www.youtube.com The Commoodity Code Bonus: …thousands of dollars in bonuses below the article. The Commodity Code Review: You know gold, silver, and oil are three of the most important pillars of wealth our current economy stands on. Gold is a precious metal, silver is an essential component in almost every electronic device, and oil is an important source of energy. If you look at the history of those commodities, you see how they influenced men and how entire wars have been fought to obtain them in the past. And unfortunately also in the present. True, but how to profit from these materials as an individual? How to obtain wealth as an average person? You might think that the good old mining days are over but is there still a chance to obtain wealth by harnessing those commodities. Let’s do a simple experiment. Imagine we went back five years ago. I’ve got a huge bundle of money in dollars and euros. Looks great, does it not? What will we do with it? Maybe buy a car, a yacht or real estate? Or just put it in a box? No. Let’s divide them into two equal parts. I decided to invest my part into gold. Meanwhile, Ron, placed his money into the bank’s savings account. OK. Let’s see what happens to our money in five years. Five years pass. Let’s check out what we got. As you can see, the price of gold grew from 400 US dollars per ounce to an astonishing 1500 us. That means my small gold bar grew in price significantly into a huge and expensive gold bar. Let’s check out what

Commodity trader is a tool for investors, traders, and industrialists who take positions in the worldwide commodity futures markets in the segments including metals, energy, and agriculture. Based on a complex mathematical model, this tool provides daily buy and sell recommendation signals for commodity futures contracts. This is the second app that missingSTEP built in partnership with EMI Ltd, the two companies previously partnered on the highly successful and effective iPhone and iPad application Stock Arbitrage Trader. Emerging Markets Intrinsic (EMI Ltd) is a boutique portfolio management and advisory services firm. It manages Alternative Investments and specializes in Quantitative Methodologies to analyze and trade Asset Classes. Features ➤ Daily buy/sell/hold signals with real-time P/L calculation ➤ Arbitrage model short term market direction forecast ➤ Futures ➤ Commodity news Featured Commodity Futures Contracts Gold, Silver, Copper, Platinum, Palladium, Crude oil, Brent crude, Heating oil, Gasoline, Natural gas, Corn, Wheat, Soybean, Lean hogs, Live cattle, Cotton No.2, Cocoa, Coffee ‘C’, Sugar #11, Lumber How does it work? Commodity Trader examines historical data of selected commodities and constructs correlation/dispersion and volatility maps. A complex computerized mathematical model continuously checks prices and compares them to these maps by using various algorithms. If the price of a commodity future contract falls below its character map, it

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