Encourage the Purchase of Life Insurance Following Significant Milestones

New York, NY (PRWEB) September 03, 2013 encouraged readers to consider purchasing or upgrading life insurance policies following significant milestones, such as marriage, or the purchase of a home. This urging came on the heels of an August 30th Life Health Pro article titled “5 Events That Increase the Need for Life Insurance.” This article discusses 5 occurrences that should spur individuals to action—but often fail to. urged readers to consider life insurance a necessity, whether it is a Maine term life insurance policy or a simple mortgage life insurance policy.

Corey Dahl, Brian Anderson, and Brian Gilbert, a writing trio for Life Health Pro, penned the aforementioned article, listing 5 events that may increase an individual’s need or desire to purchase life insurance. The first is marriage, as marriage joins two lives and two incomes. In the event of a death, the spouse may suffer emotional and monetary hardship without the assistance of a life insurance policy to replace lost income. Starting a family is second on the list. Children necessitate greater coverage, as income will need to be replaced at a higher rate, and mortgage payments and college funds may also need to be funded. The third milestone is purchasing a home. Like childbirth, purchasing a home places additional strain on a family, necessitating greater financial coverage. Starting a business is the fourth item on the list; many businesses are unable to survive after the accidental death of an owner. Life insurance may offset some of the financial difficulty brought on by a business owner’s death. The final item on the list involves aged parents. Many families experience increased financial strain as parents grow older and their children must assist in their care. An insurance policy may help pay for nurse’s bills or permanent care in the event of a child’s death and inability to care for a parent.

Whether an individual or family has a basic life insurance policy, such as a Maine term life insurance policy, or no policy at all, urges the purchase or upgrade of life insurance following significant milestones. As the article above suggests, great milestones in life often come with increased financial burdens. Children bring a greater need for food and provisions, as well as the potential for college and savings funds. Purchasing a home adds a mortgage payment to a family’s financial burden. As each milestone in life is passed, individuals and families should consider upgrading a current policy or, in the case of the uninsured, purchasing a first policy. Doing so will ensure that loved ones such as aged parents or children will not be prevailed upon by debts and expenses left behind by the deceased. Purchasing or increasing life insurance after the purchase of a home will allow those who have been left behind to pay off the house or continue to make payments without severe financial difficulty. As personal milestones develop, revising a life insurance policy becomes not merely a wise decision, but a necessity.

Corey Dahl, Brian Anderson, and Brian Gilbert are a writing team for Life Health Pro, focusing their expertise on life insurance and life insurance sales. Dahl has worked for Life Health Pro for 2 years. Anderson, the veteran of the group, has written for Life Health Pro for over 6 years, as well as acting as Editor in Chief for Life Insurance Selling magazine. Gilbert is the newest addition to Life Health Pro, lending his voice to life insurance news and sales.

Following an article regarding 5 new stages of life that ought to prompt the purchase of life insurance, urged readers to consider the purchase or upgrade of insurance plans to suit growing needs. Though a simple policy, as Maine term life insurance offers, may function well for an individual or small family, it may need to be expanded to manage growing expenses related to significant life changes, such as the addition of a family member, mortgage payment, or management of a business. Rather than maintaining a single plan for all situations, consumers should consider reflecting their life changes in their insurance policy to avoid inadequate coverage and monetary hardship.

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