Beat Global Warming By way of Smart Economics

“Fight of the Century” is the new economics hip-hop music video by John Papola and Russ Roberts at EconStories.television. According to the National Bureau of Economic Investigation, the Excellent Recession ended virtually two years ago, in the summer of 2009. However we’re all uneasy. Job growth has been disappointing. The recovery appears fragile. Where ought to we head from here? Is that question even meaningful? Can the government steer the economy or have past attempts helped produce the mess we’re nonetheless in? In “Fight of the Century”, Keynes and Hayek weigh in on these central concerns. Do we want much more government spending or less? What is the evidence that government spending promotes prosperity in troubled instances? Can war or natural disasters paradoxically be excellent for an economic climate in a slump? Must a lot more spending come from the leading down or from the bottom up? What are the ultimate sources of prosperity? Keynes and Hayek by no means agreed on the answers to these concerns and they nonetheless don’t. Let’s listen to the greats. See Keynes and Hayek throwing down in “Fight of the Century”! Starring Billy and Adam from http Go to www.econstories.television for the full lyrics.
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32 Responses to “Beat Global Warming Through Smart Economics”

  • g4macdad:

    Problem is, “central planning” is of the right-wing. Always has been and always will be.

    Plutocracy=decisions by the few.

  • greenmanev:

    The Oscar goes to Koch Industries for fooling every AM Radio listening moron alive with this propaganda video.

  • g4macdad:

    Name ANY right-wing movement in history, that accomplished ANYTHING?

    Only the EXTREMELY weak minded, would fall for any of this.

  • Terabass:

    Why is this not at the Oscars getting nominated as the film of the century?

  • aem945532:

    You guys are the SHIT!!!

  • MrLenzi1:

    The guy with the money looks like Bernanke :D

  • MrLenzi1:

    Please do another one!


    I like when keynes gets knocked down. Austrian theory is only descredited because Keynseism allows government to dump huge wads of cash into their cronies hands.


    You guys are heros for this video.


    I love this video. It is extremely intricate and extremely informed.
    Oh yeah and 219 people are ignorant.

  • TullyRiven:

    @cheeseburger12 The solution is painfully clear. They should subsidize solar companies based on political patronage to create solar panels using rare earths we don’t let people mine so we can create solar farms that environmentalists will protest. If anyone objects they can call them racists that want to spoil the earth and make people choke. Oh, central planning is such an effective tool of the Left. Oh, maybe it’s people like GMAC that are the tools.

  • BrotherAtticus:

    Keynes’ shrug at the end is priceless, like he doesn’t even know why his plan still popular (that’s makes most of us). It’s metaphors like that that really drive the point home.

  • cheeseburger12:

    @TullyRiven Oh C’mon. Next you’ll be telling me that they are handing out millions of dollars in fines to oil companies for not using biofeuls that don’t exist. Surely a govt that makes pledges of how much of our energy will be renewable resources won’t make such arbitrarily stupid decisions. After all, according to Gmac if people vote for oil companies to do something, it must be right.

  • TullyRiven:

    @cheeseburger12 This will only add a few $ to every barrel of oil which means that the price of gas will be higher which will provide an opportunity for the Left to vilify oil companies for jacking up the prices. They can line the pockets of political allies and put a fresh coat of paint on their favorite bad guy. It’s a win, win for them. Of course it will suck for everyone who has to pay extra for fuel but they don’t give two shits about the people. It’s the sound bites that matter to them

  • cheeseburger12:

    @g4macdad Turns out, Buffet owns the railroads that currently transport the oil that the Keystone pipeline would replace. What an amusing coincidence. Just remember to keep focusing on the Koch Bros.

  • cheeseburger12:

    @NefariousBanana You might as well. Although he probably doesn’t wear tinfoil. In public.

  • IcyJ314:

    @g4macdad How they spend their money to further their cause is not up to you or any government to decide, so long as it does not present a clear danger to society. Next point.

  • NefariousBanana:

    @g4macdad But it is illogical. Why would Koch bet on a losing horse like the Mises Institute with little to no political influence, no offense. And if so, why would it be such a huge deal that you’re making it out to be. You’ve posted over 100 comments on this video alone to support this argument. Oh, and thanks for the ad hominem. I might as well stoop to your level and call you a tin-foil hat wearing jackass.

  • DerBlitzStag:

    @KAZVorpal The correct term for what for talking about is lumpenproletariat.

  • DerBlitzStag:

    @KAZVorpal I’m afraid not. People today, who live in world where all long words are somehow suspect, seem to think bourgeois and Proletariat are ‘Marxist’ words. Truth is, they were widely used at the time. You should also remember that the literal meaning of words isn’t that important. Caesar, for example, means ‘hairy man’.

    The proletarii (Proles was Orwell’s simplification of the word) did work, they simply didn’t own land, and were hence below the Plebs, who were small holders.

  • JuniorPersian:

    I like how at the end all the young non corrupted individuals know who really won.

  • KAZVorpal:

    @john42t The proles are not “working class poor”, they are the people so useless that their only real contribution to society is making babies.

    That’s the whole origin of the word, which is Latin for “baby-makers”, more or less. When Marx used it, he was taking a subtle shot at the people he was suckering into supporting him.

  • john42t:

    @g4macdad The word proletariat is not part of the comment I was referring to. I was vaguely suggesting that you are a parasite, or are aspiring to be one, not the working-class poor. I’d be surprised if you weren’t a privileged middle-class whitey, most leftist whiners are.

  • TullyRiven:

    @g4macdad You persist in name calling and profanity as a method of debate. It demonstrates how weak your position is.

    The American Revolution fought for Individual Rights and our Founders rejected the temptation to become Kings. The French Revolution fought for Collective Rights which lead to anarchy and mass murder so a Dictator filled the void to impose changes and the power corrupted the revolution and made it fail. It is a pattern of failure for collective movements.

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