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US Federal Contractor Registration Reports solicitation for Director of Music/Accompanist Pianist with the Navy in Oceanside, California on FedBizOpps (FBO)

US Federal Contractor Registration

Washington D.C. (PRWEB) December 23, 2014

The United State Government as of 12/18/2014 has 955 available solicitations in California where they are actively seeking small business vendors. The Federal Government awarded 208,021 contracts in California for over 218 billion dollars in 2014. Please see the below available contract released by US Federal Contractor Registration, additional California contracts can be found at

US Federal Contractor Registration is reporting the release of a solicitation for Director of Music/Accompanist Pianist in Oceanside, California posted to FedBizOpps (FBO) on December 18, 2014. The Director of Music/Accompanist Pianist has a response date of January 10, 2014, for any vendors seeking to submit a quote. Every business interested in bidding on the Director of Music/Accompanist Pianist contract must be activity registered in System for Award Management(SAM) with the following NAICS codes listed 711130 – Musical Groups and Artists, and 711 – Performing Arts, Spectator Sports, and Related Industries filed under their government account profile. The Director of Music/Accompanist Pianist is a Total Small Business contract, which only allows businesses under the SBA Small Business Size Standard eligible to bid.

Below is a consolidated copy of the Total Small Business contract, Director of Music/Accompanist Pianist solicitation as posted to FedBizOpps (FBO):

Director of Music/Accompanist Pianist

Solicitation Number: M0220315RCCH006

Agency: Department of the Navy

Office: Oceanside, California

Location: MCB Camp Pendleton – RCO

This is a combined synopsis/solicitation for commercial items prepared in accordance with acquisition procedures provided in FAR Subpart 12.6, as a supplement with additional information included in this notice. This announcement and attached Request for Quote (RFQ) constitutes as the only solicitation; quotes are being requested and a separate solicitation will not be issued. This solicitation document and incorporated provision and clauses are those in effect through Federal Acquisition Circular FAC 2005-78 and the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations Supplement, current to DPN 20141113. As a result of this authority, certain requirements for soliciting, awarding, and notifying quotes are streamlined. In accordance with FAR 12.102(c), when a policy in another part is inconsistent with FAR Part 12, Part 12 shall take precedence. This procurement is a 100% small business set-aside and the associated North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) code for this procurement is 711130, Musical Groups and Artists, with a small size standard of $ 11,000,000. This requirement is a Small Business federal set-aside and only qualified offerors may submit quotes.

Responses to this solicitation are considered quotations and not offers. In those instances where the words offer, offeror, and proposal are used, the reader should understand that the use of such words does not change the nature of this request for quotation. The resulting award will be a Firm Fixed Price Type Contract for Director of Music/Accompanist Pianist in support of the Command Religious Program (CRP) of Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Miramar located in San Diego, California.

SUBMISSION OF QUOTE: QUOTES must be received by the Government no later than the date and time FRIDAY 26 DECEMBER 2014 2:00PM (PST). Contractor submitted quotes that fail to provide all required information due to a transmission error may be rejected as non-responsive.

2. DELIVERY OF QUOTE: Quotes may be emailed or submitted by commercial courier service (FedEx, UPS, etc.). Faxed quotations will not be accepted. Contractors bear the burden of ensuring that quotes (and any authorized amendments) reach the designated office on time. All pages of the quote must reach the office before the deadline specified in this solicitation.

Mail Delivery: Quotes sent by commercial courier services should be addressed to the following.

Email Submission is highly encouraged: For email submission, the Government office designated for receipt of the quotes are the email addresses indicated below. Notwithstanding the provisions at FAR 52.212-1(f) or FAR 52.215-1(c)(3), delivery is not accomplished until the addressee can open the email; delivery to a server or an email inbox on a server is not considered delivery to the designated Government office and the quotation is not under the Government’s control until the addressee can open the email. The email shall not be considered to be delivered unless the entire content of the email and all attachments can be read by the addressee indicated above. Receipt of an electronic acknowledgment from the addressee establishes that a record was received but does not establish that the content sent corresponds to the content received. Email attachments are limited to no more than 2MB. Offerors are specifically warned that email may be subjected to spam filters or attachment stripping. All submissions shall be submitted to the email addresses: and


Contractors must be currently registered in the System for Award Management (SAM) to eligible for award.



5. REQUIRED CONTENT OF QUOTE: Contractor submitted quotes that fail to provide all required information due to a transmission error may be rejected as non-responsive.

Offerors must submit a COMPLETE QUOTE addressing (a), (b) and (c) as follows:

a)    Price: Complete Attachment 1 “REQUEST FOR QUOTE INFORMATION SHEET”

b) Technical Experience: Provide a two (2) page resume supporting experience in executing specific tasks and qualification as provided in the Statement of Work. List any certifications, if applicable, and provide proof of experience as follows:

Experience/ability to perform on a Henry F. Miller Baby Grand Piano and Kawai CP170 Concert Performance V2 Electric Piano, in the form of contemporary praise music, congregational hymns, responses, instrumental interludes, typical service music/choir music.
Experience/ability to sight read music and direct other musicians and vocalists in four-part musical scores.
Experience in working with Church choirs and performing music in a worship context for either Protestant or Roman Catholic Church’s.
c) Past Performance – Provide three (3) recent and relevant references. Recent is defined within the last 5 years. Relevant is defined by the tasks and qualifications as provided in the Statement of Work. Each Reference should contain the following information:

a)    Name

b)    Title

c)    Company/Business

d)    Address

e)    Email/Phone Number

f)    Dollar Value of Service Provided

g)    Description of Service Provided

h)    Dates of Provided Service

Basis of Award: The Government intends to make a single award a Firm Fixed Price contract resulting from this solicitation to the responsible offeror whose submission conforming to the solicitation will be most advantageous to the Government, price and other factors considered. The following factors shall be used to evaluate complete submissions:

Lowest Price Acceptable – Awardee shall be the lowest evaluated price of quotes meeting or exceeding the non-price factors provided above. If during the evaluation period it is determined to be in the best interest of the Government to hold discussions, Offeror responses to clarifications/discussion notices will be considered in making the award decision. The Government reserves the right to make award solely on initial quotes received.

Business interested in learning how to bid on available contracts and becoming eligible for government contracts can call US Federal Contractor Registration Acquisition Specialist Peter Lanore at (877) 252-2700 Ext 751. Businesses looking to effectively market their business and advertise their services directly to procurement officers can enroll in the Simplified Acquisition Program.

Vendors can learn more about enrollment in the Simplified Acquisition Program by visiting

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General Contractor: Offering To Construct Your Building In More Successive And Cost Effective Way

Accommodation is a very special need for all the people in the world. Most of the people try to build their houses in a beautiful manner. On the other hand, people also try to make any building in a proper way that will help them to reduce cost and make the perfectly. To do this, there are many organizations are available who offers to take the responsibilities of and they are also interested to perform to more perfect way with less cost. Basically these organizations perform these tasks by contractors.

contractors usually offer you to take all the responsibilities to make your by most perfect way. On the other hand they also offer to finish all the tasks of the in the stoutest possible of time. Here you can be free from all the hassles of constructing your building by leaving all the responsibilities to the general . General are the professional who are responsible to provide all the facilities to you to make the of your building more suitable way. Sometimes the general offer you the design of your building. But you can also make the main plan of your building form the other suitable way too. The task of contractors is to build your house in most efficient way.

Most of the time, it is seen that man people try to build their home by not taking the help of any consultancy firm. In this case they can also construct their building well but not very efficient way. As all the people are not expert to construct the building they often face trouble during constructing the building. On the other hand, general reserve the experience and knowledge to solve the problems during construction. So, they can use different technologies and tips to make the constructions by the most successful manner.

contractors are not only responsible to make any construction in a faster way; they are also responsible to make the in the cheapest way too. On the other hand, general offer different more strong way too. If we take the responsibilities of all the parts of constructions by ourselves we can construct the building or there constructions successfully, but we can not ensure that they the have done in proper way which can be guaranteed. So, it is better decision to let the contractors to construct your building.

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Article by Jonathan Stark

Most regular contractors have their personal suppliers of the problems that you want, and employing them to set up your doors and windows is drastically less costly than choosing remodeling contractors. By doing this, you will be in a position to locate each small factor that you require in one particular location, and you do not have to research for the devices that you want to have.RoofingInstead of employing a roofing contractor, it would be far better and drastically much less costly if you are going to hiring fundamental contractors. They can provide you their solutions at a competitive value, and the items that you require to have to substitute your roof will be purchased from their shop, so you do not have to invest too considerably on the goods that you want.FlooringIf you are going to hire a frequent contractor to repair the flooring of your home, then you do not have to get worried about discovering a contractor to do this for you. If you are most likely to seek the services of a contractor, you do not have to worry about the resources and merchandise that are necessary to successfully set up your new floor.These are some of the most typical solutions that you can get from a contractor. Now that you know these issues, it would be easier for you to decide on no matter no matter whether you want to employ an impartial contractor or if you are going to retain the services of a standard contractor.??The most essential step prior to deciding on a common contractor is to familiarize oneself in the construction, language, and particulars required in making a property. It is much less tough for each and every customer and common contractor when there is a shared level of comprehending in creating the residence.When picking a regular contractor, it is extremely best to commence from a group of 4 or far more contractors. Solicit their bids and slim every single and every choice till you reach one. Make certain that the contractor selected is proficient, skilled, and skilled.Recognize that the most frequent cause for a badly built home is not a poor plan but a negative contractor.There are distinct kinds of contractors. Understanding how to determine each and every and each and every will help one get the extremely very best 1 distinct for the job.

Established General General Contractor Virginia: These are professional and trustworthy builders who are in an founded firm or partnership. They are often connected with high profile and prestigious constructing projects.New Qualified Builders: These are common contractors who have lately just started developing on their personal. These regular contractors have just began and would want to garner some helpful track record. These contractors most practically undoubtedly have worked under a builder prior to beginning up on their individual.Marginal New Contractors: these are builders that didn’t truly have any formal coaching but are acquainted with the intricacies of constructing a home. These sort of contractors are finest reserved for minimal constructing tasks as the leading quality output of their perform is standard at ideal.Inept and Dishonest Builders: These sort of contractors are at times referred to as the vanishing builder. They are so named basically because they are likely to vanish midway into the project or when the final payment has been created.

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Welcome to Friendly Painting &amp Construction (FP&ampC). We are consumer-pleasant residential and commercial painting and remodeling business servicing in the DC Metro Area. Fulfilling your demands is important to our good results as a company.Every single client partnership is actually vital to us, soon after all we are not in a position to recognize good results as Virginia/Maryland/DC contractors with no you