Posts Tagged ‘Skills’ This video in our Experiment in Leadership Development series addresses how we see management and leadership and their importance to every other. It may be familar to Enlightened Leadership customers, but the example story may well be new to you. The format of this one is Extremely Distinct. Please give us your perspectives on it!Please rate and comment this video. Give us feedback on its value. Have to have it? Subscribe! Websites to check out: http History of Enlightened Leadership Solutions The best place to start is exactly where we got our name. The Allied Forces had just won a swift and decisive victory in the initial Gulf War. The efficiency and the effectiveness of the forces were notable. 1 of our principals was watching CNN interview one of the Generals in Saudi Arabia . The General who shared his observations and analysis on why the Allied Forces were so effective commented: The chain of command has empowered the armed forces in the field to get the job done. Choices are becoming produced at the battle front, not by the brass in Washington . Now thats enlightened leadership. 3 years later, the book was published by Simon & Schuster. The book is in its 31st printing and has sold more than 230000 copies worldwide. What weve learned is a profound demonstration about the power of human capital, and unleashing that power is at the really core of our function. Philosophy of Enlightened Leadership Solutions We
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Video Rating: four / five