Part of 2010 Conference on Entrepreneurship Recognizing a social problem or opportunity, a social entrepreneur applies entrepreneurship principles to organize, create and manage a venture to drive social change. Rather than tackling these issues through the domains of nonprofits or government agencies, social entrepreneurs are increasingly realizing that social impact and profits need not be in opposition, and are forming companies with a Double Bottom Line. Our panel of social entrepreneurs and investors will address issues unique to social entrepreneurship as well as current trends and opportunities.
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Chuck Eesley provides an introduction and overview of the course on Technology Entrepreneurship (ENGR 145). Including topics such as what you will learn in the class, course design and logistics, “technology entrepreneurship” defined, and other options for entrepreneurship education at Stanford. Take the quizzes and find the rest of the course at Stanford University Management Science and Engineering at Stanford: Stanford University Channel on YouTube:
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  • Ken Oh:

    Interesting, and very informative to me. Both social entrepreneurs (also investors) delved into the process of developing each of their own ideas of fulfilling a social mission while being capable of producing profit. Hearing each of their own stories or experiences with their businesses and the idea of social entrepreneurship has been adopted (in my head haha) as personal lessons and knowledge that I greatly appreciate them for sharing. Thanks for the upload.

  • Raquel Fernandes:

    There is no “saving the world” if there are people that are ” helping” and others that are ” being saved” stop with the sensasionalism of becoming the ” saver of the world”. I know it makes the “ego” feel “proud and good”, to “save ” people from their ” misery” taht were created from this same thought taht you jast have as a “social entrepreneur”.

  • Raquel Fernandes:

    The only thing tat discusses me is who’s face is “helping” and who’s face is “receiving ” the help, and it all becomes a big marketing of “helping”. It all become such a ” forum” of ” services” and dependability of their ” knowledge” to “save ” ” the rest” . How interesting

  • Gordon White:

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  • david kigo:

    we do not call them third world countries anymore there developing countries..

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  • AddOptions:

    I really think that social entrepreneurship is a great way to change the world. We as entrepreneurs have an influence greater than we could imagine. Great video.

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  • startupbuildervideos:

    Hello, this is Mark from Startup-Builder… Good content, but I found this rather dry… That being said… my videos are sometimes dry as well! It is hard to engage your audience and present your content in an exciting manner. Keep it up… you inspired me to improve. Thanks,

  • startupbuildervideos:

    Hello, this is Mark from Startup-Builder… Good content, but I found this rather dry… That being said… my videos are sometimes dry as well! It is hard to engage your audience and present your content in an exciting manner. Keep it up… you inspired me to improve. Thanks,

  • Ty Howard:

    Great video. I would like to get some feedback on the Ghostrade movement. It is an innovative way to recycle technology as well as filter it down to other people who can benefit. It would be great to link with this video. Do a YouTube Search or check out video. This is just a beta

  • live2sellgroup:

    So this social entrepreneurship should be promoted heavily in the academe.

  • ReservedSpotlight:

    This is a great video!

  • Hadji Beye:

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  • jondeeoz:

    It’s great that these guys are working hard to make the world a better place. But it would be great if they were drinking tap water instead of bottled water & were drinking coffee out of a mug instead of a throwaway container.

    The micro-finance scheme initiated by Mohammad Yunus showed that small change implemented widely can bring about very large change. Switching from throwaway containers such as those used in this video is a simple start in our transition to a more sustainable future.

  • TedDGPoulos:

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  • Tyrone Giordano:

    Is there a way to put captions on this? Automatic captions are not helping me here.

  • supertetleman:

    I’m excited to participate in this class a second time. I’m surprised this video only has 66 likes so far.

  • BenGenio:

    The definition given of Entrepreneurship is that of Social Entrepreneurship according to Greg Dees. How does it tie into Technology Entrepreneurship? Is there perhaps another definition that best describes the technological nature of high-tech firms? Thanks for uploading these videos, I’m really enjoying them!

  • Hugh:

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