www.enleadership.com This video in our Experiment in Leadership Development series addresses how we see management and leadership and their importance to every other. It may be familar to Enlightened Leadership customers, but the example story may well be new to you. The format of this one is Extremely Distinct. Please give us your perspectives on it!Please rate and comment this video. Give us feedback on its value. Have to have it? Subscribe! Websites to check out: www.leadershipmadesimple.com http www.facebook.com www.twitter.com History of Enlightened Leadership Solutions The best place to start is exactly where we got our name. The Allied Forces had just won a swift and decisive victory in the initial Gulf War. The efficiency and the effectiveness of the forces were notable. 1 of our principals was watching CNN interview one of the Generals in Saudi Arabia . The General who shared his observations and analysis on why the Allied Forces were so effective commented: The chain of command has empowered the armed forces in the field to get the job done. Choices are becoming produced at the battle front, not by the brass in Washington . Now thats enlightened leadership. 3 years later, the book was published by Simon & Schuster. The book is in its 31st printing and has sold more than 230000 copies worldwide. What weve learned is a profound demonstration about the power of human capital, and unleashing that power is at the really core of our function. Philosophy of Enlightened Leadership Solutions We
Video Rating: four / 5

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Video Rating: four / five

32 Responses to “Management Skills VS Leadership Skills”

  • luistpuig:

    Productivity is a result of Efficiency, and not energy efficiency like some are talking right now, but COMPLETE Efficiency… if you don’t know the Baselines of your business how can you improve it?… if your Equipment isn’t kept and operated properly how can you depend on it?… if your organization has no good workers communication & training how can you get people to do the right things?… get it? Process, Equipment, Personnel, the core elements…. get the Industrial Efficiency Triangle.

  • VeronicaBrillonHR:

    As a Human Resources Professional I know how important it is to bring the Humanity back to Human Resources check out my videos and lest connect

  • inthisjerk76:

    Information about Integration Training’s Management Skills Training and leadership courses

  • leadershipquality:

    I got useful information about leadership and leadership skills. Thanks.

  • shroudturin77:

    You are right BALANCE is everything! Both sides considered. Always!

  • samueltabron:

    liked it a lot

  • zimbabwean:

    excellent excellent excellent excellent

  • senutnasiul:

    I liked your approach to the subject. At the moment I’m attending a course on Leadership and Team Management and your presentation has been very useful

  • MegaGenius84:

    Great presentation! Good analogy regarding the plane scenario

  • Enquiringmind777:

    No you didn’t fail in the leadership v management on the plane. Your first priority was to focus completely on getting those wheels down without a tete a tete with the missus. You did just fine lol

  • kencarl37:

    too much time for nothing

  • softplanetgroup:

    Do you have any more tips on how to ‘connect’ with people if you think they do not have any faith or respect for your managerial position?

  • lester5192:

    no manager cares about all this. they only care about their EGO.

    they don’t value good employees or losing business. then they blame the economy for things failing.

  • captain1morgan:

    Great video. Ed makes a good point that to be a good manager you need to master not only the hard part (processes) but also the soft part (people)…

    - Dr. Jim Anderson
    Blue Elephant Consulting
    Your Source For Real World IT Management Skills™
    Facebook: goo[dot]gl/JO0S
    Web: BlueElephantConsulting[dot]com

  • Danster547:

    @rameshsvs1 Obviously he was giving an example of the two and how they work together..

  • Danster547:

    @Alesia100Dhana How is this boring? This is talking about the fundamentals of leadership and management as well as how they go hand in hand. This was a very well done video that I found extremely interesting.

  • NehaIyengar:

    Informative post. Management can be a learnt much quickly than Leadership. Hence companies prefer people with soft-skills as their managers than technically skilled employees. I was a total wreck in soft-skills. Since I have started using Espoir Smart English through anagement Ideas’ I have learnt soft-skills. The learningin this is not superficial that ill forget in a months time. I have learnt it through a powerful concept caleed Content Based Instruction so I have inculcated the same in my me

  • Alesia100Dhana:

    im watching this becuz ma mum wants it for her lecture.. soo borrrring!! how does she even find this interesting?? O_O

  • tbointernational:

    Great concept and both are necessary and required too.Thanks a lot.

  • sytofern:

    Both are necessary

  • misshallsschool:

    Miss Hall’s School is an all girls boarding and day school located in the beautiful Berkshires of Massachusetts for grades 9-12.
    Please subscribe and watch our videos!!!

  • 1975tims:

    good one

  • shanokhala:

    Good analogy

  • BENJAMMIN1688:

    crap and boring

  • rameshsvs1:

    what is this nonsense after first 2 mins……..y does he need to tell his cock/bull story

  • ultimatekillroy:

    @dbreardon Sometimes I probably should not respond to people offering their opinion, especially when I did not upload the vid…but I am a leadership consultant and you comment is mostly right I would agree that change just for changes sake is not a good thing…But there is always that factor of continues improvement and the desire to be a little bit better every day, that demand a leader to be on the lookout for the changes he/she will have to implement to achieve the next level of success…

  • kakia91ant:

    uffffffffffffffffffffffff too

  • dbreardon:

    I’ve seen more “leaders” come into situations that are already working/functioning, only to attempt to implement their version/vision of change. If it ain’t broke then don’t fix it. Change to fix something is good but change for changes sake is not. One doesn’t make their mark as a leader by simply creating change…that is BS. Ones makes their mark by creatingestablishing the best team possible to implement the strategic goals.

  • seth:

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  • Ryan:

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