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Growing Number of People Using Solo 401(k) Plan Loan To Pay Off Credit Card Debt, According To IRA Financial Group Survey

Self-employed 401(k) Plan $ 50,000 loan feature allowing small business owners to fund their new business without seeking high interest rate loan options

New York, NY (PRWEB) March 24, 2015

IRA Financial Group, the leading provider of self-directed solo 401(k) plans for self-employed and small business owners with no full-time employees, announces the results of its internal survey which showed a large number of people looking to use the solo 401(k) plan loan feature as a means for paying off their credit card debt.

“Due to very high interest rates surrounding most credit card debt and the heavy financial burden it has on the individuals, more people are turning to the solo 401(k) plan loan feature as a way of paying off the credit card debt with a lower interest rate, “ stated Susan Glass, a tax specialist with the IRA Financial Group. “People are so excited when they lean that they can access up to $ 50,000 tax-free and penalty free from their 401(k) plan and use the solo 401(k) plan loan as a way of replace a high interest rate credit card loan with a low interest rate solo 401(k) plan loan, “ stated Ms. Glass. “The best part of the solo 401(k) plan loan is that you can get tax-free and penalty free access to your retirement funds and use them to pay off the credit card debt and at the same time pay your plan back, which in-turn increases the value of the loan, “ stated Ms. Glass.

Internal Revenue Code Section 72(p) allows a Solo 401K Plan participant to take a loan from his or her 401K Plan so as long as it is permitted pursuant to the business’s 401K Plan documents.

A solo 401k loan is permitted at any time using the accumulated balance of the solo 401k as collateral for the loan. A Solo 401(k) participant can borrow up to either $ 50,000 or 50% of their account value – whichever is less. This loan has to be repaid over an amortization schedule of 5 years or less with payment frequency no less than quarterly. The lowest interest rate that can be used is Prime as per the Wall Street Journal, which is currently 3.25%.

With IRA Financial Group’s Solo 401K plan loan feature, a self-employed individual or small business owner with no employees can borrow up to $ 50,000 tax-free and penalty free and use those funds to pay off student loan debt. There are no penalties or taxes due provided loan payments are paid on time. “The Solo 401(k) Plan loan has proved to be an appealing financing option to paying off high interest rate credit card debt and secure cheaper self- financing”, stated Ms. Glass.

IRA Financial Group’s Solo 401k Plan documents will allow a self-employed individual to use a loan from your Solo 401k for any purpose, including paying off debt, such as a mortgage, personal loan, or student debt. “In 2015, we have already helped hundreds of individuals use the Solo 401(k) Plan loan feature as a way to access at least $ 50,000 of retirement funds without tax or penalty to use for any purpose, including for use in paying off personal debt, such as credit card and student loans, “ stated Adam Bergman, a tax partner with the IRA Financial Group.

The IRA Financial Group was founded by a group of top law firm tax and ERISA lawyers who have worked at some of the largest law firms in the United States, such as White & Case LLP, Dewey & LeBoeuf LLP, and Thelen LLP.

IRA Financial Group is the leading provider of Solo 401(k) Plan solutions. IRA Financial Group has helped thousands of clients take back control over their retirement funds while gaining the ability to invest in almost any type of investment, including real estate and private business investments without custodian consent.

To learn more about the IRA Financial Group please visit our website at or call 800-472-0646.


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Newest Best-Selling Skin Care Using Key Antioxidants to Repair Sun Damage and Reverse the Signs of Aging at

Antioxidants work by penetrating the top layer of skin

Miami, FL (PRWEB) July 12, 2012

Antioxidants work by penetrating the top layer of skin and turn free radicals into harmless molecules. Thus preventing the signs of aging, stimulating collagen, repairing damaged skin cells, and eliminating blemishes or imperfections.

Vitamin E, also known as Tocopherol, is a moisturizing antioxidant that protects the skin barrier from damage. It acts as an obstacle, fighting free radicals and environmental factors from damaging skin. It is found in neck and decolletage creams because these areas tend to sag and wrinkle over time due to sun exposure and age. Pevonia Ligne Esthebuste Restore Neck and Bust Concentrate $ 70.51, offers it in a concentration for maximum absorption on skin.

Retinol is a Vitamin A derivative. It is considered one of the best anti-aging ingredients because of its long list of benefits. Retinol treats fine lines, wrinkles, sun spots, dullness, crepiness, sagging skin, hyperpigmentation and various other signs of aging and skin concerns. It is found in night serums like the DDF Anti-Aging Restoring Night Serum , $ 86.04 , because skin exposure in the daytime can cause skin damage in the form of spots. Another reason it is recommended for overnight use is because skin absorbs the most when it is at rest. Thus allowing for maximum effectiveness from the ingredient.

 The beauty consultants recommend serums to their clients because the stronger doses allow faster penetration than creams.   Vivite Daily Antioxidant Facial Serum $ 37.25, contains  a mix of extracts from pomegranate, green tea, chamomile, and contains glycolic acid to help diminish discoloration.  Pomegranate is an antioxidant protecting skin against some UV damage that can lead to wrinkles, sagging and skin cancer.  Green tea is an antioxidant that protects against free radicals – helping to enhance skin elasticity, stimulate collagen, and soothe inflammation.  ” Skin that has a sprinkling of freckles, fine lines around the eyes and mouth.  I recommend this wonderful to serum to clients who are not ready to dive into the world of age creams and skin treatments, but want a little proof of how choosing great skin care can make them look a little younger again,” stated Rebecca, lead beauty consultant at  

Idebenone is a synthetic antioxidant that reduces inflammation and UV damage to skin cells that can cause wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. It is popularly found in Prevage MD Anti- Aging Serum, $ 67.00, because this anti-aging serum contains the highest concentration of idebenone found in any skin care product. “This skin product may actually be the best-selling skin care treatment at I talk to clients who have used it for years and praise its benefits!”, stated Rebecca. The antioxidant helps promote firmer, smoother, and brighter skin. It works good with all skin types, but ideal for dry, mature and aging skin. is a leading online retailer of professional beauty products for hair and skin care needs. Find some of the industry’s top beauty brands at extremely competitive prices. Hair products offered by range from professional flat irons to products for hair loss. Quality skin care products address skin concerns from anti-aging to acne-prone skin.


On Twitter: @TheBeautyPlace 

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Article by Benedict Smythe

These days, computers have really improved our way of living, primarily our systems of communication. Other than that, they also play an important role in financial analysis and management.

Before the advent of computers, people had no choice but to rely on financial advisors and bankers for advice on managing their personal finances. Those who found financial management as a burden had to consult finance experts who charge very high fees. However, some personal finance software that has recently been developed has become alternatives to the bankers and financial advisors.The Benefits of Using Personal Finance Software

Personal finance software is used by many financially-confused people these days because this software is really affordable and very useful. There are many of this software that is available in the Internet. Some even come as complements of the more popular personal finance books. Several of them can be had for less than a hundred dollars (0.00). Moreover, people have come to realize that this personal finance software is actually more affordable than bankers and financial counselors.

This personal finance software is considered long term investment. One only has to pay a one time purchase fee and he will not need to worry about his personal finance management for years to come.

Moreover, this software is actually very easy to use. Contrary to the common notion that this software is complicated and that they require in-depth information technology knowledge, they are actually very user-friendly. They were actually developed to cater to non-technical users.

This personal finance software is automated. When installed properly in your computers, they can be used within the comforts of your homes to balance your finances, pay your bills, monitor your investments, manage your accounts, and for other purposes. You can even program your software to create detailed budget plans on a regular basis.

Choosing Your Personal Finance Software

Before buying your own personal finance software, be sure to carefully analyze your needs first. Note that this software have varying uses and capabilities. You have to make sure that you first prepare a list of all the functions that you expect from a personal finance software.

Although most of this software can help you manage your personal finances, you may need specialized types that can actually meet your unique needs. Some software is made to cater to people who are employed, while others are made cater to self-employed people.

There are some simple personal finance software that can produce narrative reports, while other more sophisticated software can produce charts and detailed financial statements. Moreover, some programs are limited to investment and finance management, while others which are more advanced enough can handle tax filing. Examine all the qualities and functions that you need and use them as basis for your choice of software.

In choosing a personal finance software, you will also have to check the system requirements, aside from the software’s functionalities. Note that there is software that is based on Windows operating system, while others run on other operation systems. Consider the specifications required as well.

About the Author

Real Claims and Consumer Credit Claims are a group of solicitors dedicated to miss sold loans and payment protection insurance.

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Article by Bruno Korschek

Given the recent spate of poor economic news and statistics, there is now no doubt that the American political class has failed miserably more than the past couple of years when it comes to operating a wholesome, growing economy. All of the recent political class economic programs have been ineffective relative to their objectives which includes Money For Clunkers, Initial Time Residence Buyers Rebate Program, mortgage salvation programs such as HAMP, and worse of all, the economic stimulus program. All these economic failures did was to add to the skyrocketing national debt with out offering any long lasting economic benefit.

The economic stimulus program was the worst culprit, if only since it wasted the most amount of taxpayer dollars, billion, according to the latest Congressional Spending budget Workplace estimates. The economic models employed to predict what would occur with increased government spending were disasters from a prediction perspective. They had been fatally flawed in the assumption that 1 dollar in government spending would miraculously several numerous times more than to produce a cascade of economic growth. This did not happen. In reality, some academic economic specialists have estimated for each spent in the economic stimulus program, far less than one dollar in benefit was received.

How then do you aid the economy grow? Contemplate some of the following actual life scenarios where much less government spending intervention in the economy in fact spurred economic growth. The first two examples have in fact happened in genuine life, giving them the advantage more than economic theory which we now know failed horribly in real life. The third example is an analogy employing the concept of water in a swimming pool and also makes use of no economic theory, just common sense.

At the end of Globe War II, the United States necessary to do a enormous retooling and refocusing of the domestic economy, going from a wartime based economy to a peace time based economy quite swiftly. Why? There was no longer a require to create military goods and there had been millions and millions of service men and girls coming property to look for a job. Today’s political class would have introduced a huge economic stimulus spending program, with the corresponding improve in government taxes and spending budget, to “produce jobs.”

Luckily, the political class in 1945 did the precise opposite:

- From 1945 to 1948, the government in fact decreased its size and spending by about 68%, going from a Federal spending budget in 1945 of .7 billion to a much smaller size of below billion by 1948.

- In the course of that 3 year time frame, the economy grew by over 6% a year, going from a GDP of three billion in 1945 to more than 9 billion by 1948.

- Despite millions of ex-military folks flooding the job marketplace, unemployment never went above four% in the course of the identical time period, a level of unemployment that today’s politicians would kill for.

Let’s evaluation: 1940s government spending is slashed, economic growth skyrockets, and unemployment is kept under an unheard of four% in spite of the enormous influx of new workers. This is the precise opposite method of the economic stimulus program. The government expanded in size (as did the national debt) but economic growth has been anemic, unemployment has been stubbornly high, and there was no enormous influx of new workers.

If you read the history of this time period from an economic perspective, there actually had been economists of the time that never ever believed this non-interventionist government method would work. They advised that the government continue to fund the war time factories and continue to create unneeded wartime munitions and weapons in order to develop function for individuals. Never ever mind, that the output of their effort would never ever be utilized in the economy, it would just burn by way of taxpayer resources to develop function.

This is eerily similar to the the recent economic stimulus package which also created work but not long lasting, economy developing, permanent jobs. Thankfully, the politicians of the 1940s ignored the suggestions of these economic wizards and let the economy sort itself out, which it did magnificently. High growth, minimal government taxes, expenditures and debt, and low unemployment. It was that easy.

Let’s jump ahead 65 years to present day reality and evaluation what is going on down in Puerto Rico.The following example is based on an interview completed in the June, 2011 issue of Reason magazine. The topic of the interview was Luis Fortuno who is the existing governor of Puerto Rico. Highlights of the interview article consist of the following:

- When he became governor in 2008, he located a fiscal scenario that was far worse than he imagined.

- As soon as he came into workplace he identified that the government did not have enough money to make payroll, necessitating the want to get a loan for the fundamental function of paying government staff.

- The bond rating agencies had been about to classify Puerto Rico bonds as junk status.

- Within two years, he had decreased government spending by 20%, had started to lower taxes across the board, and had averted the junk status rating for the bonds of Puerto Rico.

- He did all of this despite the fact that Puerto Rico’s spending budget was worse than the budget shortfall of any state in the union, coming up 44% short of the income needed to cover current costs at the time.

- In addition, unemployment in Puerto Rico was 17%.

- He set a cost cutting example by cutting his own salary by 10%, the salaries of his cabinet secretaries and the size of government contracts by 15%.

- Inside two years he had reduced government employee headcount by 17,000 people on a total base of 140,000 or about 12%.

- He lately decreased government employee headcount by an additional 4,000.

- He achieved the reduction by encouraging retirement or delivering workers incentives to start their own businesses and leave government employment.

- Unemployment is nonetheless high at 14.five% but is down from a high of 17% (a 15% reduction) and is still trending downward.

- For the first time in 5 years, Puerto Rico is lastly seeing positive economic growth indicators.

- He also slashed each corporate and individual income tax rates but nonetheless expects to have a balanced spending budget by 2013.

- The beauty of his tax reduction method is that if the spending budget is not balanced by 2013, some of the future tax reductions will not occur. This encourages all taxpayers to remain on best of their politicians to to get spending under manage. Otherwise, taxes go up, a tremendously clever leveraging approach.

- When he took workplace, Puerto Rico was dead last relating to the relative size of the budget deficit in comparison to the fifty states. Right now, it has improved all the way up to 20th, enhancing its spending budget circumstance more than 31 other states.

What a fantastic story. A bold leader cuts taxes, reduces government spending, reduces the number of government employees, absorbs the slings and arrows of doubters and what happens: unemployment goes down, taxes go down and the government’s fiscal circumstance gets drastically healthier. This is not economic theory, this is the economic reality of today when a intelligent and courageous leader follows the tenets of freedom and makes government smaller and the individuals it is supposed to be serving, freer.

And everyone wins. Households get to maintain far more of their tough earned dollars, corporations have more funds to expand and pay for much more workers, and government is smaller and much more effective as it narrows its focus onto only crucial priorities.

Two quotes from the post truly fly in the face of the attitudes we get from our politicians in Washington:

“There are some that have a philosophy that the government can manage our dollars much greater than we can. I completely disagree. I believe that, actually, folks are working tough, sometimes with two or three jobs, to earn that funds. They ought to keep it. And they know much greater than any government how to handle it, beginning with their own.”

“Surely the minority in our state legislature (have been sources of opposition). The unions have been trying to block us as well. But at the finish of the day, there’s nothing much more powerful than individual freedom to start to grow and do greater for oneself and your loved ones. And that’s far more effective than any union, any government, any party, and I’m convinced that that is why this (economy improvement) will be permanent.”

A freedom lover, a guy who understands reality and human behavior, and whose ego is not so large that he thinks the world revolves around him. Totally contrary to those currently sitting in the White House and in Congress. And most importantly, he has a productive economic track record, they have a record of failure and futility.

Two examples from two distinct time periods with the very same effective results. Freedom of option, low taxation, and minimal government interference wins out. Seems funny that the New York Times never reviewed these two economic good results stories, still stuck in the old failed theories that government knows very best.

The third example is not based on actual economic success stories, just common sense. The analogy likens the economy to the water in a huge swimming pool. The political class has this brilliant concept that it wants to grow the economy. How does it do it?

Simple, it takes water out of the left side of the pool and carries it over and pours it into the appropriate side of the pool. Even though the pouring procedure may have elevated the water on that appropriate side of the pool, the effects are limited and minimal because the water ultimately equalizes out, with no net gain of water or economic activity and growth.

The dilemma is that government spending does not develop wealth, it does not create water. It just takes wealth out of the economy (the left side of the pool), repackages it as economic stimulus (the correct side of the pool) and absolutely nothing is gained.

In fact, you could make the case that water is lost (i.e. economic vitality is lost) as the politicians splash water onto the pavement in the process of moving it. This would be equivalent of spending stimulus money on such inane economic stimulus projects as insect investigation in Africa and replacing windows in a government developing that was not in use and will most likely by no means be in use.

The wealth and funds they took out of the economy on the left side of the pool would have been a lot greater spent and spent much more efficiently if it had been left in the hands of people, families, and organizations. They would have had sufficient ingenuity to locate a water hose and really increased the amount of water in the pool. The political class could not even uncover the tax cheaters that got awarded stimulus dollars, never mind obtaining a water hose and employing it.

The stimulus program is a bust, it turns out to be absolutely nothing a lot more than moving water form the left side of the pool to the correct side of the pool, losing water int he transfer method. It has not decreased unemployment, it has not led to substantial economic growth, and it is negative impact on the national debt will last for decades to come. Truman in World War II and Fortuno nowadays have shown the way to economic growth, a way that works and nobody, not even the New York Times, can argue with success.

About the Author

Walter “Bruno” Korschek is the author of the book, “Really like My Country, Loathe My Government – Fifty 1st Steps To Restoring Our Freedom and Destroying The American Poltiical Class,” which is available at and on the web at Amazon and Barnes &amp Noble. Our everyday dialog on freedom in American can be joined at

Post by Grow your small company with Info Technology

ou Can Grow Your Little Company Employing The Appropriate Technology

Dan Katz of PSK Supermarkets, a Mount Vernon, N. Y. based chain of Foodtown grocery stores, knew he had a problem: His customers were producing fewer trips to his stores and spending less cash every time. Facing intense competition for clients from each conventional competitors and newcomers like FreshDirect and Whole Foods, he required to boost consumer loyalty quickly. But how?

Dan started with his in-house point-of sale technique. The technique shops records of all purchases and ties the information back to the individual customer and the SKUs (shopkeeping units, or products) they purchase. Using the shopping cards he problems to his consumers, Dan produced a targeted loyalty program focused on his very best consumers.

Here’s how it works: buyers are divided into 12 loyalty levels, with 1 becoming the most loyal and 12the least loyal (measured in terms of dollars spent per month). The ideal customers are rewarded for their purchases with S&ampH Greenpoints which can be redeemed for merchandise. In the very first six months of the program, Dan boosted the typical obtain per visit much more than 20% a year later, Dan continually monitors clients across the 12 loyalty levels. He offers incentives to retain his ideal consumers and watches for “downward migration” if customers suddenly commence shopping much less so he can send out targeted promotions to bring them back into his stores.

PSK’s strategy is a dramatic example of how company is changing the way it interacts with and markets to consumers and prospects. A few important trends make it less difficult than ever for any company, significant or small, to catch this wave and reap tremendous rewards. Data storage expenses are lower than ever, and Internet usage is widespread. Most importantly, there are now potent software programs that can capture, track, manage and analyze consumer information. Microsoft Office consists of Excel, a spreadsheet program several modest organizations use to store information on their clients.

Users who upgrade to Microsoft Workplace Skilled for a couple of hundred dollars more can take advantage of the power of Access, an expandable relational database that can store data on many thousands of buyers. There is also software program for rent available on the Web from that can keep track of sales interactions with buyers for less than per month per user. In brief, a range of powerful, straightforward to use, customizable tools are obtainable that can assist firms store and capitalize on their customer data.

Any company now has the capability to track the behaviour of every customer and shop enormous amounts of information on acquire history, transactions, demographics and interactions. The key to developing income and profits, although, is to use that information to supply a more personalized, interactive and service-oriented customer experience. How can you get began right now to take advantage of these trends and keep up with your competitors?

Here’s one “big concept” you need to come away with: Discover who your greatest buyers are. You’ll maximize revenues and profits by paying attention to your most valuable consumers and targeting your advertising and enterprise development efforts toward satisfying their wants. Below are tips for obtaining far better acquainted with your clients.

Keep track of all your customers. You can commence with a basic Excel spreadsheet, or move to a much more sophisticated Access database. If you have a large number of buyers and want to track transactions, interactions, buy history, demographics and other information, you can move to an industrial-strength relationship database management program.

Use the Internet to interact with and learn from your customers. Feel of the Internet as a two-way street to collect and transmit details — from your web site, via e-mail or in a weblog. Give customers a reason to register on your website (to receive a newsletter or take a quiz) so you can capture names, addresses and e-mail addresses. You can then use a program such as Constant Get in touch with to send e-mail on a regular basis to customers. Another notion is enable clients to “chat” or instant message in real time with, for instance, a sales rep, throughout certain hours.

Calculate a monetary value for each of your buyers and update it when additional purchases are made. This can be as straightforward as updating an Excel spreadsheet when a month with acquire information from your point-of-sale method. If you have it, update your customer history with information on your price of goods sold, so that you can calculate a net profit per customer. Over time, you can get an notion of how much your ideal buyers are spending with you and a sense of what the “customer lifetime value” is for every of them.

Maintain track of how often your buyers acquire from you (frequency), when was the last time they purchased (recency), and how long they’ve been with you (longevity). Together with the monetary value you have calculated, these will support you refine your definition of “very best customer” and allow you to concentrate on maximizing total value more than the customer’s lifetime.

Ask your greatest customers how you can do far better: If you ask, they’ll tell you. What new merchandise or services can you develop? What adjustments can you make to your existing goods or services to provide buyers with a reason to remain with you and bring you a lot more business? If you listen cautiously, you will understand a lot about what it takes to keep and grow your best consumers. One excellent resource for surveys is, which will conduct a survey and analyze the outcomes for you. The company presently gives a small scale study for free.

Tailor your services and products directly to your customers’ expressed wants. Use the customer intelligence you gather to alter the way you do company. Focus on the specific merchandise, services and techniques of doing company that matter most to your buyers. For instance, say your survey showed that consumers felt your product was too expensive. Perhaps you could take into account manufacturing a version with fewer capabilities and selling it for much less cash.

Concentrate your efforts 1st on your leading-tier buyers, then the subsequent tier, and so on, until you reach your least profitable clients. You will be able to invest your item development, advertising and sales dollars on your best consumers and not on the buyers who are not creating any cash for you.

When you are looking for new organization, attract prospects who are similar to your best customers. This makes sense, doesn’t it? You already know how beneficial your greatest consumers can be, so attempt to tailor your new organization development efforts to attract prospects who have the prospective to turn out to be just like them. If you know where your ideal customers live, you can target new consumers in the identical zip code or an adjacent one. Contemplate purchasing demographic data from a vendor such as Donnelley Advertising and marketing or Experian.

Above all, just get started understanding more about your customers. Begin small, and do a little a lot more each and every day. Soon you’ll be working with accurate consumer intelligence to construct your revenues and profits.

Brought to you by the Darrin Jackson

Written by Tony Correto

VoltagePc -we educate you, support you, shield you Call us and tell us what far more we can do for you

About the Author

Darrin Jackson 12 Years as an I.T. professional, jobs involve but not restricted to Help Desk manager,Jr Admin, Sr.Admin,MIS Director,MIS Account Manager/purchaser, Technical Outsource Coordinator,Software Trainer,Network Style.

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