This is a demo of the Personal Finance Manager Excel template. You can download the template from….

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  • Nikki Y:

    In USD I have a beginning balance of 749.43 and then subtracted -88.29 in
    expenses, and -300 in transfers. My total should come out to 361.14 but
    Report D46 is totaling 537.72. Any ideas why?

  • Vasudev Devadasan:

    Thanks a lot man! its amazing to not have a whole application just for
    this. and I look forward to some judicious tracking of my expenditure.
    Really slick template and well explained video. this half an hour will
    probably save me a million in the future. 

  • blahdoot20:

    Hey! This is looking like a great template! However I also have
    investments and foreign currencies was thinking to open those as another
    bank account but I have a few problems. 1. I cant seem to add any more
    accounts or dont know how to. 2. I imagine telling the spreadsheet that I
    moved one amount out of one account but a different amount back in for the
    foreign currency account, it would throw the balance off. It also means
    that when I want to see how much the value of my foreign currency has
    changed or when I put amounts of money to my investments and the value
    grows, I’m not sure if I would be able to put it in.
    Any advice you could offer would be really appreciated!

  • Diana Cheng:

    It‘s a great template. Thank you sharing.

  • ind zara:

    Manage your personal finances easily with this Excel template

  • ind zara:

    Thank you. I am glad you like it.

  • ind zara:

    Hello Jonathan Lee, I will post a version with $ currency format soon.

  • ind zara:

    Thank you.

  • ind zara:

    Hello Holrbak, Account information should show up in the drop down menu.
    Have you checked scrolling up in the scroll bar in the drop down menu? For
    the Category drop down menu, the values will show up once you choose a
    transaction Type in the transactions sheet. That’s because the Category
    value options depend on the transaction type. I hope this answers your
    question. I tested this today and it works for me. Please let me know if
    you are still unable to see values in the drop down menus.

  • ind zara:

    Hello Paul Gernale, Which version of Excel are you using? I have tested in
    2010 and 2013.

  • Zach Wetzel:

    I have an Economics class and I need something like this. I just started
    using this this morning. It is really going to help me out a lot. Thank you
    for making this template. :)

  • Steve B:

    What is the trick to get the info from settings to show up in the drop down
    menus in the transaction window?

  • Philippe Seminck:

    Great Template! Could you add one with € currency?

  • Haseeb Jamal:

    great template Ind Zara. have been looking for something like this for a
    long time. Thanks for making this free. Wish you the best and keep up the
    good work.

  • Steve B:

    Awesome! finally got it figured out, with your help. This is a Fantastic
    template worksheet. The best I have found after researching for quite some
    time. Thank You very much.

  • Steve B:

    Ok, the problem is that I select an empty cell and the button does not show

  • ind zara:

    Thank you. I am glad you find this useful.

  • cywongdigi1984:

    Nice Design!

  • ind zara:

    Selecting an empty cell in the table in one of the columns (Type, Category,
    Sub Category and Account) triggers this button. Please confirm that you are
    selecting an empty cell within the table, shaded in tan colour? When you
    begin, there should be only 1 row in the transactions table and that should
    be empty. That’s the row where these drop down menus will work. Please
    excuse me if you have already tried all these. Which version of Excel are
    you using? Could you post a screenshot?

  • Paul Gernale:

    Im using 2013. And I have another problem, in monthly summary the options i
    get are days not months :/ for example instead of June, July..the option
    shows day ( 8-Jun-2013) I tried editing your sample but when I deleted all
    your transactions and refresh, it basically turns out the same problem, the
    year table is gone.

  • ind zara:

    Hello Jonathan Lee, Please see my blog post about the Personal Finance
    Manager template at I have posted a version with $ as
    currency. Please let me know if this addresses your need.

  • Steve B:

    Thanks for the quick reply..I still have nothing showing up. When I hit the
    drop down menu button(s) on any category, all I get is a menu that says
    “sort a to z” or sort z to a

  • ind zara:

    Hello Paul Gernale, Thanks for pointing out this bug. I will look for a
    better solution to this. For now, please try using the Sample data file and
    delete all transactions but any one record. That leaves the Year and Month
    filters/slicers in place. Then, you can overwrite that one record with your
    own transaction data and continue entering more records as usual. Please
    reply if this resolves this problem.

  • ind zara:

    From your video, it seems like you are selecting a cell outside the Excel
    table. It wasn’t very clear. I have tried to explain how the drop down
    menus work in a new video (Personal Finance Manager (Drop Down Menus)) in
    my YouTube channel. Please let me know if this new video addresses your

  • ind zara:

    I think you are looking at a different button. The one you are looking at
    is on the heading and is useful for manipulating (sorting, filtering) the
    table. Please select an empty cell and the button for drop down menu (on
    the right of each cell) will show up. I have added a screenshot to my blog
    post to differentiate the two buttons. You should use button #2 to select
    drop down menu choices. Please let me know whether this works.

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  • Adam:

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