I spend a day in business class.I take one domestic and one international flight with Air Canada in business class. YVR-YUL Boeing 777 * YUL-GVA Airbus A330….
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  • Everyday Reviews:

    Yes Cathay is very very good . I have a friend that flies that red eye all
    the time. I would not consider this a domestic North American carrier
    though as they have very very limited flights within North America. I just
    flew Asiana a couple months ago and it was amazing. AC could learn a few
    things from these other carriers. Thanks

  • salem butnaru:

    Idiot you put the charger in upside down that happened to me and it did not
    work the print on the charger has to be faceing down and Iraqi airways is
    the best they never had a crash or neer crash’

  • Victor Dao:

    Have you ever flown Qantas?, I am Australian but I have never flown Qantas
    before but would consider it in the future, I heard Qantas is also really
    bad. What do you think?

  • Björn Borg:

    I hope they do away with the pod set-up, as it’s a challenge to even look
    out the window with the seat placements with the windows, plus the angles.
    That said, I am extremely curious to know what AC will be doing with the
    787 in business executive class.

  • Brendan Berlingeri:

    Air Canada has always had trouble with their in flight entertainment. No
    need to fear the Brand New 787′s come equipt with new systems witch look
    amazing! Also my favourite they have expresso machines on the 787

  • Carioca Nomundo:

    Nice video! Greeting from Rio

  • UFOSPACE1999:

    …But OP You said ur flying a 777-300, but the Card you held up written,
    was 777-200. THERE right off as a reporter…you FAIL. 

  • Mautu Farani Ioapo:

    mautu ioapo air canada lnternational business class review boeing
    777.200.airbus a330.300 thonk you youtube videos goodday by now mautu ioapo
    in my loaptop compter thonk you 3.10.2014 

  • Zack Spencer:

    For a domestic airline Air Canada is good but internationally they need to
    step it up. I like the privacy of the “Pods” but the foam is very hard and
    they are not very comfortable on a loooong flight.

  • UFOSPACE1999:

    OP…u sure do bitch and moan a lot. Must be Gay. GURL DOWN! 

  • librislibertas:

    thanks for this review. i’ll be flying to seoul w/ air canada in august and
    it’s nice to get a taste of what it’ll be like. never been on a flight this
    long or had this pod style seating before.

  • yvr2002rtw:

    You should try Cathay Pacific (flight comes in from Hong Kong) in First or
    Business class from Vancouver to New York. This I would say is the best
    flight within North America. They even serve meals in Economy Class!

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