Apocalyptic Future in Biblical Prophecy Exposed by Researcher

Indianapolis, Indiana (PRWEB) June 13, 2014

An eye-opening interpretation of the book of Revelation has been uncovered by researcher and author Roberta Marshall. Literal reading of the ancient text of prophecy has revealed descriptions of modern disasters, wars, and personalities. Among the ideas presented is that the major city of Babylon will be nuked at the start of a war. Also, earth changes will be caused by the wandering celestial object known today as planet X which is referred to in scripture as Wormwood. The mark of the beast will be a system to ration precious commodities after the devastation caused by planet X. During that time of tribulation, Satan, other fallen angels, and their earthly children will seize global domination. The complete findings have been published in a new e book titled “Revelation: Greatest Hits” available now at Amazon.

The author maintains that her findings are more of a translation than an interpretation. She has put herself in John’s place, seeing what he saw on the island of Patmos around the year 96 A.D. in his visions. She has then translated those visions into modern ideas and concepts. John’s visions are composed mostly of technology and events he could not understand such as global economic collapse, modern warfare with missiles and nuclear war, celestial events, the beast, 666, a war in heaven, and the end of the earth. Concepts such as airplanes and radio were unknown to him. But he reported his visions as best he could, leaving the interpretation to those of us who inhabit the times for which they were written.

Events in the book of Revelation are reported to be in sequence. Though exact dates are not given, once things ramp up, one event will follow another just as written. There are no hidden codes, no confusing convoluted timelines, and no lost chapters. It’s true meanings are not reserved for some ancient scribe sitting at a desk in a cave library under the Vatican. The near future of the human race on earth is simply and completely told, even to the end of the earth itself. Just as John faithfully wrote the entirety of his prophetic visions, the author has faithfully studied them for what she believes them to be: a precious gift of a look ahead.

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