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53 Responses to “General Chat – Skyrim, Dota2, MW3 w/ AntVenom”

  • Sobelizardman:

    Hundar’s Mustache on his right side looks like it’s falling off his face O_o

  • kcajeeserb:

    Hundar is a boss

  • Nate Dominy:

    that guy with a beard ur clueless his names hundar fool

  • stephaniewleung:

    I can’t believe there is a baby named after a skyrim character

  • rmdb100:

    Sorry AntVenom there’s already a baby named Dovahkiin

  • hoodedfiend1:

    Homophobes need to be less scared of Gays, like me. :)

  • cocacolafresh:

    the guy with the beard is clueless. fuck these people who have no idea what theyr talking about.


    Portal for the sound track only cuz of the awesome sauce song at the end. lmao

  • Remy481:


  • CoDizKooL:

    By Azura By Azura By Azura i wish i had skyrim!

  • fireleadmw2:

    what game should i buy besides minecraft??

  • Aj1rules:

    Im in DOTA 2 BETA..jelly?

  • Mcode3996:

    Im sorry but unless you have a gaming pc skyrim is the best ES!

  • XShadrimX:

    theres a guy with the same name as me in skyrim!!! Jorn of the bard thing FTW

  • RaNd0mGuY101:

    I didn’t say it was meant to be offensive, I was just listing ways you would know

  • escapetrep:

    gtfo fking kid
    dota 2 > LoL anyday

  • iamkasilein:

    the mods for skyrim will come just wait for it

  • Smash Atomsx:

    Skyrim does not play better than Elder of Scrolls 3 and idk how opinionated that statement is, because any true fan of morrowind knows that EoS3 is the best one, it just played the best and is the biggest game plus the endless amount of player mods for it, you are crazy if you think otherwise

  • MonkeyzofGold:

    I was playing Skyrim while watching this…

  • MasterWhys:

    I’ve been playing Skyrim a bit. Bethesda did a good job!

  • Ican106:

    This Realm video will show you
    How to get beta invites
    How to stay drunk at Minecon
    How to eat paper

  • ZemiraxPl0x:

    Hundar’s hair doubles the size of his head, but its cool

  • Adamlitz:

    What is the model of the monitor? pls tell me

  • desenrrollado:

    I’m talking about the skype and in real life.

  • desenrrollado:

    Nice beard ant.

  • Majid Afzal:

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  • wanies1985:

    free wow game time + Diablo 3 cd key

  • SirSpoon84:

    yea, i been on since vanilla and still active. a mop beta access would be nice at the very least

  • Slazerith:

    Seriously somebody needs to learn speech… I have to hit the volume slider up and down a few times because SOMEONE can’t speak at one volume level… Must you start mumbling mid-sentence every sentence?

  • tacogoat:

    After the scroll of rez came out, My dad started a lvl 1 Dwarf Shaman on a realm that he’d never been to, Instead of using a scroll, He leveled 1-85 with no BoA until level 50 and no scroll. Fuck Blizz, Old school players ftw.

  • tacogoat:

    I’ve played Wow since about early, mid Vanilla, And I started at a young age because I’d play on low-end servers, By the time I was old enough to understand the game, I was pretty much raised on it, I knew what to do ect, But the account I played never broke subscription, and when I got my own account, It never broke subscription either. And honestly, Give us something for being here, Damn Blizz.

  • ryan10ish:

    I played wow for a year or two then stopped about a year then joined but i think blizz should reward the subs cuz they pay 15 bucks a month to play and if your loyal to blizz they should reward you not just reward the non payers.

    Now the other side well i think its a good way to get more people joining but at least whoever gives the scroll gets something. Its sorta a midfle cuz its dumb for loyal people to get nothing.

    Im sory if i spelled anything wrong i wrote this whole long comment on

  • rallemand05:

    Wooooooooow he looks like a monkey

  • kanyu27:

    i agree

  • serenasmith77:

    Get rewarded for your opinion at onlinesurveysforrewards.info

  • Silverrose16789:

    I guess I kind of cheated with the scroll. I had a secondary account canceled about a year ago. Got myself a free lvl 80 shaman (now 85 woot). Since on my main account already had a 46 one, I already knew how to play it for the most part. Waiting for my time card to be up on it to transfer it over to my main account.

  • ZetsuGM:

    I like the free mounts i got for bring some ppl back, and the free 80 i got on my other account :) . But I do agree that the game has gotten too easy. Theres no real challenge anymore and the game is Plain and Boring Only thing to do is grind reps / Achievements. Which just gives u titles/Mounts but as far as the gaming content for PvE/PvP there isn’t much left to do. I personally liked the difficulties that we had back in The Burning Crusade.

  • bigddonaldlee:

    Who cares how fast people get a new dude to 1-85. They still have to play 80-85 again, im sure 90% of everyone that got a scroll of res has already got a 85. They will learn all they need to know from 80-85, and um… i want more players WoW is going down.

  • How2HateYT:

    It really isn’t that bad to get 1 80 if you have already been through the game. Leveling 1-85 is such a grind and so boring and one of the reasons most people quit. So you know I don’t really care about people getting that 1 80. They will still have to get to 85 so I mean. I understand what he says about the noobs at 80 but most people that have leveled a character 1-85 will be good enough to at least be okay at their new 80.

  • artemis7525:

    GW3 doesn’t exist, and if you think rift and WoW aren’t a grind you’re jaded. I’ve played them both to max lvl and it was a huge grind leveling getting pvp gear and getting raiding gear. Now if you like grinding to get tier pieces all power to you, but in my opinion both games were a huge grind. GW2 will not be a grind and it will be fun which is why I game, Not to waste countless hours slaving away getting gear just to try and raid and few raids in WoW were actually interesting.

  • PizzarollKing:

    First I would like to state that I was talking about GW3
    Now while I see your point on this and to aslo state that no I didn’t jump to conclusions WoW is able to keep up a steady supply of pve content bringing out that much pve content at one time like you supposedly saying that WoW/rift is a constant grind when it really isn’t every two years you do grind to a new lvl cap you don’t have to get valor to be a succesful player you can easily go in and get the tier pieces which is not grinding.

  • CounterGriefZombies:

    all your 80s are belong to us.

  • FelkuroJS:

    Yes ive played wow for years all im saying is that they said it was a limited offer. No need to get butthurt

  • Nissehult23:

    You dont know blizzard then. Have you even played wow ? They are gonna have this up for months most likely.

  • FelkuroJS:

    Yes it is a limited offer stupid ass. Go to the wow website “Get ‘em while they’re hot
    The Scroll of Resurrection is a limited promotion. We’ll let you know well in advance of its expiration, but don’t wait to take advantage of this opportunity. Click here to start sending Scrolls of Resurrection and bring your friends back to Azeroth!”

  • Nissehult23:

    Its not a fucking limited offer. Doesnt say anywhere that it is. It’s blizzard on the other hand that we are talking about, and they will have this feature availible until they come up with something even better.. GET LEVEL 85 AND 50,000 GOLD ASWELL!!

  • nyanfish1:

    I want it ! I dont have the €

  • valdemarslifsgaard:

    i played for 3 yrs straight, I WANT A SPECRAL AWESOMENESSMOUNT!

  • NukedKrav:

    Its too easy these days. :P despite my busy day to day life I still have managed to level and gear a warrior,pally and dk for both pve and pvp. I miss having to to run across continents to get to a raid rather than mass summon. I would rather I was still going through Firelands to get in to Dragon soul but with the new heroics and LFR its just a widely accepted fact that all players are eligible for DS. Just makes it seem as though there is no sense of achievement left in this game these days :(

  • FelkuroJS:

    Its a limited offer its not going to be forever so it cant be THAT bad…

  • pachelbel@philippoff.therapist” rel=”nofollow”>.…

    tnx for info….

  • primers@revolved.hash” rel=”nofollow”>.…


  • mervin@errand.nonequivalent” rel=”nofollow”>.…

    ñýíêñ çà èíôó….

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