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Debt Consolidation USA Shares Best Ways To Use A Tax Refund Check

Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) May 17, 2015

Debt Consolidation USA shares in a recently published article how consumers can make the most out of a tax refund check. The article titled “7 Ways To Make The Most Out Of A Tax Refund Check” helps consumers look at various ways to use their tax refund to help boost their finances.

The article starts off by pointing out how easy and tempting it would be to just burn through the tax refund check especially if a person is not expecting any amount after tax season. When consumers do not have plans in place to use tax refund checks, the probability that they will waste it away with frivolous expenses becomes high.

One of the best uses for a tax refund check is to put it towards paying down debt amounts in the household budget. It can go towards that student loan that seems to be holding a lot of fresh graduate back in terms of their finances. It can also be making a sizeable dent in the principal amount of the mortgage loan or even that auto loan.

Another thing that the article shares is using the amount to max out 410(k) contributions or just simply adding to the retirement fund in whatever form they may be. It can investments or properties that consumers have acquired through the years. The tax refund check can also be used to prepare for higher education.

It can be for the young children in the house or even the consumers themselves who will use the money. The idea behind it is that planning ahead can lower down the chances of taking out student loans just to pay for the cost of attendance. These loans has been a big burden on the shoulders of young people trying to make a living.

Another way to use these tax refund checks is to increase the amount of reserve funds that are stashed away for emergencies. To read the full article, click this link:

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URC Expert Shares Reasons Behind the Slow Spring in the Us Housing Market

(PRWEB) June 11, 2014

A US based real-estate expert working for a renowned financial consulting firm, United Relief Centre, has recently shared his expert analysis of the current housing market situation in the US. Major resources including the Wall Street Journal confirm that the spring did not experience the start that was predicted. However, according to the real estate expert from the United Relief Centre, there are too many variables involved in determining the direction of the market, and therefore, it is too early to predict where the market will turn in the future.

According to the URC expert, one of the major reasons behind the slow start in the spring is the housing prices in most of the major markets. However, he states that the market will go into a late bloom. “It won’t be the first time we witness a slow take off. There are numerous reasons that can lead to such situation. First, there is the price, which is currently higher than what people are willing to pay and then there is the fact that winter was longer than usual this time around. Yet, in any case, we know that these are temporary factors and the market will rebound before we know it,” the expert states.

Backing the claims, the expert shared a recent report by the Mortgage Bankers Association that reveals a rising trend in the number of applications for home loans. After his analysis of all the recently shared numbers and stats, the URC expert predicts the heat to pick somewhere near the second quarter.

The expert, who has more than a decade worth of experience in the US housing market, advised the homebuyers to view current situation in a more positive light. “There is always a silver lining. The slowdown is indicative of how the industry has swiftly moved towards recovery during the past two years. The recent slump in the numbers is only natural because there are lesser distressed properties to buy,” he adds.

More information regarding United Relief Centre and its panel of experts can be found at

About United Relief Centre

United Relief Centre is an organization founded by a team of financial experts from the US and Canada. The organization provides advocacy and support to people looking for financial help in the areas of real estate, investing, credit, and debt settlement. The major objective of the organization is to bridge the distance between those who seek help and those who are able to provide it. It spreads awareness regarding relief programs, mortgage products, and financial help options that are available for people in financial distress. By promoting better awareness of available options, URC aims to help people improve their financial standing and play a better role in economic development.

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Debt Consolidation USA Shares How to Aggressively Lower Debt

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) June 03, 2014

Debt Consolidation USA shared in an article published last June 02, 2014 how consumers can aggressively lower down personal debt. The article titled “5 Steps To Aggressively Lower Your Debt Balance” shared some tips and insights on how to achieve lowering down and ultimately paying off debt.

The article highlights the fact that Americans are still not over the hump of borrowing money. This has led to an increase in debt balance in the economy. It referenced the fact that coming off from the previous quarter, the total debt in the US went up by $ 129 billion. At the forefront would be mortgages with $ 116 billion increase. Total debt now stands at $ 11.65 trillion.

With this in mind, the article shares the most common steps to ensure that personal debt balance of consumers can be aggressively lowered down. The first one is creating a new budget. If debt is still increasing in the middle of an existing household budget, it warrants another look and do-over. It is beneficial to go through each line item and decide if the amount is justifiable or if the amount has to be decreased.

The logical next step is limiting household spending. As the budget is reviewed, it is great to focus on the expenses and determine where cuts can be made. This can also be the start of a adapting a frugal lifestyle. Living below the budget can free up some much needed funds that can be sent out as payments to debts and loans. The article also highlights the problem in consumer spending as most base it on earnings rather than on need.

The article also shares the benefit of having extra income. This is the monthly budget’s much needed shot in the arm as extra funds can do great things in balancing income and expense. The extra dollars can go directly to debt payment to lower down the total balance much faster. Being able to do gives consumers the chance to save up on interest payments as well.

Another idea is decluttering and selling items that are no longer needed. It has multiple benefits in several areas of a consumer’s life. It offers extra cash when the items are sold. This in turn can be used as payments for debt. It can also help in cleaning up the house and probably allow home downsizing which has numerous cost benefits.

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