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This week Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, talk about easy thieves and honest graft. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser interviews Mike ‘Mish’ Shedlock about the European debt crisis and the MF International missing funds crisis. KR on FB: www.facebook.com
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50 Responses to “US Debt Crisis – 2012 is only for America”

  • mcline007:

    America, prepare yourself to be the biggest third would country yet….. no wait…china is still a third world country

  • YamiHoOu:

    Maybe that thing that Franklin Roosevelt did for the Wall Street Collapse would work again? The 4 Rs? I don’t know I am in no way an economist…

  • Blankname101:

    Knew this,but it’s still sad to hear.Good luck everyone.

  • mark12033:

    @luiginewbould its not that easy. what if you went to the store and you just got your paycheck. and the store said ” sorry we don’t ecpect that type of money anymore. you would have to wait a whole month to get your new currency.

  • mark12033:

    @TheDome2013 it’s to late. even if everyone in the u.s rich or poor gave half there income it still wouldn’t be enough!

  • Fetch26291:

    @TheTanaereva The last time in history a country kept just making money… Germany, 1930s. It got so bad that you needed over a million marks just to get a loaf of bread. At least America remembered that bit of history, but just a little late. Now we’re stuck with a dollar that’s worth less than 1/10 of what it was 50 years ago.

  • monkeyman7009:

    Umm tax the rich more ? think aout it they dont need all that money and they havent worked that hard to get it and whats 2 of there 9 million ? Seems to be the only solution, but im not a econamist and its proberby more complicated than that. And im from UK and this scares the shit into me

  • DiamondChrome42:

    @phillyguy95 lololol European economy is collapsing because we’re collapsing, the US has the global economy set up to where if we ever fall we take the rest of the world with us, and the top dogs will loot what’s left and stay very powerful, for a very long time

  • mphello:

    Here’s a hint: how about first hanging or decapitating the criminal terrorists known as BANKSTERS (Bernanke, Jamie Dimon, Mervyn King, JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs) and other crimes against capital of the current magnitude and making sure fraud of this magnitude never happens again? This won’t solve all our future problems, but it IS an absolute necessity.

  • alex291212:

    and while this is all happening no one bothers to ask who is doing this and how to stop it. raise taxes is the only solution (for now) it may hurt a little but it’ll work, and MOST important, the goverment has to help businesses in the u.s. so we’ll have more income

  • OmicronLeonis:

    All this crisis has only 1 cause. The ”ability” of banks to create out of thin air as much money as we can borrow and loan money that they don’t actually have.In other words, a bank can lend someone a car when,at the same time, there is only 1 (not even 4 !!!) tire in the bank’s vault.I really wonder who was the ”genius” that invented this system …

  • JesterTBP:

    @luiginewbould We are not the economy friend…we are the 99%. Big difference.

  • berkbbx3:

    Cant we just all “lie”? i mean, no1 needs to know…..

  • darkoneforce2:

    @Tranceo1 And what that new world order/ new system will look like is the big question.

  • darkoneforce2:

    @S0vereignty Absolutely because everyone is connected in one way or another, either via trade, owning (another country’s) bonds, owning (another country’s) currency, joggling commodities, owning shares of multinationals via pension funds/car-house-health insurance companies.

    The whole world is a big domino.

  • TheTanaereva:

    @phillyguy95 No lil buddy, no countries but America create money out of thin air.

  • lokir6:

    @phillyguy95 It is, because global bonds are issued in US dollar, not the Euro. So if Greece defaults it will cause trouble in Greece, but if the US defaults it will bring down the global economy as we know it.

  • MrKosinus12:

    Everyone knows obaut that cheating and infair but do nothing.

  • TJTutorails:

    Karl Marx told you so!

  • dranomania:

    @Tranceo1 obviously you don’t know your history. That will never work.

  • Tranceo1:

    @darkoneforce2 The first thing what i would do if i was in that dallema, is start a one world order. the new system.

  • CroisadeNoir:


    lol AMERICA BAD! The news is bullshit, it’s international politics without any grasp of history or economics.

  • ataraxic89:

    @hahaha93510 stock up on non perishable food and hope you dont starve or get killed?

  • 1usPEOPLE1:

    GOOGLE Buddy Roemer

  • ilsi2011:

    @XXBinldainx Oh its Irans bad because they want nuclear weapons and would not be able to control them.

  • dotcompost1:

    Keiser Report Archive (E1-E200) YouTube Playlist
    , [Search Google for]

    Find out just how right Max has been these past two years.

  • TheMikeRowPhone:

    @AceObrin So when you (And many documentaries I’ve seen..) gripe about the U.S’ Republic, they forget the golden rule…

    Of course they’re right. Of course it’s growing increasingly corrupt and marching down the path of Fascist Tyranny…

    But they forget the golden rule. The Constitution is the guide for replenishing the tree of Liberty, LOL!

    The right to keep and bare arms shall NOT be infringed :)

  • TheMikeRowPhone:

    @AceObrin In that nothing is perfect, Plato makes some wicked arguments against the Republic, as well.. The U.S founding fathers (I’m not American but I admire their original Republic, of the 1700s and 1800s) even expanded on Plato’s thinking and that’s precisely what the Constitution was originally all about.

    It’s embodied in this quote: “The tree of Liberty must be replenished from time to time, with the blood of Tyrants and Patriots” :)

    500 characters can’t do it justice pleh.. :|

  • TheMikeRowPhone:

    @AceObrin There are pros and cons to any different system that you apply to a modern, diverse civilization.

    I think, in my interpretation, this is the biggest point that Plato was trying to make in his book “The Republic”.

    NO theory is perfect on this matter because humans themselves are not perfect. We’re not cut from the same cookie cutter, in other words.

    Most dire of the cons for Technocracies is rampant corruption (of POWER, not nec. “money”) and suppression of anything “unorthodox”

  • TheMikeRowPhone:

    @AceObrin As a Mathematician and Physicist they tried to say, in no more words than you used to describe it, that he does not have the sufficient competence in the particular field of Socioeconomics to even have an opinion on the question of “Socialism”.

    Fundamentally it’s wrong. The problems are as I cited, which Albert Einstein of course better explains. The ability for people outside your field of education/expertise to weigh in on things is incredibly useful for many different reasons.

  • TheMikeRowPhone:

    @AceObrin Right, I understand that but I’m skeptical in your conclusion.

    I don’t agree that only those who are experts in their particular fields are the only ones qualified to make decisions in regards to that field.

    For example right now we’re discussing this topic of Political Science and yet neither of us (I assert..) are even bachelors of the Political Sciences.. Albert Einstein actually wrote of this very topic in the opening paragraph of his essay “Why Socialism?” :) [cont'd]

  • AceObrin:

    @TheMikeRowPhone In other words, there is personal accountability for ineffectual decisions and a total disincentive to arrive at decisions one is personally unwilling to carry out. This is in contrast with what occurs in a society based on political-social contract, aka Collectivism, where the rights of institutions are held above the rights of people, and decisions are “handed down” to grunts with no regard to the effect on the people who carry them out or constitute civilization.

  • AceObrin:

    @TheMikeRowPhone Insofar as the people who fulfill a particular function nominate one of their peers to fill a position directly above them in the sequence, people are elected. The major difference is that the electorate for any given social function is restricted to those people with sufficient competence in a function to elect people who are in turn, the most competent among them for the position above them. The people who arrive at decisions and those who enact them are the same people.

  • TheMikeRowPhone:

    @AceObrin I’m still skeptical. I still believe in the Republic… Where we have a say in which Technocrats hold the power.

    A constitution that cannot simply be ignored or suspended at whim, but is used to validate laws before they are even passed.

    That’s my ideal, anyways :|

  • AceObrin:

    @TheMikeRowPhone …the people you’re facilitating in their function. Anyone who meets the methodological requirement can perform an entry-level social responsibility, but it is not required to ensure your personal economic security. Also, personal autonomy would only be temporarily inhibited when you pose a PHYSICAL danger to someone else, until the imminent danger passes and/or the conflict can be resolved through (a) technically skilled mediator(s) or arbitrator(s).

  • AceObrin:

    @TheMikeRowPhone The meritocratic aspect of the Technate is based on function, which also derives from methodology rather than ideology. In other words, you can have as many personal quirks and views as you’d like so long as you can perform the methodologically defined function required for your position. Of course, you’re nominated by peers and appointed from above when filling any managerial position after meeting such methodological requirements, because you have to be able to work with…

  • AceObrin:

    @TheMikeRowPhone I’m glad I can say I get what you’re saying, now, too. A major difference lies in the Technate design being a distributed yet coordinated methodology whereas Germany was operated on a centralized ideology (another way of saying “fascism”). Whether someone “agrees” with it or not is irrelevant. If they can offer a genuinely better methodology for a particular facet of social operation, it will be adopted.

  • TheMikeRowPhone:

    @AceObrin Now I get what you’re saying. But imagine this.

    The reason so many incredibly smart scientists, psychologists, physicians, surgeons and chemists left Germany and Italy was that the Technocrats were using the far reaching powers of their central authority to for example declare any Psychologist as incompetent or accuse them of practicing “quackery” if they tried to rock the boat LOL.. They themselves would be declared “Psychopaths” or whatever..

  • TheMikeRowPhone:

    @AceObrin (continued) They expanded the program by claiming, for example, “Anybody that does not agree with an RBE must be insane or psychopathic” of course in Germany it was more like “Anybody that truely believes in the spirit of Capitalism must surely be psychopathic..” etc.

    So what I mean is that it’s a real slippery slope you see… empowering any central authority and excluding the mass’ based on “merit” anything of the sort is ripe for abuse :|

  • TheMikeRowPhone:

    @AceObrin Regardless of whether or not you agree (Or anybody in this day and age LOL!) that Eugenics was a pseduo-science now does not discredit the fact that Eugenics was a major, major field of Science in the 1920s and 1930s in the every major nation including and most prominently in the United States.

    The psychologists would classify people as “insane” that did not mesh well with the ideals of the governing authority.

    From this they expanded [cont'd]

  • TheMikeRowPhone:

    @AceObrin Yes indeed.. “here” machines do an extraordinary amount of the “work” that’s done here.

    What work is done here, exactly? LOL!

    That’s my point. It only SEEMS like machines are “taking over” when in fact the jobs are just being relocated in 3rd world countries that still allow serfdom and slave-labour such as India, China ( Which is how much percentage of the world’s population, again? :) )

    I’m just nit-picking I guess. I agree that machines COULD do all the labour EVENTUALLY…

  • AceObrin:

    @mikerowphone In the same vein, modern mainstream “economics” is not a science. It’s a contrivance of opinion that has very little, if any, basis in the mechanical world. It’s a belief system, not a methodology. Ideologies have “schools” but a methodology either works or it doesn’t based on the available information. Thermoeconomics is a wholly different organism from Chicago or Austrian thought, because it offers methodologies rather than ideologies. Technocracy, Incorporated’s design as well.

  • AceObrin:

    @mikerowphone Over 99% of the energy transformed in the economy comes from extraneous, i.e., nonhuman sources. It would take you 40 hours a week to perform the same amount of work your car engine does in about 10 minutes, assuming the engine is going at 100 hp and assuming you can perform about 250 kcal of work per hour on average, which is about 40% of a horsepower. Useful goods and services come about through work. Denying the facts doesn’t change them.

  • AceObrin:

    @mikerowphone Calling euginicists “scientists” is indeed ironic. Corruption will persist so long as a medium of exchange in the traditional sense is in use. Technocracy, Inc, offers a design for a distribution system that assigns everyone an irrevocable and equal share of the abundance. The fact is, in North America, machines perform about 100-110 times as much energy transformation as all humans on the continent. So yes, over 99% of work is done by machines here.

  • AceObrin:

    @mikerowphone …development. In Plato’s time, people were still doing most of the work necessary to produce the goods and services available. Now, machines do over 99% of the work. Now, we have an achieved abundance and we can focus on managing the physical world rather than having to control minds as intermediaries to operate civilization. In any case, “The Republic” is usually described by the uninformed as Technocratic because of its meritocracy aspect. Not sure where you get your info from.

  • AceObrin:

    @mikerowphone My warped historical views? You’re the one saying there was a single event which destroyed the Roman Empire, which any historian will tell you is far too simplistic. There were many long-term trends involved that precipitated as multiple events. Plato’s “Republic” described a meritocracy, whereas Technocracy, Inc, describes a technical meritocracy which effects control of the physical world rather than people(!) An achieved abundance through technology is a recent historical…

  • AceObrin:

    @mikerowphone They’re not Technocrats. Words have definitions, agreed upon by individuals. The definition of Technocrat I’m using comes Technocracy, Inc. and cannot include anyone that effects distribution through a price system or decision making through a political process. A technocrat is someone who makes decisions regarding the physical world on a technical basis: controlling the physical world, not people’s minds. These cartels want control of people. Big difference.

  • MrEdwinauer:

    Trading in USA is literally gambling IF your money is there the next morning.
    Hooraah where is CME and DoJ???? AH too busy with Occupy Wherever.

  • jnthnbush:

    please does any one know, if possible, the spot price of JP Morgans naked short contracts?

  • 77sporty:

    execution is a great idea and it works.

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