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Career planning is not an activity that should done at once. It is a life time process, which includes choosing an occupation, getting a job, and growing in that profession. According to research, an average worker will change careers multiple times over his/her life time, and it is never too soon or late to start your career. Career planning is an invested time, as it sets you the path that leads where you would like to go. This testing provides with you clarity regarding your career objective as well and best done, embarks on your job search. Career planning activity should be liberating and fulfilling that should be providing a goal to achieve in your current career plans for beginning a transition to a new career.

Here are some of the guidelines of career plan:

Before getting into your career plan, first explore the occupations in the industry, you are interested in and what is the labor market for that industry. Find out what really motivates you, what competencies you want to build up for it, carefully working your way to your reward, which could clearly be the consequence of your work.

Short term career plan: Mainly, short term plan focuses on time frame ranging from current year to next year. The key characteristic of short term career planing is developing realistic goals and objectives that you wish to accomplish in the near future.

Make your career plan as an annual event: if you are planning for a major career change and schedule a retreat for yourself, try to focus on career plan, i.e., what you really want out of your career plan, and do mapping of your goals, since the last time, you did any sort of career planing. Career path depends on your likes and dislikes. Hence, reviewing and selecting on the path always take time in order to reflect your career plans.

If your job and career still fail, if your job activity falls most in the dislike column, now is the time for you to begin examination of new jobs and new career.

Based on your appetite and aspiration, you can also get job offers, you wish. Suppose if you wish to be a Business Analyst, check out the source available to the kind of work for being a business analyst, If you really enjoy the work that comes with it, you must opt for it, Look further for job that fits you. For job satisfaction,growth, rewards and recognition, career plan plays an important role. Good quality life comes from one thing, which is you loving your job.

After deciding on a particular direction, build competencies. Careers need specific education and training. Whichever career you choose to be in, you will fare well if you strive to be the best in it. Learn to jump the ropes by acquiring the information through a course, by adding specific and special skill set that helps you to handle the job with greater proficiency. If your career goal is clear and towards your ambition, then start walking towards it. by acquiring skills and competency that help you along.

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