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Apocalyptic Future in Biblical Prophecy Exposed by Researcher

Indianapolis, Indiana (PRWEB) June 13, 2014

An eye-opening interpretation of the book of Revelation has been uncovered by researcher and author Roberta Marshall. Literal reading of the ancient text of prophecy has revealed descriptions of modern disasters, wars, and personalities. Among the ideas presented is that the major city of Babylon will be nuked at the start of a war. Also, earth changes will be caused by the wandering celestial object known today as planet X which is referred to in scripture as Wormwood. The mark of the beast will be a system to ration precious commodities after the devastation caused by planet X. During that time of tribulation, Satan, other fallen angels, and their earthly children will seize global domination. The complete findings have been published in a new e book titled “Revelation: Greatest Hits” available now at Amazon.

The author maintains that her findings are more of a translation than an interpretation. She has put herself in John’s place, seeing what he saw on the island of Patmos around the year 96 A.D. in his visions. She has then translated those visions into modern ideas and concepts. John’s visions are composed mostly of technology and events he could not understand such as global economic collapse, modern warfare with missiles and nuclear war, celestial events, the beast, 666, a war in heaven, and the end of the earth. Concepts such as airplanes and radio were unknown to him. But he reported his visions as best he could, leaving the interpretation to those of us who inhabit the times for which they were written.

Events in the book of Revelation are reported to be in sequence. Though exact dates are not given, once things ramp up, one event will follow another just as written. There are no hidden codes, no confusing convoluted timelines, and no lost chapters. It’s true meanings are not reserved for some ancient scribe sitting at a desk in a cave library under the Vatican. The near future of the human race on earth is simply and completely told, even to the end of the earth itself. Just as John faithfully wrote the entirety of his prophetic visions, the author has faithfully studied them for what she believes them to be: a precious gift of a look ahead.

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Online Speech Therapy Provider Connects Students with the Future of Learning Through Official Partnership with Double Robotics

Robots in Schools

Austin, Texas (PRWEB) March 05, 2014

Austin, March 4, 2014 – TinyEYE Therapy Services is taking telepractice to a new level of educational innovation. They announced this morning their official partnership with Double Robotics, a California-based robotics company known for their telepresent robot. TinyEYE has begun using this robot in delivering their speech therapy services in Canada and the USA.

Telepractice is a term that refers to practitioners using telecommunication technologies to deliver their treatments. In speech therapy, the most common type of telepractice is using a web camera and a web-enabled software tool to connect with the student while they’re at school. Traditionally, telepractice has been one static location to another static location. “Bringing mobility into the telepractice model enables the therapist to engage in the environment of the student,” said Greg Sutton, TinyEYE Chief Executive Officer. “They can go right into the classroom, sit next to the student at their desk or stand next to the teacher. They get a better overall feeling of the environment that the student is in and this enables the therapist to better treat that student.”

The engagement that speech therapists can achieve while using the telepresent robot is the key to achieving positive outcomes for students. TinyEYE Co-Founder and Speech Therapist, Marnee Brick adds, “Through our 8 years of experience of delivering online speech therapy to thousands and of thousands of kids, we’ve learned that engagement is the secret to learning. By bringing robots to schools, we are facilitating engagement and also preparing children for the future they are going into, rather than the world that we came from.”

Media & industry are invited to learn more about TinyEYE’s innovative use of robots in the education system by joining Greg Sutton for his talk at SXSWedu or by visiting Event participants will get an opportunity to be the robot!

Session: Special Education: Bring your Robot to School!

Time: 9:30am, Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Location: Austin Convention Center Ballroom EF at SXSWedu


TinyEYE is a global leader in bringing online Speech-Language Pathologist and Occupational Therapist services to schools. Providing therapy services in 5 languages across 12 countries, TinyEYE has reached students with no access to these vital services due to geographic, social, or economic barriers. Thousands of students have been served via its award winning online therapy platform which has been proven effective by numerous independent research studies. In an official partnership with Double Robotics, TinyEYE is on the forefront of innovation in bringing the next generation of telepractice by introducing robots in the classroom. TinyEYE’s mission is to mend spirits, grow smiles, and engage children in their lives.

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BioInformatics LLC New Market Report – The Market for Primary Cells & Stem Cell-Derived Cells: Current and Future Opportunities (13-004)

Do a deep dive into the primary cells market!

Arlington, VA (PRWEB) May 16, 2013

BioInformatics LLC New Market Report – The Market for Primary Cells & Stem Cell-Derived Cells: Current and Future Opportunities (13-004)

With barriers to entry low, the number of suppliers in the primary cells market continues to increase. In this study, BioInformatics LLC examines what cell types are used most often, how satisfied scientists are with commercially available primary cells, what is the market size and anticipated growth rate.


Additionally, terminally differentiated cells can be used in many applications where primary cells are currently employed. This report profiles this emerging market and the role of commercial suppliers in this area, and explores how the use of primary cells be will be affected by the availability of stem cell-derived differentiated cell types.


Of interest to suppliers is what motivates scientists to purchase primary cells. A key finding in this report indicates that the number one reason that a lab chooses a particular supplier is that the required cell type is available (75%). But not too far behind (54%) is that the product quality is consistent for that particular brand. Additionally, the study finds that the average number of liters per month used to culture primary cells in North American and European labs is 9.95.


The following companies are listed as answer choices in the survey:






BD Gentest (now Corning Life Sciences)


Cell Applications

CET (Cell Engineering Technology)

CellnTec Advanced Cell Systems


Celsis IVT

Global Stem

Gibco (Life Technologies


Lifeline Cell Technology


EMD Millipore


QBM Cell Science



Stemcell Technologies

Thermo Scientific

TRL Triangle Research Labs




“This study of the academic and pharma/biotech sectors in North America and Europe will provide suppliers with an analysis of the market for primary cells and an assessment of the brand equity for the leading companies who serve this market,” says Robin Rothrock, Ph.D., Director of Publications at BioInformatics LLC. “Plus, we have explored the market for stem cell-derived differentiated cells, a potential threat—or opportunity—to suppliers in this market.”


To learn more about The Market for Primary Cells & Stem Cell-Derived Cells: Current and Future Opportunities (13-004), a complimentary Executive Summary is available at:


Download free executive summary

About Bioinformatics LLC


BioInformatics LLC is the premier research and advisory firm serving the life science industry. By leveraging our professional social network of more than 73,000 life scientists, we have supported more than 500 companies and provided insights that lead to better business decisions. Our assignments include assessing the size and attractiveness of markets, optimizing product configurations and pricing, validating corporate acquisitions, measuring customer loyalty, and evaluating brand strength and positioning.


For more information contact:


Mary Follin

Manager, Marketing/Sales

BioInformatics LLC

2111 Wilson Blvd., Suite 250

Arlington, VA 22201

703.778.3080 x13 (phone)



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Cost Cuts and Declining Revenues Signal Lack of Future Economic Growth, According to Investment Contrarians Expert

Cost Cuts and Declining Revenues Signal Lack of Future Economic Growth, According to Investment Contrarians Expert

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 10, 2012

In a recent Investment Contrarians article, financial expert George Leong notes that revenues going forward, especially organic growth rates, will be extremely important for a healthy economy. Leong states that revenues need to grow to drive earnings; but businesses are cutting costs to drive earnings instead, signaling a lack of economic growth for the near future.

“Based on the current estimates, earnings for the S&P 500 are estimated to fall 2.6% in the third quarter, which would end the 11 straight months of earnings growth,” states Leong, citing FactSet ( “So far for the third quarter, 82 S&P 500 companies have issued negative earnings-per-share (EPS) guidance versus only 21 companies reporting positive guidance.”

According to Leong, Alcoa, one of the world’s top aluminum makers, is a good indicator for the global economy, as the metal is used in many industrial applications.

“In the second-quarter earnings season, Alcoa beat slightly on earnings, but revenues are an issue, as will likely be the situation for many U.S. companies,” reports Leong. He also notes that the company’s revenues are estimated to fall 12.7% in the third-quarter earnings season, followed by a 5.0% decline in the fourth-quarter earnings season.

“This is not what you would expect if the economy was healthy,” says Leong, noting that while there is some hope and optimism for the third-quarter earnings season, he expects disappointment across the board.

As in the past quarters, the key question, in Leong’s view, is whether companies are growing their revenues to drive earnings, or is earnings growth being generated by cost cuts. This is critical, and could give a good indication of how well corporate America is actually doing.

“The reality is that many companies cut costs during hard times, and they should be in a better condition now. If the economy was truly healthy, [the market] would see earnings growth driven by revenues,” Leong concludes.

To see the full article and to get a real contrarian perspective on investing and the economy, visit Investment Contrarians at

Investment Contrarians is a daily financial e-letter dedicated to helping investors make money by going against the “herd mentality.”

The editors of Investment Contrarians believe the stock market and the economy have been propped up since 2009 by artificially low interest rates, never-ending government borrowing and an unprecedented expansion of our money supply. The “official” unemployment numbers do not reflect people who have given up looking for work and are thus skewed. They believe the “official” inflation numbers are also not reflective of today’s reality of rising prices.

After a 25- to 30-year down cycle in interest rates, the Investment Contrarians editors expect rapid inflation caused by huge government debt and money printing will eventually start us on a new cycle of rising interest rates.

Investment Contrarians provides unbiased research. They are independent analysts who love to research and comment on the economy and investing. The e-newsletter’s parent company, Lombardi Publishing Corporation, has been in business since 1986. Combined, their economists and analysts have over 100 years of investment experience.

Find out where Investment Contrarians editors see the risks and opportunities for investors in 2012 at

George Leong, B. Comm., one of the lead editorial contributors at Investment Contrarians, has just released, “A Problem 23 Times Bigger Than Greece,” a breakthrough video where George details the risk of an economy set to implode that is 23 times bigger than Greece’s economy! To see the video, visit

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Article by Pinto

Career planning is not an activity that should done at once. It is a life time process, which includes choosing an occupation, getting a job, and growing in that profession. According to research, an average worker will change careers multiple times over his/her life time, and it is never too soon or late to start your career. Career planning is an invested time, as it sets you the path that leads where you would like to go. This testing provides with you clarity regarding your career objective as well and best done, embarks on your job search. Career planning activity should be liberating and fulfilling that should be providing a goal to achieve in your current career plans for beginning a transition to a new career.

Here are some of the guidelines of career plan:

Before getting into your career plan, first explore the occupations in the industry, you are interested in and what is the labor market for that industry. Find out what really motivates you, what competencies you want to build up for it, carefully working your way to your reward, which could clearly be the consequence of your work.

Short term career plan: Mainly, short term plan focuses on time frame ranging from current year to next year. The key characteristic of short term career planing is developing realistic goals and objectives that you wish to accomplish in the near future.

Make your career plan as an annual event: if you are planning for a major career change and schedule a retreat for yourself, try to focus on career plan, i.e., what you really want out of your career plan, and do mapping of your goals, since the last time, you did any sort of career planing. Career path depends on your likes and dislikes. Hence, reviewing and selecting on the path always take time in order to reflect your career plans.

If your job and career still fail, if your job activity falls most in the dislike column, now is the time for you to begin examination of new jobs and new career.

Based on your appetite and aspiration, you can also get job offers, you wish. Suppose if you wish to be a Business Analyst, check out the source available to the kind of work for being a business analyst, If you really enjoy the work that comes with it, you must opt for it, Look further for job that fits you. For job satisfaction,growth, rewards and recognition, career plan plays an important role. Good quality life comes from one thing, which is you loving your job.

After deciding on a particular direction, build competencies. Careers need specific education and training. Whichever career you choose to be in, you will fare well if you strive to be the best in it. Learn to jump the ropes by acquiring the information through a course, by adding specific and special skill set that helps you to handle the job with greater proficiency. If your career goal is clear and towards your ambition, then start walking towards it. by acquiring skills and competency that help you along.

About the Author

Pinto has written this article on behalf of Gigajob Singapore,which is a Singapore Job Searching Site, where you can find latest job openings in IT,Marketing, Banking,Hotel management,Airlines and more domains.

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