A basic overview of game design career paths at EA and how we define a ‘great’ game designer.
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  • spyderboy076:

    I tried to watch this video but his accent was annoying

  • StigDesign1:

    Greate to see that EA has Upploaded game making info videos about diffrent jobs etc

  • StigDesign1:

    Yes if you are a Student you can gett alott of SoftWares from autodesk 3dsmax&maya mudbox etc for free Legaly :)

  • Evans Sarpong:

    How many times has this guy said GAME ?

  • oliver3218:

    I think if you are a student you can get it free from autodesk, along with 3ds max.

  • MegaSteven222:

    Nope I dont think you get it for free otherwise illegal.Its expensive to buy it but very worth it.

  • Zabuza123456789:

    Tell me more about Maya. Is it safe to download? Where can I get it?

  • Jeffrey Kretzler:

    I think it is called art

  • mutant619:

    he says you need to be flexible and open to opinion which is right but from what i heard hideo kojima was the opposite when making metal gear solid. He never listened to others ideas that would change the game in a way that he didnt originally plan

  • Ernest Klepeis:

    Aesthetics of a character? Inherent – If you’d like to understand why things looks pretty, how the mind interacts with aesthetic qualities, start sketching, 24/7.

  • 9Divine:

    too many times, he uses word “creative” and “great” but never says “work hard”, “study well” etc…

  • Careers4uinfo:

    Careers4u.tv have some interviews with a games designer and others in the industry

  • ultradumbass:

    it’s really nly average. take into consideration you lose roughly 50% of it to income/federal taxes, then you have to pay 13% gst everytime you buy something, plus you’re going to pay for furnace, electricity, utilities. then you have to pay mortgage or apartment renting. then you have to buy clothes and food. then you need to save up in case something needs to be fixed, plus you need insurance, plus you need to save up for your future life savings, so all that together you wont get very much.

  • ARMA365:


  • SecondFork:

    wait so you cant make hybrids but you can repolish games over and over…yeah ok ea

  • Astromares:

    Nexon is going to bring EA down anyways

  • lunarknightlucian:

    I am feeling proud of myself recently for going far above other’s i’ve met who want to be game designers. I actually started learning how animate 3d models xD most people i meet say they want to be game designers, but they never wanna start learning.
    Anyway i have a question.. I’m having trouble in Physical character development. i have trouble with their looks. Is there a name for a study of how to make a character more visually appealing? I would like to look into such things.

  • TotalJargon:

    anything from minimum wage to hundreds of thousands, generally when you start out as an intern at a company you will be earning very little, if you fight your way up the chain and get into a position where you are taking part in a big project you could be earning a decent amount

  • misterbuckethead:

    I think this presentation is interesting, but I think that this meeting means something. EA knows that so many people want to be game designers and the job field is so small. This meeting is to tell them the reality, that it’s analogous to being in the NFL after playing football through college. Not dissing on the guy, but that list of “critical” features near the beginning is certainly subject to change. Minecraft doesn’t have “levels” but its a wonderful, creative game. again, just observing

  • SonnyAurora:

    not to mention that it also depends on your years of experience.

  • SonnyAurora:

    depends on your years of experience, avg is 65,000.

  • thethinktankchannel:

    great video. gives me motivation. subscribed.

  • ultradumbass:

    approximately 68,000 a year.

  • smallfire65:

    how much money do a game designer get payed

  • SoccerRockNY:

    “Don’t let your happiness make someone sad”, rofl. It’s true. I remember being in a lousy job (which I thought would lead to a growing career.. I’m contemplating about making a change, especially since I’m out of work and have time to ponder on this) and hear friends talk about their great careers.. geez thanks guys..glad you’re doing well, lol.

  • EthanakaWalter:

    jobs suck. especially when people call in. ever work 5am to 8pm straight through with only one break?

  • whatsup2udog:

    The toliet lmfao xxxxD

  • ilovejiyeonlee:

    Chris Rock is super funny, but also super correct. 

  • peter smith:

    chris rock rocks

  • Strangepete:

    Money, jobs, countries, status, income, property etc. is man made nonsense. You don’t want a job. You want money. And you don’t really want ‘money’ you need ressources that ‘money’ in this system can buy. You also would probably like to see yourself as a ‘contributing citizen with pride in his accomplishments.’ Let go of all of these illusions please. Job or no job you are a magnificent being. If the economy is collapsing, which it is, do not associate yourself with it, it is out of your hands.

  • FedoraPhilosophy:

    Man this bit by Chris is what inspired me to make my first vlog about working retail lol… Check it out on my channel

  • HHHASSAS2554:

    chris rock has black magic….he can change suits!

  • EthanakaWalter:

    I’m a cook. Kitchen time moves at half the speed of actual time.

  • theClintdog:

    I’m dying laughing, I’m watching this only iPhone at work. I am a security officer dispatcher. I’m pay real good to sit and watch camera monitors but when the phone don’t ring you get board. I got three clocks in front of me as I take calls foe three different time zones. So the time game is kinda fun.

  • RageBeast21:

    Chris Rock is so funny

  • izoe01:

    I just started working nights from 10pm to 8am and i play the time game all the time. Sometimes i go to the washroom and chill for like 20mins cause its a big ass store and noone ever notices im in the washroom.

  • John Pereira:

    can somebody explain the cloth changin business during da standup

  • najmaj:

    3:27 scrape, scrape, scrape, scrape, scrape, scrape! Hilarious! :)

  • Dj2step18:

    real shit

  • bent217:

    All right 2 hours passed. Time to LOOK and feel GOOD about MYSELF! *Peeps at watch* Fuck, 15 minutes!

  • fastsnake:

    Spending time in the toilets – my speciality!

  • SpecialRapEdition:

    that shit stuff sounds familiar I had that shit to

  • Son Gogeta:


  • thegazzamataz:

    Thats what he just said , but ive been there i feel your pain . No career coming my way any time soon

  • thivakar:

    0:52 to 0:53 What the fuck just happened there ?

  • TBrewer64:

    Got a BA in Biology and a MS in Molecular Biology and 10 years experience in biotech research . And the only work I can find is minimum wage jobs.

  • Zain844:

    I hated my job so much I would spend extra long in the bathroom stall, I’d rather sit on the toilet and smell and listen to people shit and piss then go back to work that’s how much I hated it.

  • Chaand300:

    sorry meant rock lmao

  • gocubs1815:

    Fuck! Fifteen minutes…

  • Rene:

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  • evan:

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    ñïñ çà èíôó!!…

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    ñïàñèáî çà èíôó….

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