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This video highlights the calculations for Bad Debt Expense and Allowance for Doubtful Accounts using the Income Statement Method (Percentage of Sales) and a…

26 Responses to “Debt Free Smarter & Faster 7-Steps to Living Life On Your Terms”

  • Vera Ogulu:

    Thanks so much for this video. I really loved the first point on LOL. The
    problem is really having the discipline to push expenses (liabilities)
    lower than cashflow. Also, please ignore negative comments on your video.
    People can decide to be in debt all their lives. It a choice. Interested
    persons, will pick what resonates with them and turn a new leaf. Thanks

  • LaTanya Mrs Coach DeLoach:

    Owning a home is a classic American dream. Unfortunately, in today’s
    society consumers have become complacent with 30-or 15-year mortgages and
    paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest. 

  • Dollars By Design:

    awesome video!

  • Joel Benton:

    While you may have avoided paying some $200,000 in housing have you also
    sacrificed years of building equity in real estate? Are you now 13 years
    beyond your best earning potential years with little equity now for
    building wealth? These cycles do matter.

  • Cdogbillionaire:

    Are you saying that instead of paying for housing you should squat or live
    in your car? I see you got to read the book in order to figure out how to
    pay nothing for housing. 

  • Cdogbillionaire:

    I think I know what the idea behind this is. You move to a popular area and
    then rent out your spare rooms to random people recouping the entire cost
    of your rent. 

  • tricia mcgrath:

    I tried to go to your website and it said it couldn’t find the server. I
    typed it like you had it on your video at the bottom ” but then it sounded like you said to type it like
    this “ which I did but, didn’t get to the site that
    way either can you help?

  • The Complete Self:

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  • kairims:

    It is very annoying that you keep saying pay nothing for your housing and
    say nothing else…. We get that we can reclaim that money.. Duh

  • The Complete Self:

    Ariel, You do it by being a resident manager of an apartment complex. We’ve
    done this for 13 years now. I wrote the book “Don’t Own Don’t Rent Live
    Well” to let people know how we did it. I worked on getting all of the
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  • Ariel Fleury:

    How do I NOt Pay for a home?. Whattttttt? o.()

  • Priscila A:

    Kristin, I’m so happy that I found you…thank you so much for this

  • Megren Abdulaziz:

    Thank you!

  • bavva:

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!

  • sami tawil:

    thank you so much!! your video is really helpfull!!

  • Odeh Odeh:

    Great video & method to clarify the different methods. One minor criticism
    is the use of the colour purple on a black background which is difficult to
    see. Just to clarify, the 2 methods (% of sales & % of A/R) give different
    results correct? The 20k you mentioned is not the same – ie. in the I/S
    method the 20k is NOT a balance, while in the B/S method it is a final
    balance of that account. Thanks.

  • hcabrera28:

    Thank you so much for your videos and clear explanations Kristin, they are
    the most helpful ones that I have seen!

  • Juvie:

    thank you very much

  • Jonathan Tieken:

    excellent review – thank you

  • Khalid Sinan:

    So the total for allowance for doubtful accounts is always going to be

  • Toni Bruney:

    This video was taped too low. Had to squeeze my headphones to my ears.


    Hi Kristin,what about 20 000$ of allowance for doubtfull debtors using
    income statement,do i directly cr allow. on balance sheet as i would have
    debited bad debt?

  • caoboi0253:

    Thank you very much Kristin, you are so helpful to me going through the
    accounting final exams. I watched the other guys (Ininjanotes,
    khanacademy) but they are just talking too much about other craps rather
    than go straight to the point that i need like you. Other things that: You
    make your video too long to write stuff, i mean if you can write faster or
    cut the process of you writing it would be less boring to watch.
    Anway, thanks Kristin.!

  • Iryna Litovchenko:

    Kristin, thank you so much for this video! so clear and understandable! 

  • Divita Srivastava:

    Hi Kristin, How could the allowance balance be DR balance, as I know its a
    contra asset and is always negative on balance sheet, Didn’t get the last
    bit at all.

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