Collaborative Series Launches This Month to Save Animals from Euthanasia

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) December 14, 2012

This series is devoted to saving animals through adoption, volunteering and donating to animal-related causes.  It is committed to raising awareness of many different animal rescues in Arizona and beyond. will spotlight a different rescue group each week, along with health-oriented and training segments on each show. 

“We know many people are interested in saving animals and are unaware of the extreme number of animals that are in need of adoption.”  These are not animals that are sick, old, or have temperament problems that would make them unfit companions – these are healthy, happy, and well adjusted animals that, through no fault of their own, nobody wants. “Now, there is way to help.  The Animal Rescuers will be a resource to effectively educate people about these dire circumstances that many animals face.”  states Cory Mandall, founder of The Animal Rescuers. 

In this economy, families have had to make the heartbreaking and difficult decision to give up their animals.The intake at rescue groups is at an alarming rate and growing worse.  Shelters are overwhelmed and many healthy animals are being euthanize due to overcrowding. Meanwhile, puppy mills, store and backyard breeders continue to sell animals at rates that create a disproportionate amount of animals in our society.  The Humane Society of the United States estimates that four million cats and dogs – about one every 8 seconds –  are put down in US shelters every year.  Our goal is to save the lives of animals in need of adoption through educating the public of these challenges.

Realizing the full power of education, Pet Planet has partnered with The Animal Rescuers to support this program and it’s outreach efforts:

Laura Leah English, Co-Founder and CEO of Pet Planet states, “Pet Planet’s vision is a global society where all pets are loved, respected, protected and kept in good health; a society without pet overpopulation, homelessness or abuse. The pet overpopulation problem around the globe is staggering. We can do so much better. Pet Planet is committed to educating and supporting programs that advocate for pet health and welfare issues and we are so excited to be involved with Cory Mandall and the Animal Rescuers show - a show that we believe will dramatically make a difference for animals everywhere.

Animal homelessness is a societal problem, but anyone can make a difference. By just learning, acknowledging, understanding and sharing the messages that will be portrayed in this new weekly series, the movement will garner the momentum it needs to impact change. The work that countless rescue groups and their volunteers do each and every day is admirable. But they cannot do it alone and the intention of The Animal Rescuers is to illustrate the difference that an individual can really make by rescuing animals for their families, encouraging others to do the same, always spaying and neutering, fostering or volunteering with local rescue groups and donating to further support the cause. And most importantly, by spreading the word.

Pet Planet is very proud to be working with Cory, PACC911 and all the rescue groups that will be involved in this innovative and ground-breaking venture. It warms our hearts to see such a committed group of people tirelessly working to improve the lives of animals everywhere.”


The premiere show will air on Friday, December 14th, featuring PACC911 and their amazing founder, Bari Mears. ”What I have learned over the years is that despite our continued efforts to educate the public about animal issues, particularly pet overpopulation and the great need to spay and neuter, our cries have not been heard.  It is my hope that this new weekly show will attract the attention of not only rescue minded people but also new viewers not currently involved in the movement. My hope is that they learn the issues, realize the seriousness of the plight of homeless animals, and join the rescue effort in some small way. The show should catch on and make RESCUE and Adoption something “cool” and very socially acceptable.. thus taking the movement to new levels and saving countless more lives.”


Additionally, it will feature Rescued Treasures with manager Dee Umpleby, a thrift store operated by PACC911 to raise money for their emergency medical fund. We also visit the 5th Annual Kimburs Pet Wash event in Surprise and the Maricopa County Animal Care & Control facility in South Phoenix. Our training segment features Villa La Paws with pet tips from Pet Planet.

On December 21st, The Animal Rescuers will showcase HALO rescue and their driven founder, Heather Allen. It will also include a segment devoted to pet loss with Dan Crenshaw, who has a book titled, Furry Farewell Grief Handbook. Charity events from Valley Rescue Dogs and a wine tasting to raise money for New Hope Cattle Dogs. Lastly, we will feature a very loveable dog from New Hope Cattle Dog Rescue.

Please note: There will be no show on the 29th of December, but will return with a on January 4th and the feature with Golden Connections and their incredible founder, Candy.

About The Animal Rescuers

Cory Mandall stated his career in television production in 1988 as a part-time camera operator. He moved to Phoenix in 1992 and started a boutique television production shop in November of 1998.  In 2008, he produced the first in a series of videos for animal rescue groups.  He found his passion for saving animals, using his production capabilities to make an impact on viewers.  The idea of The Animal Rescuers came as Cory wanted to do more for the rescue community.  With this new web-based program, he has the opportunity to incorporate his two greatest passions – animal rescue and video production.

About PACC911

Filling a vital community need, PACC 911 brings together over 120 animal welfare organizations throughout Arizona, most within Maricopa County.  PACC911 provides opportunities for its partners to work together for the benefit of animals in five distinct ways: large adopt-a-thons, medical assistance, fundraising, education and a food bank.  

Please visit to explore how you can help make a difference in the lives of homeless animals.

About Pet Planet

Nearly 15 years ago, Laura Leah English and her mother Joan Bauer, opened the doors to their first Pet Planet store, with a vision to be more than just a store, but with a dream: To encourage a global society where all pets are loved, respected, protected and kept in good health; a society without pet overpopulation, homelessness or abuse.  Through passion and innovation, Pet Planet has grown to 46 locations in North America, with 6 more stores on the horizon and has entered the U.S. market with its first stores in Arizona, educating Guardians about the health and well being of animal companions.


Established in: 1996

Average store size: 2500 sq. feet

Stores in N. America: 46

Stores Expected to Open in 2013 (across N. America): 6

Product highlights:  Quality, trusted health food and nutritional products Pet food sold at Pet Planet is dense in nutrients & will save the consumer money

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