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Will Leitch and the Curious Case of Chris Borland on SCI TV

Sports Conflict Institute (SCI)

Portland, OR (PRWEB) March 31, 2015

Former 49ers linebacker Chris Borland turned more heads with his sudden retirement announcement than during his first year of a promising NFL career. In a March episode of SCI TV, Sports on Earth Senior Writer Will Leitch explores the curious case of Borland and the potential impact on the league. Leitch talks about the decision making process that Borland and other football players will likely use when choosing the preservation of health over a large paycheck, and what impact, if any, he thinks this case will have on the NFL and the sport of football in general.

As the founder of Deadspin, Leitch enjoys finding interesting sports angles outside the mainstream. Chris Borland’s unique retirement, and the flurry of social commentary around it, provide a platform for discussing the larger health effects of football and how we think about the NFL.

“Nothing happens in a vacuum in the NFL,” Leitch said. “You can’t just be an independent actor, you have to stand for this larger organization.”

Leitch thinks that in many ways Borland’s decision cuts to the core of the league because of the type of player he was.

“You have a player that in a lot of ways represents what the league stands for, this gritty, fighter of a guy who’s tough and smart and everything the league should be promoting,” Leitch said. “He made what he saw was a rational decision. The ripples in that wake speak to the potential enormity of what Borland could stand for.”

At the same time Borland is not your typical rookie, coming from a family with more privilege and perhaps more perspective, than many NFL recruits. Either way, commentators and scouts are already watching how players weigh the long term risks of playing football.

“There’s a definite sense in the NFL that this is worrisome,” Leitch said. “This is something that’s becoming not just a ‘journalist problem,’ but a talent problem.”

But none of this seems an imminent threat to the league. Ratings are still sky high and the NFL is more profitable than ever. Leitch thinks Borland’s case and the concussion issue is a problem for the league in the long run; in the short run, business as usual.

“There’s less pressure on (the NFL) to change than maybe there should be,” Leitch says, noting that for fans, “there is a disconnect between people’s moral habits and their viewing habits.”

In the end, Leitch thinks the discussion around the future of football needs to be more nuanced than simply great entertainment versus grave health danger.

“You have to be honest about the enjoyment of the game and what people get out of it rather than just scolding,” Leitch says. “That makes for a more honest conversation and a more complex one that doesn’t have easy answers.”

Listen to the full interview with Will Leitch at:

About SC I

SCI supports competitive goals in athletics through understanding, preventing, and resolving destructive conflict both inside and outside the lines. SCI serves as a knowledge center and provides a range of services to help ensure student-athlete experience is part of a healthy university culture while optimizing performance on and off the field of play. Conflict is inevitable, but how we respond determines whether success follows or costs mount. SCI Founder Joshua Gordon has over 20 years of conflict management experience.

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Cathy Jolley, METRC to discuss Brookings Institute Report and Colorado, A Case Study for Marijuana Industry Regulators, to be presented at ICA Conference, Oct. 11-12, NY

New York, New York (PRWEB) August 23, 2014

Colorado’s Regulatory Recipe for Retail Marijuana: First of Six Essential Ingredients

Part of the legislative mandate surrounding the implementation of Amendment 64, at the behest of the Implementation Task Force, was to use a state-of-the-art “inventory control and tracking” system. In response, the Colorado Department of Revenue promulgated Rule R 309, outlining the new system, formally called Marijuana Inventory Tracking Solution (MITS) and often referred to as the seed-to-sale tracking system.

MITS is a web-based system, developed by Franwell, Inc. (now named Metrc) that interfaces with a system of plant-based tags that rely on a radio frequency identification system. Every plant in the market must be individually tagged and tracked as it moves through the commercial growth and distribution chain.

“The system is widely considered one of the most advanced in the marijuana industry and is used to track product, limit diversion, improve regulatory compliance, and discourage improper market behavior.” Brookings Institute Report

“The MITS system helps the state in a multitude of ways. The system offers the state the ability to track product in ways that far surpass product tracking in most other commodity markets in the U.S.” Brookings Institute Report

“The MITS system also allows the state to collect and analyze data that help improve and streamline enforcement efforts and compliance investigations.” Brookings Institute Report

“In many ways, the MITS system is the backbone of Colorado’s regulatory structure governing legalized marijuana. If effective, it helps businesses and regulators guard against shady practices, while helping keep at bay a federal government that is closely watching enforcement and compliance.” Brookings Institute Report.

For more information on the seed to sale tracking system referenced in the Brookings Report –

July 31, 2014

MITS(now named Metrc, Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Reporting and Compliance)

a Franwell business, please contact Cathy Jolley at cathy.jolley(at)franwell(dot)com (615.305.4721).


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Ipsen, GSK and Alexion Pharmaceuticals provide key case studies on optimizing and validating your lyophilisation cycle | 7-8 July 2014, London, UK

2nd Annual Lyophilisation 2014

London, Southwark (PRWEB UK) 3 May 2014

Freeze-drying is a complex process that has evolved considerably over the past years and has proven its worth in the market. Today, exact dosing and substance utilisation is possible even with small filling volumes. Nevertheless, freeze-drying a product is quite complexand takes place in several steps. A solution is first prepared which hascertain thermal properties that will in turn suggest lyophilisation temperatures and pressure.

(Source: International Pharmaceutical Industry (IPI), Developing a Lyophilised Portfolio, 2014)

Key Case Studies Include:

Fill finish Lyophilisation

Mr Bertie Daly, Associate Director, Sterile Fill finish, Alexion Pharmaceuticals

Increasing stability / shelf life
Lyophilisation cycle time and running sequence
Proposals for lyophilisation optimisation: costs versus benefits of optmising the lyophilisation process

3-stage validation approach for Lyophilized products

Massimo Rastelli, Project Leader Biopharm, GSK

Evaluating technology transfer of an existing commercial product
Developing a new lyophilised product
Discussion of advances in the lyophilisation field

How to handle all freeze drying manufacturing equipment

Julie Pagenaud, Sterile Product Manufacturing Manager, Ipsen

Challenge of investment: new machine vs retrofitting / revamping
Qualification & validation strategies based on risk analysis appraoch
Project case study: from user requirements to manufacturing

SMi’s 2nd annual Lyophilisation conference on 7-8 July 2014, London, will provide an update on advances within lyophilisation. We will examine the latest techniques and industry case studies to manage your lyophilisation cycle effectively. With a workshop and sessions led by experts, you will gain an array of tools and tips to deliver the best outcome for your organisation.

Some of the confirmed attendees so far include: Boehringer Ingelheim, Allembis, Explicat Pharma, MedImmune, Novo Nordisk, GlaxoSmithKline, Norgine, Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Ellab, Ipsen, Ghent University, GEA Pharma Systems, GEA Process Engineering, Bavarian Nordic, Imperial College London, Newcastle University, plus many more.

For those that are interested there is currently a £100 early bird discount available online.

Lyophilisation 2014: Pharmaceuticals & Biopharmaceuticals

7-8 July, 2014

Marriott Regents Park Hotel, London, UK

About SMi Group

Established since 1993, the SMi Group is a global event-production company that specializes in Business-to-Business Conferences, Workshops, Masterclasses and online Communities. We create and deliver events in the Defence, Security, Energy, Utilities, Finance and Pharmaceutical industries.

We pride ourselves on having access to the world’s most forward thinking opinion leaders and visionaries, allowing us to bring our communities together to Learn, Engage, Share and Network. We hold events in over 30 major cities throughout the world including London, Paris and Singapore and to date have welcomed over 200,000 participants from 80 countries.

More information can be found at

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New iHangy iPhone 5S Case with Lanyard Necklace Righting Top Apple Smartphone Wrongs

iHangy case

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) March 24, 2014

Owning an iPhone 5S can be an expensive proposition. Therefore, anything a consumer can do to protect their smartphone investment is worth making the effort. Apple accessories manufacture iHangy’s latest innovation, the iPhone 5S Case with Lanyard Necklace, is helping iPhone 5S owners rectify two of the biggest wrongs they are making with their smartphone.

According to a recent Huffington Post ( article, there are nine things iPhone 5S users are doing wrong with their smartphone. Chief among these no-nos are “Using it outside in extreme weather” and “Walking around with your iPhone in your hand.” On the former front, the newspaper explains, “Your iPhone isn’t meant to withstand super hot or super cold temperatures.” On the latter, it warns, “iPhones are a hot commodity on the black market and are a huge target for thieves.” The new iPhone 5S Case with Lanyard Necklace resolves both these issues by protecting the smartphone from extreme temperatures and by keeping it secure around the neck where would-be robbers can’t get at it.

For more information on how an iPhone 5S Case with Lanyard Necklace can protect the iPhone 5S from harsh weather conditions and thieves, contact iHangy’s Palki Kochar. To learn more about the new smartphone case, visit the manufacturer on the web at




13650, TI Blvd., Suite #309

Dallas, TX 75243


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Netflix to Offer A/B Testing Case Study at the Big Data & Analytics for Retail Summit

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) June 03, 2013

Big data has become essential for retailers, helping them sell more goods by analyzing their customer buying patterns. Enormous amounts of raw data comes in to retailers on a daily basis and it is critical for them to be able to extract the key insights from this massive amount of data and develop actionable plans. Attendees at the Big Data & Analytics for Retail Summit will gain unique insight into the innovations that are driving success from analytics executives and data scientists working in retail, eCommerce and consumer goods. The summit is being held at The Westin River North in Chicago, June 20-21.

Netflix, a keynote presenter at the Summit, has over 37 million subscribers worldwide, with 29 million in the U.S. alone. Millions of data points are collected daily and Netflix’s sophisticated data collection and analytic systems can determine not only which movies are watched, but also details about that watcher; including if they watched the movie to the very end and how many times they paused it. Netflix is using this insight to offer better customer service and to create original content based on the viewing habits of its members. Its key to big data success lies in the collection and analysis of the data. At the Summit, Byran Gumm, Manager, Experimentation Platform & Science at Netflix and Juilette Aurisset, Senior Data Scientist at Netflix, will review the challenges they’ve had in conducting and analyzing A/B tests, offer ideas on speeding up the experimentation cycle,and will walk through a Netflix-specific case study.

“Retailers see Big Data as a key competitive advantage that, if implemented correctly, can move more goods off the shelves ,” said Dave Barton, Analytics Division Lead at Innovation Enterprise. “The challenge is in the implementation; to take Big Data and turn it into actionable results. This conference is a prime opportunity for retailers to learn the best practices in the field today.”

Other presenters and topics at the summit include:

Sarang Kirpekar, DVP, Information Analytics Operations at Sears Holdings who will discuss creating an analytics product to deliver deeper insight.
Manu Sareen, VP, Pricing & Analytics at RadioShack who will share how to deliver a more robust pricing model using analytics.
Chris Taylor, Executive Coordinator, Global Data Team at Whole Foods Market who will explore successfully turning information into insights, especially in a decentralized, intuitive and highly innovative retail culture.
Tony Flanery-Rye, Director, Global Analytics at Expedia who will explain how Expedia identifies customer value online.

Produced by Innovation Enterprise the Big Data & Analytics for Retail Summit, with 20+ distinguished keynote presenters, offers a timely platform to exchange ideas and learn solutions to some of the most difficult issues surrounding Big Data today. For a complete list of speakers, agenda, and registration details for Big Data & Analytics for Retail Summit, go to

About Innovation Enterprise

IE.- Innovation Enterprise, a CFO Publishing company is an independent business-to-business multi-channel media brand focused on the information needs of Senior Finance, Operations, Planning, Strategy, Decision Support & Advanced Analytics executives. Products include IE.Summits, IE.Finance, IE.Analytics, IE.Operations, IE.Strategy, IE.Membership and IE.Insights.

Whether it’s delivered online, or in person, everything IE produces reflects the company’s unshakeable belief in the power of information to spur innovation.

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SEO Consult® Announce new Search Engine Optimisation Partnership with Case Fun

SEO Consult

(PRWEB UK) 1 June 2012

SEO Consult®, one of the UK’s leading search engine optimisation specialists, have recently announced a new client acquisition in the form of Case Fun, leading smartphone case and cover stockists and manufacturer of customised cases.

The Cheshire-based SEO experts are renowned in their industry for utilising innovative technologies and techniques to generate sustainable long-term results. Their expertise extends to a number of search engine optimisation related disciplines including content writing, link building and social media marketing. SEO Consult® are hoping to use this experience to build Case Fun’s brand strength within the SERPs and to improve the quantity and quality of the traffic driven to their site through organic SEO.

SEO Consult® have internally developed a range of cutting-edge technologies that are designed to be integrated alongside the SEO strategies they develop for their clients. These TRAX technologies, including clickTELLIGENCE®, their industry leading online marketing suite, ensure that the client’s campaign is consistently functioning at an optimal level in order to maximise their online success.

“Case Fun are a great client acquisition for us, and we are highly confident that we will be able to leverage our industry experience and our range of innovative technologies to construct and implement an effective SEO strategy for them. We understand that they are targeting a competitive niche, but with their quality as a vendor of smartphone cases and our abilities as an SEO agency, I believe they are well equipped to perform well in the market.” said Geoff Parker, Client Services Director at SEO Consult®. “Our dedicated Research & Development team work diligently to ensure that the campaigns we develop for our clients take into account the latest trends in the SEO industry. This, combined with our superb range of TRAX technologies, are key factors in why our client retention rate currently stands at 97%.”

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