You think the federal government is bad for taxpayers, you should hear what the IRS is doing to tax preparers. New Internal Revenue Service rules are putting…
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45 Responses to “IRS Insanity: Small Business Owner Takes IRS to Court Over Outrageous New Regulations”

  • Howlinblind Muddyslim:

    Shut down the I.R.S

  • wizmindfire:

    Every small business owner faces challenges that Union crybabies can’t even
    imagine. And at the end of 30 years of regulations, stress, weekends,
    “overtime,” making payroll, borrowing to keep the lights on, etc., suppose
    they’re lucky enough to sell the business for a million. If they cash in
    that lump sum for an annuity, they’ll get about 60,000 a year in payments.
    And that’s less than the average government union pension. Thing is, the
    business owner had to fund the union pension too, in tax..

  • MrRofeliak:

    It sounds like a case of “regulatory capture” at the IRS. There’s a good
    Wiki article for that. You should add regulatory capture as a tag to this
    video. When government regulations are being used to eliminate competition,
    we’ve come a long way from capitalism. Shine a light.

  • Eric's random junk:

    But you can file your own taxes?

  • Ed Sodaro:

    Crony Capitalism: Big Franchise Chain preparers bribe the hyper-corrupt
    Chicago Machine, excuse me contribute to the Hope and Change Obama
    Re-Election campaign, to eliminate all the competition.

  • zidel1985:

    can someone tell me what obama has to do with this video? it wasnt a law he
    passed it is the irs over stepping its power

  • TheEnneagram:


  • InstTaxSolutionsLLC:

    Anyone who has had their tax return completed with multiple errors by an
    unqualified tax preparer will likely appreciate the increased scrutiny and
    eduction requirements the IRS has imposed on tax preparers.

  • soCernunnos:

    Bank of America does a lot of that “Many Assistants with One Licensed
    Rubber Stamper” strategy. I have seen people lose their homes or more
    commonly several thousand dollars because some call center maroon did not
    allocate the payment correctly.

  • bon parrish:

    I would really, really like to know who she will vote for. That would tell
    the tale.

  • davilch:

    Well stated.

  • scottydu81:

    good god we got some cute lawyers and stuff

  • Ken Nickels:

    yes, you’re right. You need a certification today just to shine shoes.
    something ain’t right.

  • Elmgren76:

    In Sweden, your tax return are done automatically and you can verify it by
    sending an sms. The only thing you have to add yourself are sales of
    stocks, properties and such if you have done any of those activities. The
    US system seems to be extremely inefficient and complicated.

  • Michael Wilkins:

    Great video, good for her. Interesting that PJ media’s description and most
    commenters focused only that the government was making it hard for her to
    do business and totally ignored the aspect of big businesses influencing
    the government against small businesses and individuals.

  • Joe11Blue:

    I honestly think we need to increase the standard requirements for people
    to work in government.

  • McFarlinCA:

    Liberal elect themselves to cry about the actions they take when in office,
    i find humor in that. But i feel for her, my mother runs a small bus. there
    are countless times she talks about just selling out, mainly because of new
    regulations. New taxes and government involvement in general. its a big fat
    scam, and Obama is the one running it for now.

  • Johannes Fiftyeight:

    What next? Will we have to pass a competency test to do our own taxes?!
    This is indicative to the fact that the tax code is ridiculously
    complicated! An admission if you will…

  • BeantownJim:

    You want hope and change? You got it!!!!!!

  • John Fredton:

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  • Helen Adele:

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  • will122391:

    Damn she is fine

  • warminster100:

    I know I may regret this, but what is an FFL?

  • Josh Bo:

    Good point. I wasn’t figuring in the ‘Paul’ (Perot) factor. He could
    definitely be a spoiler in the next election. Seen it before. I think far
    to many people believe that Obama is a shoe in if he has a straight up head
    to head race with one conservative. If it’s head to head, he loses. His
    record will do him in… he won’t need any help losing… but RP could be a
    spoiler for sure.

  • crunchybobjones:

    it all falls down to too many crooks in office.. seems like someone got
    paid to put this in place so the big company’s have less competition .. if
    all tax preparers had to have this yea it would be fair. but its not set up
    that way

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