational expertise in cloud and distributed systems to deliver Blue Box Cloud—a managed, hosted private cloud on dedicated hardware, powered by OpenStack and available and scalable on demand. Blue Box Cloud delivers core benefits of both public and private clouds in one offering. Blue Box meets the control, performance, and security needs of customers in a wide range of industries, including healthcare, financial services, digital media, gaming, technology and retail. Learn more about Seattle-based Blue Box at or find Blue Box on Twitter at @bluebox.

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Private Equity Institute Announces Corporate Training Program for Specialists and Summer/Fall Courses for Students

(PRWEB) July 2, 2007

The Private Equity Institute ( is now enrolling for its summer/fall programs as properly as introducing its corporate training program. PEI is a premiere educational training program designed to prepare students and experts for the globe of Investment Banking and Private Equity.

Training programs consist of a comprehensive curriculum taught by top Wall- Street experts with years of training and deal experience. The program covers What is Private Equity?, Rules/Regulations, PPM’s, Analysis, Valuation, LBO Modeling and genuine deal examples with market place overview of the leading private equity firms. It is ideal for existing Private Equity Analysts, Investment Bankers looking to switch into private equity, enterprise owners and other specialists in finance who want to get private equity training. Sessions are given monthly at a private club in Midtown Manhattan or available via the internet. For corporations or enterprise schools we can customize training programs to manage modest to big course settings (5-50 students) at your corporate headquarters or in 1 of our training rooms. Certificate of completion will be given to those who pass the final exam.

Private Equity Institute’s Internship program is associated with (and partially subsidized) by a series of New York based private equity/venture capital firms. Certain qualified students will be eligible for an internship with 1 of the businesses soon after completion of the training program. Resume consultation and mock interviews are supplied to assist students break into the business and move their career forward. Please send your resume to privateequityinstitute @ to be considered for our internship program.

To get a lot more info on upcoming courses or training programs please call us at 646-964-6500 or visit our site at

Contact Info:

Jonathan Marks, Director

Private Equity Institute


# # #


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